Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For 11 Years ....

Today is 23rd of September 2014. I have a friend celebrating a birthday and aside from that, today I will have to rejoice as well. No, it's not my birthday too but it's WWW.MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM's 11th Year Anniversary. OMgosshhhhh 11 years ? I just couldn't believe I had been managing all those years with my beads . Whhooaaaaaa !!!.

11 years and I am now seeing the fruits of my labor . First, I just won a Bronze Medal for my entry at Fire Mountain Gems's Seed Bead Contest 2014,

I was jumping in joy when they confirmed via email that I had won. Geezzz.. it was my very 1st time to join a major contest overseas and immediately I got a place. I'm so proud of myself ... hoooorraaayyyy !

Secondly, I am now officially listed in Fire Mountain Gem's Contest Artists . That means people all over the world can see me,  know me and see the jewelries I had created. It's a big leap from just being a word of mouth coz now they can see my picture and name published on the web. Yeeee hhaaaaaa !!!

Thirdly, good things just keep on coming these days. My 1st ever Jewellery fashion show held last Friday night at Tree Lizard@Dempsey here in Singapore was even a success. It wasn't that huge impact but it had left some nice memories and impressions to everyone who came for the event. Thanks to all of you for your support !

All attendees were offered a good dinner followed by good quality Oyster Bay Wines from New Zealand. Guests, men and women alike were so delighted not only by the food and wines and beautiful models all over the place but also because of my unique jewelries presented that night .

Ms Zeenat B. Ho ( Mrs Asian World Singapore 2014 ) wearing the Garnet Crystal Necklace that was sold that night.

Ms Connie Kramzer wearing a double layered long necklace with ceramic / Foil Glass beads and a matchin pair of earrings,

Ms. Jho Salac (  Miss Goddess Queen Singapore 2014 ) wearing a Lemon Quartz / Turquoise double layered necklace with matching earrings.

Ms Phoebe Cullen wearing a Ruby inspired Circles Of Hope 2014 Collection necklace and earrings.

Ms. Ayin Llorente  ( Mrs Singapore Media Queen 2013 ) wearing the MOP 2 layered resin necklace , earrings and bracelet set.

Ms Jane G Chua ( Elite Mrs. Singapore Universal Beauty  2012 ) wearing the Pearls and White Crystal  Circles Of Hope 2014 collection necklace and earrings.

Aside from the adult female models. I also had 3 little cute kiddie ones who also strutted on the red carpet.

Meerta is just 4 y/o and youngest of the group.

Caoimhe Jade Bennett from Impact Models was wearing the red color of Circles Of Hope 2014 collection for kids consisting of Necklace, Bangle, Earrings and ring.

Stephanie Ho ( Ms Princess Asian World 2013 )  holding the My-SECRET-Corner Logo.

Job well done to all my lovely models!

The Fashion dinner night ended up with some picture taking of some of the guests , 

and with me + all the models too !

In behalf of WWW.MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM, reaching 11 years with you all around me made a very big difference in my life as a crafter and I truly thank you all for being here for me .

Thank you
Thank You 
Thank you !!!