Wednesday, January 30, 2019

~ Birthday Dinner at LAVO ! ~

January 30, 2019 ~ This was another celebration for my never ending birthday in this month of January. My gorgeous lady friends from Singapore joined me for dinner at LAVO located in Marina Bay Sands . The food menu here was fantastic and the ambience was superbly high class .So of course I was all dressed up for my special ocassion. I was very lucky my pants was stretchable or else I would have exploded from everything I had eaten... LOL!

Our party dress theme was Wild Animal Print  ...

Thanks to the Management and staffs of LAVO for my free slice of cake ... yummy !

Waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive... 

Appetizer ... starter ... 

This Meatball was a bomb ... so delicious !

Getting drunk with this drink .. 
Marina Bay Sands

Thank You ladies for coming  and keeping me company ... 
I appreciate it !

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy Birthday Again ...
Dinner@Wine Connection 

January 21, 2019 ~ Singapore was one very busy place. Especially for merry making ... lavish parties.  My lady friends were all over the place and decided to treat me for dinner for my birthday month. Ok , why not ... go go go ! Happy to see them after my Philippine trip. Now I am back to party again... LOL!

Hmmm, How do you like my long dress here ?

ahhh, finally, my hair is looking good again !

I had to go and pass by a friend's store to pick her up and take her with me to the venue for dinner. 
Wine Connection in River Valley is always packed due to their reasonable prices and good food selections and vast variety of quality wines at super low prices. 

 Omg ... Food, food, and more food !

Glad to see all the ladies happy and comfortable. Thanks so much again for your generosity and your warm company. 

Cheers !!!

Monday, January 14, 2019

 ~ January 14, 2019 ~
It's My 54th Birthday ... Hurray !

January 14, 2019 ~ time for the much awaited day for a celebration. Kids and adults were all excited decorating the walls and of course waiting to taste all the cakes and all the home cooked food we had prepared for everyone coming to celebrate my special day. Geeezzz,, I am a year older again aagghhhhh  . 

My family is not small in number so I made sure we had enough food to feed the whole batallion ...I went early to the wet market to buy some fresh produce and seafoods . Have a look at the pics below of what I found in the wet market today ... it's a must that they all got fed and contented before they go home . Ha ha ha ...

I wasn't expecting a big cake but this was more than enough ...

I didn't get 1 cake ...but I got 2 cakes !
Wow !!!
I had received some nice gifts too ...

Wooo hooo ...Thank you ! 
Muaahhh muaaahhh muaaahhhh

it was so funny that the kids surprised me with their singing , birthday balloons and most of all, they even had a party theme , some party poppers as well as give aways too . My birthday turned into a  one super merry kid's party complete with banners , balloons and candies ! Wa ha ha  ... so delightful indeed !

 The fun and festivities wasn't spent just at home alone. We managed to spend sometime in the cemetery as well to visit my loved ones... both of my parents and my younger brother were all resting there. Of course my birthday will not be complete without including and thinking of them. we brought some flowers and said our prayers... then I bonded with my living siblings who were present that day. My elder sister and another younger brother and a younger sister all with their family members in tow . I told you ... I really have a big family... lol !

Sister and I ...

I miss you my dear brother ...

Love you forever ... mom and dad ..
 A big thank you to all for the lovely day you had spent with me. I hope you all enjoyed the food ... the drinks, the laughter  the bonding and most especially even all the sermons ... big sister still got a lot to say ... but let's reserve some for next time I come and visit the Philippines again. Meantime , let's finish all these foods and enjoy what life has to offer us ... may we all be blessed even more and hope that I get even be more blessed so I can share all the good things with all of you .

Big thanks again for the fun day !
I did enjoy  my special day ...