Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm finally back to finish the second part of my story. I need to hurry writing this part so it can reach the deadline ~ before the New Year's countdown tonite so I can leave all my sad stories behind and start with good ones ( I hope ! ) For the upcoming New Year 2011 .
Like what I had said before, tragedies just kept pouring in during my stay in Philippines. My daughter's wedding day was also filled and jampacked by not only drama but also suspense and  action just like in a movie. I have stepsisters starting to know who they are and how they became my sisters in the first place ( long story as well ). Eventhough we're connected either by mother or father doesn't matter at all coz we're all happy together even with our own separate lives. We all grew up separately and we just started to meet each other via internet only a few years back. Again, thanks to technology coz I found my other sisters I had not seen during my childhood years ! Some looked like me too lol ! Although truly, I was very unhappy for the situation of one stepsister who just had a baby boy last month.
Despite of what's going on arond you...
 Welcome to the world Baby Xian !

My sister's marriage was falling apart way before she even gave birth to baby Xian last Nov. It was so sad to know that her husband had fallen for one stupid woman and had chosen her rather than his 2 kids and dedicated loyal wife.

 I was furious when I found out how he was treating my sister all these months. I'm not looking at one side of the coin here even if she is my sister. If she had shortcomings, I don't tolerate it as well. But, after balancing the situations on both his & her side of stories, I concluded that It was just so unfair for my sister to suffer such breakdown . How stupid can he be ? My sister works the whole day during her pregnancy to add to their financial needs. In fact, her job was more stable than his in the same company.She was loyal, dedicated wife and most of all, faithful despite of admirers even until now. While He as husband was stationed to work in a separate town and only comes home during weekends. He doesn't even see his family at all. Doesn't he miss them ?

My poor young nephew who doesn't have any idea what's happening around him ...
How can he have a relationship with someone when he can't even provide enough to support the basic needs of his family? He's only human, that's the normal crap men say when they get busted for having extra-marital affairs. Such a total bull s**!  The whole company knew what he had been up to and had just fired him from work. Good for him but then, I'm sorry for his wife and kids.  He had lost his job due to his womanizing, my sister is now left to support her 2 young kids aged 5y/o and 1 month old. It wasn't easy for her physically, financially and mentally. Her rent for the place where she lives with her kids is now 5 months late for payment. He never gave her the money for the rent. He was so busy spending his money with his concubine. My siblings had already warned me that they even thought my stepsister was going crazy before I arrived. I made sure I talk to her and her husband the moment I came. I made him swear infront of her and my family that his decision to stay with my sister is by his own free will and that he would like to patch up things between him and his wife. In the end, he was just absolutely a liar. Only few days after that night of serious talk with him in my house and his serious swearing infront of all of us the he loves his family , what absolute crap did he do ? during my daughter's wedding day , he ran away from the church where we were for the wedding ceremony. Left his wife and kids on their own in the church and went to see his mistress. What a darn loser ! If I'm not surrounded by the Town Mayor and Governor of Laguna during that time, I would had been cursing in and out of the church! I swear to God I would love to chop this guy into pieces !

 I told myself, that's it ... he's gone forever in my sister's life and our lives as well. I told her to be on her feet and be strong. She got 2 kids who needs her strenght and support. She should be there for them. I hope she'll be just like me. Strong, brave and with guts to achieve goals even without anybody's help. I really hope she'll overcome this sad stage of her life coz I did ! It would take time to heal.  I know that for sure coz I'd been there ... so I really hope she be brave and strong !

Dec 18th ~ During The Wedding Reception :

Back to my daughter's wedding that day, the ceremony had finally finished as well as the never ending vidoe and picture taking inside the church. Ee all went to another town for the reception.

Travelling the wet and slippery mountainsides of Luisiana, Laguna on the way to Lucban, Quezon. It was a rainy day but we had an enclosed van so we managed to keep ourselves dry before and after the wedding. The reception 's venue was located on the 3rd flr of a building and got no lift at all. So with our super high heels, we all climbed up the stairs with great patience. We're all getting hungry already ! The music and the host's voice on a microphone hurt our ears the moment we reached the top floor. OMG! Lots of people ... where did they all come from ? For sure, I can count my family members who attended. We're not even 30 persons in total. The Grooms friends, neighbors +++ occupied 95% at least of the total guests. Lucky we got enough food to fill up everyone !

It's a tradition to pin money on the groom and bride's clothes during reception as part of their Wedding  gifts.

It was a happy moment to see the happiness on the couple's faces. I wish them the best in the marriage years they're gonna share.

When The Party Was Over !!!

I have 2 younger brothers present during the event. The older one is a dance choregrapher who used to work in Japan years ago. His daughter was one of the flower girls.

The younger one was the one who escorted my daughter and handed her to her groom.

My brother works as a driver of the town's treasurer in Sta. Cruz Laguna. He had the government's car in charged with him when he came for the event. He got drunk during the party and started singing during the Karaoke session. He loves to sing !

 But then , I warned him not to drink anymore alcohol beforehand coz he's gonna drive the car back to Sta. Cruz with his whole family of 4 kids and wife in tow. Not a good idea to drive back on a wet, zigzag mountainside during midnight. Especially when there are no streetlights and army checkpoints are present. He disregarded my concern .

I even tried to take the key from him but he refused. I tried to talk to my other brother to get the car keys but then again he refused. Ok, I had enough for today I said to myself. What ever happens this time on, I'm not part of it and don't make me be responsible for anything, whatsoever. I turned my back and went in the van with my kids and some guests. The moment my driver turned the headlights on, I saw my brother's youngest son being placed on the front seat of his car right beside him . His wife, 2 daughters and elder son at the back. I yelled out loud asking why is the kid infront when he's driving drunk ? he just said he can manage . What the hell ? Ok that's it , my van was off to the grooms house so I can pick up some things. he was there too and the grooms family tried to convince him to sleep over there or drink some coffee . He was just way too stubborn to go back to Sta. Cruz. My driver just said. no worries mam, I'll follow his car then so I can light up hi way too. I just shrugged my shoulder and said " that's his problem now & we are out of it ". Along the road, I can see his car swerving from time to time. It's a very dark road down the mountains and quite slippery coz it was drizzling as well. Then suddenly, on a curve, we just got stopped by a waving policeman while I saw his car infront of us speeding away. The policeman jumped in the front seat and told my driver to follow the red car running away. I asked " what's the hurry officer ?" The red car did a hit and run . It knocked down a vehicle and some people on the curve by the road. I was shocked and all of us in the van had all of of our mouths shut. No words whatsoever. ! I didn't see what happened when we passed the accident site coz it was way too dark ! How did that happen ? I asked again.The policeman explained that there was a car accident by the curve and they were there investigating on accident site when the red car appeared and knocked down a motorcycle involved in a previous accident. I told him that they should have put a warning sign that there's an accident to warn the on coming vehicles. He said they were about to put up but the red car was running fast.
This is a total nightmare ! I was hoping we don't get to see my brother's car infront of us  at all... aside from us chasing his vehicle, 2 policemen  armed with shotguns were chasing him downhill on a motorcycle. I just don't know what to say anymore. I have to keep our identity away from the policeman inside our van. He kept looking behind and saw my kids and my guests. He asked. where are you from ? I said we are from Sta Cruz and just attended a wedding here in Luisiana, Laguna. That's all. I told him if we can slow down a bit coz there are children in the van too and we don't want to get into any accident as well. By the time we reach the town of Pagsanjan, he went out and said thank you for the ride and  help.

I don't know if I have to say " You're Welcome "! i was just too speechless. I wondered where my brother's car is. But when we took the very 1st turn to the city road, his car was on the sideroad surrounded by armed policeman. My driver just pretended he didn't see his car so we sped off away from them. We don't want to be involved at all. It's a too complicated situation now. Specially after having an officer with us in the van thinking we didn't know anything about the red car. That's it... we all headed home. I just don't care anymore what happens to my brother. My phone was off, So are all other phones in the house. It's his fault and responsibility so he better be ready to deal with it. I warned him so many times of the danger of driving drunk before ... he made his own destiny and I can't help him this time. It's a lesson for him to learn & think about. Unfortunately, my daughter's husband bailed him out the following morning ... my new son in law is now starting to feel the pain of how to be a part of my trouble ridden family.

Dec 19th ~ My Last Night in Sta. Cruz:

The last night of stay in my humble house in Sta. Cruz was stressing. Sorting out laundry and all our stuffs to put back in all our bags. Then to my surprise, my youngest brother ( Driver ) came for dinner in my place. They always come without invitation anyway. It's a regular habit when I'm around coz they know thare'll be food on the table for everyone!. I never said any word at him and pretended he didn't exist infront of me the whole night to show him my anger for what he did. Putting  his whole family in danger and the rest of us in serious trouble.
 I just continued to pack my things to take to Singapore coz our flight from Manila to Singapore was at around 10am via Jetstar. Until my brother left that night , I never talked to him. Good he knows that I'm mad and don't tolerate stupid irresponsible acts they bring.
In the early morning, of 20th Dec around 4:45am , I started handing some cash for Christmas gifts to my nephews and nieces. Forget their parents ( my siblings) coz they should learn how to find money themselves! Then my mother out of nowhere nagged about money to my dismay. She was unhappy about the way I send them money every month. She wants to get the allowance in full at one time. I told her, you get the monthly allowance in full but it's not even the middle of the month, the allowance she holds are all gone ! So whether you like it or not, I do the budgeting for you and you get the allowanve on a weekly basis to make sure you have something everyweek. In fact, I'm the one getting problematic on sending them money monthly anyway. She started yelling nonsense and I flipped ! I told her, you're not happy i support you ? The door is wide open for all of you to get out and find yourself a life of your own coz I didn't volunteer myself to feed all of you. You want a good house? I gave! You need food, these and these and that ... you get ! What do I get ? nothing not even a thank You ! Only favor I ask on all of you is to take care of the house. Keep it clean and decent. But what do I see everytime I come home? Junk, pests, dirt everywhere ! So you like it or not... you all take a hike and leave this house and leave me alone. I also have a life to live you know. Everyone in the house was quiet .I turned my back ... I left my home ... I don't want to look back ! I'm done for now ... I told my driver .. C'mon let's go , I don't want to miss my flight back home !

My sadness while on the way to the airport was priceless that early morning of 20th Dec. I couldn't even have a tear in my eyes anymore. They had dried out ... I'm just happy I'm on my way to Singapore then home to Perth again where I can be away from all my family troubles.Be on my own again. Peaceful, quiet do my own kind of thing and be happy at last !  But then again, by passing Singapore, there's still a problem in Singapore that I have to face ...

I miss my dogs !

again , sorry to stop here  and keep you hanging for more stories I had in my head.
But I guess  PART 3 of my never ending problems needs to be given time for now . I just hope a solution would be ready for me this 2011 regarding this issue . I keep telling myself to do positive thinking... Always !
So I'm keeping my Fingers crossed !!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I had been so occupied of packing & travelling this month of December. ~ Philippines, Singapore then back to Perth for the Christmas holidays. I was so energetic & excited when I left Perth on the 11th of Dec with my 2 kids via Singapore airlines . Filled with much enthusiam that I'll be seeing my family , my cute grandson and my new house back in my hometown in Laguna, Philippines. Doing a very quick Shopping in the bustling streets of  Quiapo, Manila the 1st 2 days I was there.

Of course I will always have the time to buy my beads which I consider as my major consolation , plus essential gifts , clothing / shoes  for the wedding event and food essentials to bring back home to my province.  My short visit to Philippines was due to my daughter's wedding on the 18th of Dec.

I had sponsored and personally made all the jewelries worn by the bridesmaids,

flower girls and of course the elegant set worn by my daughter who is the bride.

It was exhausting to travel in Manila. Beating the Traffic jams and the stress when you see just about anything crossing the road coming from the middle of nowhere. Not a place for the chicken hearted!  Being a driver in Philippines is a no joke job for someone who value their life. Anyway, I'm happy I'm not the driver coz I had rented a van to pick us up. That way, I can just sit back and play with my family and my cute chubby grandson while we travel the combusted streets of Manila all the way to the province .

My little house back in Lynville Subdivision was filled with mess when I arrived. Hardly any space left in the living room coz the sofa bed was there where my grandson plays and sleeps during the time they're there.  Fine with me as long as he's happy as ever and feelin comfortable.

Sealtiel is such a happy child ...

I'm happy to see he loves the toy I bought for him ...

His smile can cure all the heartaches I had inside me ...

My daughter and her son are in my house almost all the time rather than being in Luisiana, Laguna where her husband was from originally. I don't mind the mess but the house being so dirty and full of spiders, bugs and mosquitoes was something else. I was always clearing up all these whenever I come home. So actually, I don't really come for vacation. But as pest exterminator to be exact ! God knows just how much I had killed from those crawling flying, buzzing insects during my few days stay !

Let's forget about the cleaning for the moment and go back to what had gone around me during my stay  in Laguna. Commotion outside my house and people are banging on my grilled gate while my son Tristan 11y/o was crying in a corner. What had happened ? My son had bumped a young kid while biking on the road near the playground. The 8y/o boy was bleeding and was rushed by the father to the nearest clinic. OMG ! I went out quickly to check where the boy lives and so that I can ask someone to take me to him. I told Tristan to stop crying coz it was an accident and glad to see he didn't have any bruises or scratches from the fall. I'll have to go to check and help the kid in the clinic and check how he was. The father came back from the clinic and met me. he took me where his son was. The poor boy was given a first aid but didn't receive any further treatment in the private clinic coz he needed to be sent for a Medico legal at the provincial hospital since his case was an accident. I asked the nurse if the bleeding of his head had stopped. It's important to make sure he doesn't run out of blood! He flipped the bandage and checked the cut if it was still bleeding.  I saw the cut on the side of his head.. Man ...  it was nasty! Lucky the bleeding had stopped so off we go to the provincial hospital in a rush.

 The father and I both flipped our heads in shock. We hurriedly transferred the boy to the provincial hospital. We were there for almost 2 hours before the poor boy finally had his stitches on his cut .He was a very brave , strong boy.

I was amazed that he diidn't even reacted to pain. No resistance to the treatment and absolutely no fear at all. I was finally relieved when he was treated totally . His head X-ray results being ok and no fractures at all is also a big relief for me. But still, this incident really shook the hell out of me . I was so nervous for my son Triatan as well coz he never had any experience of seeing someone bleeding heavily on the streets. But it was an accident ... kids play. Kids run on the streets ... just can't avoid mishaps sometimes. I'm just glad the boy went home afterwards and I got him all the medicines he needed. I really hope that he gets better soon . I adviced him not to run on the streets anymore and ask someone to guide them when going to the playground. He was lucky it was just a bike who got him, what if it was a car ? I can imagine what happens next !

So that's quite a tragedy I had to take care off. I didn't mind spending a few thousands of pesos for sending the boy to the hospital. I have the responsibility to make sure, he's treated well. I just hope all goes well for him afterwards. I really pray for his quick recovery !

Unfortunately, bad luck never eneded just there. Tragedies just came pouring while I was in my hometown. This time, it was even during my daughter's wedding day! Oh no! Let me rest 1st and take a quick gasp of air before I continue ... this is the life I have ... I just don't know why I was chosen to carry all the burden.

 There must be a Reason For it ...

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Birthday Wish ...

Today, Nov. 19th marks another special day for my son Meier.
He's a year older !

I can't be there to celebrate it with you ... too sad. But I wish you all the happiness and enjoy the fun of being surrounded by friends and loved ones back there in the Philippines.

 Just don't forget, we're oceans apart but you 'll be always in my heart . You're my son and I Love You dearly .

Happy Birthday From Us all here in Perth, Australia !!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Making a Difference ...

Why some people do beading ?

Beading is not just an act of doing simple crafts or considered a simple hobby to a few. For some people, it's a way of expressing how & what they feel and think. Beading is also the end result of an acquired knowledge or on the other hand the by-product based on the blessed natural talent of the lucky ones . It's a form of career as well and can be a person's stepping stone to a dedicated journey & personal ambitions in life.

Photo taken in Changi Heights during an advance wiring tutorial last  June 2, 2010

Some may get into it with reasons to relax their troubled minds in a quiet corner as a therapy . Just like I do until now. A craft that can also lead to soul & self-searching . Where we can find out what each and every one of us is capable of doing when given the chance or opportunity to create something in our own space & time. A simple means to meet and connect to more people around us. As a way to share ideas with each other and be a part of a social community or merely as a way to support one's self financially . For home based mothers like most of us, the earnings from sales of the end products like women accessories / jewelries is always a good source of extra income while in the comfort of our home . It gives us the flexibility to manage time between family life and work without leaving home at all.

Just like beads, the ideas how to make something out of them and the purposes connected to them have unlimited possiblities. So no matter what the real reason behind each person's mind is, one thing is for sure ~ Beading helps a lot in so many unimaginable ways ... it helps in making a difference in our lives !

A Beading Party for Carly's Birthday !

I had been teaching simple / advance beading techniques while I was in Singapore before my big move to Perth 2 months ago. My students are mostly Expatriate wives , local Singaporean women & kids from various International schools. Almost all had started as beginners with no knowledge of how to bead at all. How I enjoyed sharing with them what I had learned myself through the years. From the basic simple ways of stringing beads, secret tips on how to manage with the projects plus the experiences I had acquired during my self-taught beading . Keeping my tutorials simple and easy to understand and the availability of basic materials made their time with me more enjoyable and stress free. Although I must say, they all got addicted to acquiring more beads after my sessions ha-ha !

Lorraine & Armida doing the Weaving technique with Pearls !

Beading is not just an art. It's a passion for some people including my students and myself . Life without beads would mean a sudden death for me ... no kidding and I'm sure I won't be alone to feel that way !  I had seen from my previous students the seriousness and their goal to polish ther creating skills to a more advance level . Upon seeing what they're up to, I'm happy to be with them every step of the way. Beading with them made me happy so much that the happy feeling gave me more energy and boost to teach as much as I can do.

Undeniably,  now that I had relocated here in Perth, Australia. I do miss my students a lot. They're a unique set of individuals and I love teaching each and everyone of them. To see them progress each and every time gave me enormous feeling of satisfaction. How I love hearing their own stories of what they'd made the way they're interested with mine too. My life is always an open book for my students anyway ... they all know what I'm up to most of the time... if not , go and find a few minutes of your time to check my Facebook wall ha-ha !

I just hope they'll continue their journey to the beading path even without my physical presence and wherever they go. But hey ladies, don't you worry ! I'm still here ... you'll be in my mind and heart always. Facebook is just around the corner. So if you need me , just poke me there ok ?
More power to your beading, expats and non expats ladies! 
Many thanks for the time you had spent with me ... hoping it won't be the last !

A farewell present given to me by Ms. Cynthia Wilson
Please visit her blog at :

A Bronze Statue given by Ms. Beng Javier

~ Thanks a lot for your lovely gifts ! ~

Monday, October 11, 2010

What's October's Birth Flower ?

The Cosmos is October's Birth Flower

October: Cosmos Alternate: Calendula

Photo I had taken along a bushy sideroad on my way to a surfing area in Busselton, Western Australia ~ Oct 9, 2010

The Cosmos ( Greek word for harmony or ordered universe ) includes 20-26 species of annual plants native to scrub and meadow areas in Mexico, the southern United States (Arizona, Florida), Central America and northern South America south to Paraguay.

This lovely flowers are abundant here in Perth Australia as well. They are a pest free plant which helps keep bugs at a minimum in gardens and green houses, and grow very well in dry, hot climates . If planted in rich, fertile soil, tall plants will grow.  Because it is one of the easiest plants to grow it can be planted at various time including the spring for summer blooming or mid-summer for early fall blooming.

There are so many beautiful flowers growing in the wild here in Australia. So I make sure I have my camera with me wherever I go all the time just in case I spot some real nice colorful ones.

Another Photo I had taken with the view of flowers growing before the surfing area in Busselton, Western Australia ~ Oct 9, 2010
Flowers just give me the inspirations I need inorder to create something unique. Their colors , their shapes , are simply fascinating.  The way they're formed gives a strong influence in what I do as well . What can I do without them ?

Crocheted Necklace was created with the flower design ( flower inset above) embedded in my mind on the last week of Sept. The single flower which caught my eye while I was walking was found on a sidewalk near the entrance to our service apartment on Sept 25, 2010 . Necklace Item was finished on Oct 11, 2010 after I came back from a family holiday on the South of Perth visiting the Margaret River.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simply Getting There ...

Experiences in Perth so far are not that special especially when the cold wind blows on my face which I hate so much. I'm not the winter loving human being but my complains about being cold is getting better now that I see the sun blaring during the daytime and I can now wear short sleeves without any pullovers unlike a few weeks ago. I could now start to see the magnificent sunset I managed to take snapshots of, from the service apartment's terrrace.

The amazing sunset colors including the waves of the sea are always an awesome view from where I stand.

Panoramic views are aboundant here but, life in general for me is quite very basic around here . Compared to the fast moving , ever busy Singapore , here is very slow with things & time to do things outside home is very limited . Shops and offices close at 5pm some even as early as 4pm and nightlife party for me is super duper doomed here. Time to set aside my dancing stilletos and get some knee lenght boots to keep my feet warm. Boots are quite cheap around here ( thank God ! ) and I managed to find a good place for it in Carrillon City, Perth.

Talking more about shopping around here, not all is cheap and not all is available unfortunately. I just can't buy / get everything I need for the kitchen in one place , no matter how I try . What a pity ... How I miss the real wet markets to buy fresh fish / seafoods too. I had been to Subiaco weekend market but not impressed at all .They only have fruits & vegetables and some asian spices. Today I was in Innaloo ( Kingkong Market ) to check the seafoods place but still not impressed as well but I would say, the seafoods ( at last I had found some real fresh fish ) are better than in Coles and Woolworths which carry mostly frozen ones or already cooked prawns / shrimps. I had once tried the cooked shrimps from Coles but they're not good tasting at all. Things around here ere expensive too. Oh well , I better get used to it with a never ending sigh ...   hhhaaaayyyyy !

 Also, I'm Getting used to driving a speed of 40km/hr ( makes me fall asleep behind the wheels ... so pinch me real hard please ! ) in designated school areas and 60 to 70km/hr on normal roads. The only time I can drive 80kms to 100kms for a change is when I come from Perth CBD and passing the freeway to go back home.

Lucky I can drive around and navigate the area. Of course , big thanks to the GPRS included with our rented AVIS car. What a relief during the 1st week I was driving around Scarborough to take the kids to school and hubby to office. Although the said GPRS had failed to take me to the right places a few times ( IKEA most especially ! ) , I had then decided to buy myself a Road map for a whooping AUD$29.95 in the nearest convenience shop I found beside the Coles supermarket in Scarborough Beach Road . It's a must to have a road map in the car at all times. I should say so I can really see all the streets and check where I'll be going before I step in the car & hit the roads.

Slowly, I'm getting familiar of the places around me and what I can get from there. Spotlight is one of my favorite places here in Scarborough . Why ? It's full of arts and crafts materials that I need to keep me busy and entertained during the day. I love the collection of yarns & threads they have in stock. I already had created 2 sling bags for phones / camera just like this one from the yarn I had bought from Spotlight and still making a crocheted wool scarf I'm hoping would be finished before this weekend .

Only Set Available !
Retail Price = AUD$25.00
( pair of Earrings included + free shipping within Australia only )

Today, I was lucky to get AUD$40 Off from my AUD$100 purchase entitled only to VIP members. I became a VIP member only last week during my 2nd visit there. Great savings I got today and thanks a lot to an Italian lady who tipped me off about the VIP savings I didn't know about when I went in the shop this morning. The nice lady Eena, even gave me an address of a bead shop named the Bead Co. located in 12 Howe St. , Osborne Park which is only a few blocks away from Spotlight. She was so helpful and looking forward to seeing her again knowing she is also beading as a hobby. I found the shop she told me and checked what the shop have in stock. Quite a lot but beads / parts are sold by piece & weight mostly ! I just bought some seed beads to try then I went home with a big smile on my face knowing I had discovered some good places today. Yiipppeeee !

More positive news is, I found some new friends from the kid's school . For the moment, I only hang around with them for a few minutes when I pick up the kids in the afternoon. They're from mixed nationalities ~ Filipinos, Thais, Singaporeans, Dutch, Scottish, Americans , etc. They're all nice and friendly and the Australians are very warm people as well. In the end, I'm happy here in Perth.