Saturday, November 28, 2009

"ANGEL'S TOUCH " Fund Drive

- Fund Drive -

When help is much needed ...
 it doesn't really cost anything to be there for them ... Does it ?

DECEMBER 2009 - Donate SGD$5.00 or more and get either a pair of Angel Inspired earrings ( Designs varies ) , a key chain or an Angel charmed phone strap as a token of appreciation for your generosity.

The proceeds  would go to  My-SECRET-Corner's "ANGEL'S
TOUCH"  fund campaign that would benefit ( for the month of December 2009 ) the poor flood evacuees in Sta. Cruz Laguna, Philippines who were  gravely affected by the previous typhoons Ketsana & Santi .

I was originally from this  province . I was born here as well as all my siblings . Santa Cruz  is a 1st class urban municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is also the capital town of the province of Laguna and considered as the service and commercial center on the eastern part of the province

 I had visited the area after the devastation to check on my mom and son's living situation. I came home hurriedly just after the said typhoons flooded our small bungalow house . I had moved my family to a different place few days after my arrival to make sure they're safe when it rains.

My house was also not spared by the past typhoons and water was waist deep inside it destroying all my wooden furnitures. I'm just happy that my mother & son were safe despite of what had happened. They were fortunate compared to people whose houses and way of living were strapped away from them by the gushing waters of the overflowing river of the said province. Some were extremely unlucky loosing the lives of loved ones. It was really so heartbreaking. Even just to see these poor people living presently in makeshift tents in open basketball courts and school grounds with small children without any belongings except for what they were wearing would cause your eyes to swell from non stop crying. I had seen the evacuees from a distance and couldn't come closer coz I felt so bad to come near them and got nothing to offer them I told myself that one day I would be back there to lend them a hand when I'm ready to do so. With hope and determination , I'll be there soon for sure !

 I just couldn't bear the sight of  the evacuees crowding in one site.  This memory of them gave me the push  when I got back here in Singapore ~ to do something for them to at least ease their sufferings somehow . On my own, I started organizing a fund drive called :


I made  60 pairs of Angel inspired earrings, a few keychains & phones straps to start with. The items were designed with different Angel charms I have in stock.

So far, I had sold all the 60 pairs and a few other things just by attending  a charity dinner & dance at the Hilton Hotel, attending my friends' parties and selling them in other venues like at the recently held Sporty Joe's  Sportsfest, selling to the staff members of EZoo Music School , NKF Singapore Office Personnels , clientele of Lazy Lizard Pub as well as sales online via facebook  ). The support was overwhelming !
This week , I had sent the partial payment for a few sacks of rice to be distributed among the people living in the school grounds.
Presently, I had made more Angel items Hoping I can sell more so more funds for relief goods can reach these poor people before Christmas ... If you feel like joining me for my cause, please let me know @

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the donors who supported the Fund Raising for our disaster-stricken countrymen.

List of Donors :

FEWS Charity Dinner & Dance Guests ( Hilton Hotel )
Sporty Joe's Staffs & Students ( Sportsfest )
EZoo Music School ( Staff Members )
Mr. Michael Roggeman
Mr. Steffen Kohler
Mr./ Mrs. Jean Marie & Werner Meier
Ms. Nenty Asmary
Ms. Zeenat B. Ho
Ms. Cindy Craft
Ms. Wilma & Ms. Maryann
NKF Office Staff
Ms. Karen Chee Hansen
Ms. Jojo Hardy
Ms. Suz ( Facebook )
Ms. Kim Voorwalt Ho
Ms. Wenn Chan

Thanks so much for your generosity & support !

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Busy, busy, busy is what I would say for the month of November. I Had just finished the Asian Civilization event last week and it was such a huge success ! Being in the event was Indeed a wonderful experience ...

Kids and adults were lining up for the necklace workshop ...

 Age doesn't matter at all since I have even kids as young as 4 years old and even boys too who were very eager and interested to make a necklace of their own !

Bonding between parents and their children

and between siblings was a great sight that day too !

A girl wearing the pearl necklace she had created !
Good job girl !

 I had sold some pieces to the museum visitors as well .
People were amazed by the handcraftship and designs invested in every piece of jewelry in the displays.

Ms. Jenny Astbury wearing a pair of  dangling Semi-Precious stone earrings ...

Ms. Jovy Gillet was wearing the long Multi Color Pearl Necklace while Ms. Bheng Javier - President of FEWS ( Filipino Expat Wives Singapore ) wore the crystal pair of earrings bought from the display.

 I even had an on the spot interview with celebrity host Ms. Pamela Wildheart before my necklace making Demo on the 2nd day of the event ... Gee, I feel like a celebrity too ha-ha !

 I was so thankful to all the assistance, support given by the organizers ( Mr Zachary and his staffs especially ) who allowed me to put my jewelries on display for FREE for 2 straight days !

To all New friends and existing friends of course who came over and visited my stall.

Thank you, thank you and more thank you guys !