Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just past midnight here and I'm cozily laying down on my bed remembering what had just happened a few hours back. Earlier tonight I was at the Perth Radiological Clinic for an MRI of my Neck / Cervical Spine. It's been urgently requested by my attending GP Dr Gina Messiha upon learning that I had been experiencing numbness on my fingers /hand / arm over the last 2 weeks or so. She just told me on my last visit in her clinic last week that it was not a good sign for someone like me who had been in pain for quite a long time. She suspected I have a nerve problem in my neck and needs to see a neurosurgeon. OMG!
As far as I can remember, I had been in pain... suffering from a continous upper back pain since 2011. Such recurring pain even landed me in the hospital last Dec. 2012 for having allergic reaction to Mobic ( painkiller ) that I took to combat the chronic pain I had on my back. I also even had a CT Scan to identify the real cause of my back pain leading to the discovery of a bulging disc and a cyst in my right neck due to thyroid problem. As you can see ... these problems had me going in and out of clinics and hospitals over the last 12 months. Due to my back pain I had already been to 3 different physiotherapists here in Perth and none of them was able to get rid of the chronic pain at all. the second one even made my condition worst and the 3rd one had even tried acupuncture on my poor upper back but the pain had never ceased. Each and everyday i had to bear the troublesome pain hindering the works that I do with my dominant hand. My right hand is starting to drop things and loosing control from time to time. When my back hurts.. my arm's numbness all the way down to my 3 middle fingers automatically follows up.My last physiotherapist even told me that I might be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to my on going symptoms.  I felt so helpless sometimes especially when i wanna do houseworks or do some of my favorite things like beading and painting.

 I had temporarily stopped my beading for quite a while making me sad big time coz You all know how I love beading. It's been my passion eversince. But,  I had jumped into painting about a month ago to try something new too.
I had been doing well with my new painting hobby not until my arm gets numb and my paint brush falls down to the floor from time to time caused by lost of control in my dominant arm.

 I get frustrated in some ways when the numbing of my fingers and arm come and my upper back  starts to feel the stabbing pain over and over again... sighhhhhhhhhh ! I just can't do much when pain is there.
Anyways, result of my MRI will be ready for pick up by Thurs and I will be seeing my GP afterwards to discuss the findings. Fingers crossed that my back pain shall soon be resolved ... finally.
Wish me luck !