Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Exhibition :
Land of the Morning: The Philippines and its People

The Image courtesy of Jeffrey and Jenny Co and Dr. Eleuterio M. Pascual

When : 16 Oct 2009 - 10 Jan 2010
Location: Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) ,
1 Empress Place Singapore

Website or Map:

Land of the Morning: The Philippines and its People explores the identity of the Filipino people, created by the blending of indigenous local cultures and foreign influences.
Learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines - an eclectic blend of indigenous local cultures and Spanish, Chinese, Southeast Asia and Islamic influences.

This unprecedented exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum features more than 290 rare and important artefacts - ancient gold, Catholic imagery, tribal artefacts and contemporary Filipino artworks – from museums and private collections in the Philippines, some of which will be on display for the very first time.

This exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Ayala Museum, Manila.

Exhibition is Now Open until - 10 Jan 2010

One Of The Highlights on Nov. 7, 2009

~ How to Make a Pearl Beaded Necklace ~

Simple basic beading , stringing & wiring technique to be demonstrated  by Wella Dela Cruz Cornelis of:

Tutorial is free as well as the use of  all materials & tools.
Lessons are fit to apply with kids 6 yrs and above & Adults
Duration of lesson is 20-30 mins in (1 ) hour intervals.
First Come - First Serve Basis
Maximum of 4 students per seating so be there early to get a spot !

Free Admission To galleries 9:00am - 7:00am

Organized By: Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), FEWS

Friday, October 23, 2009


Feast Your Eyes to these :

Newly added Crystal Beaded Jewelries !

#BR13 = SUNBURST Crystal Beaded Ring
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Sparkling Beaded Ring about 3cms in diameter & 1 cm thick made with Genuine SWAROVSKI Rivoli Crystal Bead surrounded by Toho Seed Beads & #5301 SWAROVSKI Bicones with Antique Style Plated Adjustable Metal Ring . This is A Unique design that will lighten up your day & night !

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Sparkling Earrings accented with the wonderful additions of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements 16mm #228 crystal baroque beads , 5301 Crystal Bicones, Glass Pearl Beads, Crystal Briolette Beads, #62007 22.5mm Swarovski Gold-Plated Crystal Filigree Lily ~
These gorgeous filigree flowers are set with Swarovski's exquisite Austrian crystal & Used them as a base for this chandelier earrings matched with Gold Plated Hooks.

Measures about 8.5 cms including hooks.

Price : US$25.75 ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )
Payment Accepted : POSB Fund Transfer / Paypal

Sparkling Choker made with Genuine SWAROVSKI Rivoli Crystal Bead surrounded by Toho Seed Beads, Jablonex Fire Polished Beads #5301 SWAROVSKI Bicones with Silver Plated Metal Findings & Clasp . Lenght od beaded chain Measures approx. 15 - 17" including extension chain and pendant measures approx. 1- 3/4 inches with bail . A Unique design that will lighten up your day!

Only Piece available in this color so Buy it Now !

#CD228 = VANESSA Crystal Beaded Earrings
Price : US$18.50 ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )
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Earrings are made with Genuine SWAROVSKI Teardrops Crystal Beads, #162007 SWAROVSKI Focal Point in Rhodium with 925 Sterling Silver Hooks. Measures approx. 6cms including hooks. A Unique design that will lighten up your day!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bag Charms For More Bling !

~ New Bag Charms ~

Created to Spice up the look and for a More Added Bling  !

Price : $18.50 ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )
Gold Plated Metal Findings with Pineapple Nugget Bead , Citrine & Crystal Quartz Large Chips , Opalite Glass Round Beads , Yellow Quartz & Jablonex Glass Beads. Measures about 9-10 cms long.

Price : $18.50 ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )
Indian Glass Puff Coin Bead in Turquoise Blue, Pressed Glass Leaf Beads, Muli Color & Sizes Glass Fire Polished Beads with Lt Peridot Rondelle Crystal Beads & Gold Plated metal Findings. Measures about 10cms long.

Price : $18.50  ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )

Excellent to hang on your bags for that extra bling or as a fashionable Key Chain . Comes with
Jasper Rondelles, Tiger Eye Rondelle Beads, Pressed Glass Leaf Beads with Yellow Citrine Smooth Glass Beads & Gold Plated metal Findings. Measures about 9-10cms long.

Price : $18.50 ( Inclusive of Postage / Shipping )
Bag Charm created with Jasper Rondelles, Tiger Eye Rondelle Beads, Pressed Glass Leaf Beads with Yellow Citrine Smooth Glass Beads & Gold Plated metal Findings. Measures about 9-10cms long.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~ The Island Fortress ~

Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines about 48 kilometers west of Manila which is stragetically located at the entrance of Manila Bay.

This island fortress stands as a memorial for the courage, valor, and heroism of its Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II.

Also known as "the Rock," it was a key bastion of the Allies during the war.


Topside - is the highest geographic sector in the island where the terrain elevation above sea level ranges from about 400 feet and higher. Topside is said to be the nerve center of the island fortress. It is here where you will find the ruins of the following buildings: Mile-Long Barrackes, Post Headquarters, Cine Corregidor, and a number of buildings previously used as quarters for bachelor officers as well as the senior officers of the garrison. All the major gun emplacements are also located around this high ground. The parade ground, a small golf course, the old Spanish flagpole, and the reconstructed Spanish lighthouse are similarly located at Topside. The more recently constructed buildings and structures that are now found at Topside include the following: The Pacific War Memorial Dome, sculpture of the Eternal Flame of Freedom, and a museum.

Middleside - is a sector located within the tadpole head of the island where the ground elevation approximately ranges between 100 feet and 400 feet above sea level. It lies between the Bottomside and Topside sectors where a number of landmarks, buildings, and structures are found. Currently, the Filipino-American Friendship Park, Aviary and Bird Park, and the Youth For Peace Campsite are found at Middleside. It is also at this sector where you will find the ruins and former sites of the following: YMCA, Middleside Barracks, Post Stockade, Officers Club, quarters for officers and enlistedmen, warehouses, some service and utility buildings.

Bottomside - generally, this sector encompasses the lower part of the island. Except for the current location of Corregidor Hotel, the terrain is mostly a flat stretch of land where the elevations measured above sea level are lower than 100 feet. Landmarks such as the North and South Dock, Lorcha Dock, and the former site of Barrio San Jose are found at Bottomside. Among the more recently reconstructed buildings, parks, and structures found in this area are: Administration Building, Gen. MacArthur Park, San Jose Chapel, Gen. Wainwright Park, a basketball and tennis court, and Corregidor Hotel.

Tail End - is the remaining portion of Corregidor's long and twisting tail which was not given a particular name. The western half of this narrow, two-and-a-half mile area consists of a low ridge with several distinct hills which is said to have assumed crucial military importance during the siege of Corregidor in 1942 by the Japanese forces and also during its recapture by the American forces in 1945. A portion of the eastern end of the tail, being a fairly level terrain, was leveled off for the construction of the island's only airstrip which was named Kindley Field. East Point, at the island's extreme tail, contained a small cemetery. Just a little further beyond it is Hooker Point which is often separated from East Point during high tide. In the early years of the presence of American forces in Corregidor, Hooker Point was a favorite place for hikers and sightseers. Among the recently constructed buildings, structures, and parks that are now found at the Tail End include the following: Statue of The Filipino Woman, Filipino Heroes Memorial, Japanese Garden of Peace, the two parks which were erected in honor of Presidents Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmena, and the Corregidor Beach Resort


To the east of Bottomside a hill rises abruptly to an elevation of 390 feet. Called "Malinta," it severs Bottomside from the tail end of the island.

The North and South Shore roads curved from its slopes and girdled the hill and ran on down the curving tadpole tail. To facilitate passage and to create a bombproof shelter, the Americans drove a shaft from a rock quarry at Bottomside directly through the hill, creating the famous Malinta Tunnel. Construction of the tunnel took about 10 years. I would say that Credits be due to the Filipino Convicts who were the main labor force to build the said shelters and buildings in the island of Corregidor . These group of Filipinos were never mentioned in any articles regarding the construction within Corregidor but they well deserve the praises and due respect I must say..

The big guns of Corregidor are now silent and the ruins of buildings, structures, and tunnels in the island tell a very moving story of a war that has claimed so many lives. A visit to this former battleground is a memorable experience especially for those who cherish and value peace and freedom.

Please note that  the Original descriptions of Corregidor written in this blog can be found at :
For More Articles / informations about Corregidor , Please visit the site created by:
 Juny P. Laputt . Bsce, Ms, Pe

Many Thanks for your Visit !

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Building Bridges

( German European School Manila )
 ( Please note that All Photos are from GESM of Flickr )

The Aftermath of 'Ondoy' (Ketsana)

Metro Manila was caught unprepared for the devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy during the weekend. Thousands of families were affected, losing homes, properties and even lives.

Thankfully, the school fared well during the onslaught of the rains. And because of this privileged status, concerned students and parents from GESM  together with teachers, organised themselves and put together their very own relief mission to the victims of this tragic event.

Their team went to affected areas in Marikina and Muntinlupa to provide basic needs like food and medicine to those families in dire need of help. GESM community continues to accept donations to send to the affected areas as soon as possible.

In response to this, GESSingapore where my 12 year old daughter Tacha from E-7A will be having a Fund Raising day this coming Friday . She's already looking forward to this day and hoping she can give even more to the poor victims of Typhoon Ketsana .

Mr Hewitt, her school teacher had forwarded me a message coming from the Student Council regarding the event . Message as follows :

Dear E-7A Community,

The first of our four casual days will take place this Friday, the 9th of October and we would like to ask you to remind your students during registration about this date. As always, a donation of
S$ 1 for Kindergarten/Preschool and grades 1- 5 and
S$2 for grades 6-13
will be collected, and Ziploc bags for each class will be provided in the registration files. Please pass the donations back to the main office at the end of registration for collection.
The donations will proceed to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines through close collaboration with our friends at the German European School in Manila.

Additional donations instead of the usual S$1/S$ 2 are most welcome and appreciated, considering the devastated situations of the victims.

Thank you for your support!

Your Student Council

I'm very happy that GESS in connection with GESM are trying their best to support the victims . A Real big salute to all of you out there and many , many thanks for all your help !

Friday, October 02, 2009

~  Dealing With Professionalism  ~

( Photo from "greensurvey" of Flickr )

I'd been attending Yoga classes for the last 10 months. My main purpose was not to loose weight but to avoid having water retention I'd been suffering lately on my legs and encourage more mobility for myself. Since I'd  been  sitting  most of the times doing my beading crafts and attending to my computer duties.

Anyway, most people loose weight doing Yoga but I don't ... I gained even more and at least a kilo ! But I don't mind coz loosing weight is not my goal in doing Yoga anyway. I'm more happy  to loose my water retention as well as the stress piling within me . Somehow Yoga Therapy / Gentle Yoga in particular help and strenghten my concentration mentally & emotionally.

 I have a few friends who started doing Yoga trial classes last week and had been with them certain times in other Yoga classes. They started to spread the word that Yoga classes in this place located inside Pacific Plaza was good and advised their other friends to join the group for more fun and encouragement. Julie , Nessy and I joined the Therapy class yesterday 1st of October. It was really fun doing such activity with friends around. But I left immediately after the class to do some errands. Julie & Nessy were left to pursue their membership applicatuion with the Yoga Staff while awaiting for 2 more friends ready to sign up for the classes too.

Somehow during the processing, Julie asked if the they could pay by cash or cheque instead of GIRO / Credit card auto debit . After few exchanges of views considering facts of what's the best mode of payment on both sides, the attending staff  had allowed them to pay by cheque ( Why not ? at least they're paying for God's sake ! ) . One more thing, Julie and her friend had asked if processing fee of SGD$150 per application be waived . After all they're a group of 4 people and maybe even more friends would join the group later on. Obviously, the male staff got no power to grant their request and courteously told them he'll ask the management first. Then off he went to the office & ask the higher personnel  if the " discount" is possible or not. He came back behind a Singaporean Chinese lady who straight forward & loudly introduced herself as the "GM" and without any further expalanation said "If you can't abide with our terms and policy , you all go somewhere else! " and marked all their signed applications VOID without any hesitations at all ! Things happened that fast like a flick of a finger !

All the 4 ladies were visibly stunned and shocked by the GM's treatment but nothing compared to the embarrassment and shame my friend Julie had encountered. She had invited her friends to join but they were all humiliated infront of each other. The last 2 ladies who just arrived don't even have any idea what's the argument all about. One of the ladies who's partly Chinese was able to argue back and with a Texan accent said  " You're such a very rude person . You pride yourself being called a professional ... a General Manager ... but you should act as one... Be One ! You don't have any idea of what customer service is ... We are not illiterate and you can just reply to us with either a "yes or no" to our request and whatever your reply  would be accepted & appreciated. You don't have to push us out . You have no respect for clients. You're nothing but a moron !" . The ladies left in disgust & angry while the male staff apologized continously while they were all leaving.

In this kind of situation was it fair that imposing a company's policy of:
 " We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone! "
 be taken in effect ? Where clients  requesting for a little consideration be treated harshly infront of everybody in public ? Was the immediate application of this policy necessary just because the GM was caught in a bad mood during that time ?

( Photo from Go Go Boy Go! )

A policy like this doesn't offer any explicit or implicit implication of intention to discriminate. It only serves to state owner's right. Yes, under many conditions, the owner or any authorized personnel is legal to refuse service to anyone who may disrupt the business. Or they can even refuse services to someone who the owner doesn't like. Nothing like that is against law. We are so accustomed to the concept that "Customer is the King...".

Yes, What about the saying that " Customers are always right ! "  ?

But that concept is only a good business concept, it has nothing to do with legal system. Theoretically speaking, if the business is so good, the customer doesn't have to be the king. However, in order for a business to be good, the enterprise needs to treat customer well. This is only a good business conduct, but never a God endowed duty in any social system.

Despite of whatever, For me, it doesn't cost anything to be nice to people ! Material things don't last but the sentimental value surely does .

As we all know, First impression lasts !