Wednesday, October 07, 2009

German European School = Building Bridges

Building Bridges

( German European School Manila )
 ( Please note that All Photos are from GESM of Flickr )

The Aftermath of 'Ondoy' (Ketsana)

Metro Manila was caught unprepared for the devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy during the weekend. Thousands of families were affected, losing homes, properties and even lives.

Thankfully, the school fared well during the onslaught of the rains. And because of this privileged status, concerned students and parents from GESM  together with teachers, organised themselves and put together their very own relief mission to the victims of this tragic event.

Their team went to affected areas in Marikina and Muntinlupa to provide basic needs like food and medicine to those families in dire need of help. GESM community continues to accept donations to send to the affected areas as soon as possible.

In response to this, GESSingapore where my 12 year old daughter Tacha from E-7A will be having a Fund Raising day this coming Friday . She's already looking forward to this day and hoping she can give even more to the poor victims of Typhoon Ketsana .

Mr Hewitt, her school teacher had forwarded me a message coming from the Student Council regarding the event . Message as follows :

Dear E-7A Community,

The first of our four casual days will take place this Friday, the 9th of October and we would like to ask you to remind your students during registration about this date. As always, a donation of
S$ 1 for Kindergarten/Preschool and grades 1- 5 and
S$2 for grades 6-13
will be collected, and Ziploc bags for each class will be provided in the registration files. Please pass the donations back to the main office at the end of registration for collection.
The donations will proceed to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines through close collaboration with our friends at the German European School in Manila.

Additional donations instead of the usual S$1/S$ 2 are most welcome and appreciated, considering the devastated situations of the victims.

Thank you for your support!

Your Student Council

I'm very happy that GESS in connection with GESM are trying their best to support the victims . A Real big salute to all of you out there and many , many thanks for all your help !