Saturday, May 30, 2020

It Takes 2 to Tango ...

May 30,2020 ~ Creating jewelries had been fun over the years and I had amassed so much of them . Now I had realized so much of them had been hidden out of sight inside trays and drawers. I had sorted  and organized  most of my drawers , boxes and cabinets  over the last  2 months after the start of the quarantine and that's how I discovered most of my creations I had already forgotten. Alot of them were in sets of bracelets  w/ earrings & Necklaces w/ earrings.

Most of them were mostly 1 set per design so buyers  are well assured that   what they will get is the only design piece with no duplicate at all. 

Here are a few of these items also listed and available for sale 
Check them out now in my :
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Friday, May 08, 2020

Hello to May 2020 ...

What's New For May ? 

May 8, 2020 ~ The lockdowns all over the world had impacted so much of our lives in ways unimaginable. Affected so  hard that most if not all were stucked in all the corners of their homes. Some continued their works and careers online ( lucky ones ) while others were left jobless 😣 and worried of what would be coming next with regards to the pandemic. Covid19 had wrecked and brought extreme havoc among the rich and poor levels. But most are suffering now from hunger due to scarcity of food resources due to lack of jobs ( no work no pay sadly 😣😣😣) , lack of accessmto basic resources due to border lockdowns , very scarce to nothing food supply and being away from families sinking them into deeper depression for feeling all alone and even worst ... neglected involuntarily . Most especially when they fall sick leaving the vulnerable family behind. Even worst was death in total loneliness all by yourself with no family allowed to visit or even say goodbye at least during your very last breath . It is so very sad ... my heart is breaking for those who had lost their love ones and were never able to see them at all due to travel restrictions. 

I would say I am lucky ... I feel very lucky where I was during the lockdown. Singapore is so advance among other asian nations when it comes to healthcare. Covid19 was immediately detected and being controlled. The infection in the community is by far resulting to a very small number of deaths compared to other nations like Europe. People here in Singapore are disciplined and only very few had tried to do their own ways during the quarantine.  The laws here were very strict and whoever gets caught not following the rules were persecuted accordingly. Staying home, social distancing, wearing of masks was and until now mandatory. Which is good to control the spread of the virus. The government also help their citizens by extending financial aids to all Singaporeans. Badluck I am not a citizen here but an expatriate so I got no financial  help. Aaawwwwww .... πŸ™☹😞

Well, anyways I have no problem  with staying home 24/7 at all. I am happy to be just at home doing house chores, painting, beading or just attending to everyday house rohtines. Going out once every week to buy food supplies was in fact good enough for me too. 

A lot of people were complaining they were bored at home. I would say I was not even a bit bored at all. I have the company of my family ( who never stops from giving me things to do like cooking, cleaning, blah blah blah πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜….  After all these years with them I am already used to doing almost everything... I am wonder woman lol !

But of course despite of everything I do at home, I always find time to do what I enjoy doing. 😁During the quarantine days, I was able to create alot of bracelets and other jewelries.
.😍 My ebay was able to come back to life with new items listed in it.

πŸ‘‰  Ebay Store πŸ‘ˆ

 I had been listing items everyday and I hope you have the time to go now or even later  to have a look at them. 

Check these items out  : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Juicy Orange Elastic Bracelets
( 3 pieces Set )

Pink Candy Jade Elastic Bracelets
( 2 Piece Bracelet )

Candy Jade / Agate Elastic Bracelets
( 2 Pieces Set )

Mellow Yellow Elastic Bracelets
( 2 Pieces Set )

Lemon Jade Elastic Bracelets
( 2 Pieces Set )