Sunday, July 17, 2022

July 17, 2017 ~  Another exciting time had happened today . Guess what , SIJE or Singapore International Jewelry Show which had started last July 14th at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center from 11:30am till 8:30pm was on its last and final day.

The Singapore International jewelry Expo (SIJE) is recognised as the signature and most sustainable jewelry event in Singapore to date.

 Happy to say that I was there today and was able to see all the beautiful jewelries and jewelry related items on display  .  Yehhheeyyy ! 👏👏👏

I was glad I had my VIP invitation with me for ease of access into the venue.  Better late than never to visit at all. Lucky Me ! 

The opportunity and chance to come and be a part of it and say hello to my friend Anna at the JAIPORE JEWELS  Stall, I must say are great experiences for me. I went there wearing my own self made jewelries made of Swarovski Pearls, Miyuki Beads, Vermeil metal findings matched with Dumorterite stones.  A stone of  Patience, Calmness, Patience, Self Discipline & Organizational Abilities . 

Feeling so proud wearing my jewelries 😍

Anyways, place was busy when I arrived around early afternoon.

 I started browsing at the finished jewelries while looking out for raw materials I can use for my projects / fesigns. Like always, my eyes were searching for gemstones as my beading materials. especially the Cabochon type of beads. I remmebered that last time I visited this event before the Covid hiatus, I found some Indian sellers with good quality cabochons for $3-$8 per piece. Unfortunately, I didn't find this seller this time. I also didn't see any stones that I need. Big sigh ... and dissappointment huh ! 

But I kept wandering around and saw the tools and latest jewelry photography equipments stalls . 

I came to check a particular photography machine used by jewelry sellers. It would have been  a good investment for a jewelry retailer like me. 

I can take professional photos of my designs for online selling. Good photos of  jewelries is a big plus or a must to attract buyers. How I would love to acquire one of these machines but, unfortunately, budget wise, the price of this was in the thousands! 😢😢😢

The guy doing the demo on how this machine works really sweet talked me & tried his best to convince me to the point where I can just make a small deposit and pay the balance later on so I can have this particular item reserved for me which he said was the last piece on display ! Very tempting offer but still I had thoughts about it coz I'm not a big seller online. Maintaining this machine is also not practical for me coz once broken, available parts would come from overseas and would take months to arrive . If not available then how ? With modern technology on a fast pace, new models always appear in the market replacing the previous models. So, I decided not to give in to his offer then ! I saw not only 1 photography machine but a few in different sizes too when I walked around the Technology block. I could only just breath in,,,, Breath out ! Haisssttttt . I

I kept on walking around thinking I could still find some beading materials but most of the displays were finished jewelries ranging from Fine Jewellery to  Silver & Gemstone type Jewelries and Other Beaded accessories. 

Ok no luck for me to buy anything  for beading materials to suit my needs this time . So sad but oh well there's still another Jewellery event coming soon in September so I will wait for that then. No problem . 

I came home empty handed today but full of ideas for what I had seen in this event. Experience and more knowledge to add in my ever wandering brains.  Attending this type of events enriches my knowledge even more about jewelry trends and how sellers and buyers communicate with each other. even if no transaction or sale had ever happened between these 2 people. Fact is, Seller and buyer had created a bond that can maybe lead to business in the future. You never know till both meet again in another trade fair. Always to consider that communication and understanding of each other is an advantage.  A good starting point to create, maintain or improve one's business.