Thursday, April 07, 2022

No Promises ...

Are you fond of watching or following any movies or series on Netflix ? Month of March had launched the 2nd Season of its hits Regency-era drama Bridgerton. I had just finished watching all the seasons and suffered endless nighs and lack of sleep. Despite of such sufferings, I had enjoyed and admired a glimpse into the families, lives and beautiful homes of the early 1800s. So fascinating to see the Aristocratic way they had lived during those times as compared to Asian way from where I had grown up with. Both were absolutedly 2 very different worlds in the same universe.

The luxurious outfits and different fashion choices each character brings forwardto their audience never failed to make everyone's jaw dropped on the floor. An abundance of such elegant looks and items laid out during the 1st Season alone was very prominent especially when it comes to falunting the most exquisite and gorgeous pieces of Jewellery. Oh my my my ! 🤯🤯🤯

 Seriously, I couldn't stop watching the episodes coz I was deeply in awe  and wanting to see more ...

I had observed that some of the jeweleries worn were somewhat similar to some pieces I had beaded in the past. 2-3-5 yrs ago. Does it mean I was a reincarnation of someone from the past being able to make this type of styles ?  Hmmmmm quite scary ...  LOl 


As you can see. there's somehow  a bit of similarities between these 2 wreath necklaces  Compare this photo pictured below of Ms. Edwina Sharma wearing a set of choker and earrings with a matching Tiara in one of her attended parties to my beaded necklace I had created about 3 years ago ( picture above ). 

Photo courtesy of Vogue.Sg

I couldn't help thinking about them. Anyways, similar or not, I am happy I was able to create some  pieces on these styles of chokers way before the Bridgerton series had started on Netflix. Gave me a proud feeling for myself. LOL! 

I had even started making more nowadays inorder to catch up on the latest trends.  My elder sister and niece were so eager to get their hands on such jewelries coz they dare to be different. They had asked me to custom made some pieces for their own personal use . Sure why not ... I am more than happy to oblige myself to create such pieces furthermore.

So I came with these  pieces so far for them to choose from :

A beaded Silver lined Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystals Choker above as a version of the original piece worn by Ms. Kate Sharma in an episode of " Bridgerton " as pictured below.

Here below are also other styles to choose from my creations :

I love the short style necklaces in all the episodes. I find them bedazzling and  well embellished.

Bridgerton’s jewelry department.

 But of course they all come with a high price that only the affluent can afford. So I would just make my own versions that would fit a reasonable budget . A bit similar but a fraction of the price. So now you'll know where to go if you need some .... come to me and you won't be dissappointed. 

I never promise ...  I assure you ! 


Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Queen Of The Rings

February 1, 2022 ~  Before anything else, let me greet everyone a roaring Chinese New Year today . 

 🐯2022 is the Year of the Tiger🐯

The most important holiday for billions of people in China and around the world, Lunar New Year (also called the Spring Festival) is a two-week celebration that this year starts on February 1 which is today  exactly.

Anyhow, festivals or not, I would still be in my beading room pouncing like a tiger playing with my beads. Yep, you guessed it right. I didn't go out today to celebrate the New Year festivities with friends or family unlike my Chinese counterparts anyways . So I just decided to quietly make things out of my scattered stuffs on my beading table and ended up making several rings of the same pattern but in several color combinations which I find very enjoyable. Very pleasing to the eye looking at these sparkling crystals right infront of me. they shine and sparkle like diamonds ! 😘😍💫

The outcome were quite very cute and easy to slip into fingers. I had used my favorite 4mm Swarovski Glass Pearls, 4mm Crystal AB bicones for the focal design and Delicas or Toho seed beads for each of the ring band. I am very happy with the way they look once worn on the finger. Very elegantwith the flashy effect of Aurora Borealis finish of the bicones never fails to impress. A simple pattern handmade beaded ring could look like a thousand bucks at a glance , no joke !!! 

Aurora Borealis or AB is the abbreviation for this special finish which was applied to rhinestones and beads in the early 1950's to make them appear more radiant. The finish was given the  name Aurora Borealis, taken from the phenomena sometimes seen in the skies of Northern countries known as the Northern Lights. The same  rainbows of colour can also be seen radiating from a glass rhinestone or bead that has been treated with this famous coating.

These rings would be available and listed in my FB shop / Etsy Shop as well in the coming days. Rest assured the right fitting size will be available for you in the Ring Size section.   Rings can also be custom made upon order. 

Aren't they pretty ? 

These beauties surely make me feel like a Queen when I wore them all in my fingers .... why not ?  LOL!



Monday, January 31, 2022

Bling Bling Restoration

Bling bling restored to its sparkling glory! 🤩😘🥰

January 31, 2022 ~ I went to see some friends last Saturday night and happened to meet a friend I'd known from several years ago. She knew from the host that I would be attending the meet up so she came in with some things which she had bought from me before. A pair of Bling bling Crystal AB earrings !

From dirty / blurry crystals with missing ear hook due to wear n tear, I was surprised she was able to keep them with her through the years. She asked if I could repair it somehow and replace the missing earhook together with another pair of broken earrings she had bought overseas. I gladly accepted her request and took them home with me after our party.

Today, it took me a few minutes to first clean / wash the crystal earrings to get rid of the sticking dust. Dried them in the sun for a while before I started fixing it. I even made it longer as she preffered the lenght a bit longer than before. The crystals began sparkling after I had washed and dried them. Now fully cleaned, repaired & redesigned, the sparkling pair is now looking totally brand new and ready to party again!

Bling it on !!! 💃😍💃

I had added 2 big bicone crystals on top of the previous ball and the new vermeil hooks made it look even classier than ever. She had decided to make it longer coz she wanted more lenght to it. I also had added a new pair of Vermeil hooks with a different design to replace the old ones wherein 1 piece was lost somewhere and she couldn't find it.

Time for my friend to wear this bling bling again . Party time ! 😁

She got this earrings s from me I think over 5 years ago .

She said it's her favorite pair !


I also created a matching ring to  go with the Blingbling earrings as she had requested. 
Isn't the ring gorgeous ? What do you think ?

The pair of earrings ( pictured below ) which she had bought overseas during one of her vacations got some missing seed beads after breaking off at the tip of the design connecting to the hooks. Since I don't have the exact seed bead in my stash, I decided to dismantle the other earring to get a few pieces to balance them. With the aid of my size 12 needle and fireline, I weaved through the design to strenghten it and fix the part connecting to the hooks. Finally,  the pair was fixed as well and ready to flaunt. Such a relief to see them wearable again ...😍😍😍

Gentle reminder to not throw away your favorite broken jewelries . Handmade beaded items can always be redesigned and fixed. Trust me on this !

Simply send me a message if you need my help and I would be happy to assist you with your broken jewelries ...



Saturday, January 22, 2022

Having Fun With Tensha Beads

What is a Tensha Bead Actually  ?

 These are individually made rare handcrafted beauties which  features an intricate decorative pattern of flowers, swirling feathers or other organic nature. 

Tensha in Japanese means transfer. Each bead is individually made by transferring patterns onto durable and lightweight acrylic beads.

These are made and imported solely from Japan with many designs ranging from the most popular floral ones to kimono patterns and swirls. They come in different shapes and sizes such as teardrop, oval and round. 

Japanese Tensha beads contain designs that are imprinted perfectly and fully around the bead. Each bead is made individually by hand.

~ Tensha Beads Necklace 16" ~

Materials  Used :

Swarovski Pearls
Swarovski Crystal
TOHO Sead Beads
Firepolished Beads
Metal Clasp

These Japanese beads are believed to have originally been created as a substitute for more traditional porcelain beads. Porcelain beads were harder to work with, took longer to paint, and were far more fragile. Tensha beads are made of a special acrylic that makes them lightweight. They provide as an easier canvas so the artist can transfer even more detailed imagery without fear of loosing elements of the design in the process. ( Excerpts from JessieJames Beads 

Spring Leaf Lariat Necklace
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White Flower Lariat Necklace 22"
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The designs seen on each Tensha bead are actually housed within the bead - this makes the bead extremely durable and resistant to the scratches of wear and tear. The word Tensha means to transfer. Each delicate designs is carefully placed on top of a durable acrylic round, then fully lacquered with another layer of crystal clear acrylic to protect the beautiful art from abrasion.