Saturday, November 04, 2023

Women Should Accessorize ...

November 4, 2023 ~ Waking up today thinking what to wear  . Wondering what color would suit me and most of all what's the best that would make me feel well and look good . Woman ... make up your mind LOL!😂

Clothes is a mere part  coz accessories will surely be the biggest part of my total out look for today as usual. Women as I had said so many times before must accessorize to create a unique you and personalized  outlook that would make one self stand out in a crowd. I always go for that " oh wow" effect . People noticing my look due to the accessories I was wearing which I had created always give me satisfaction and happiness knowing my jewelries I had created catches people's attention. Success ... they are making a statement!

These pair was SOLD !💖

Earrings Are SOLD! 👍

Simple or complex beaded jewelries, women should accessorize ... so we women should invest on them.
Trust me on this ...OK ?


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

May 17,2023 ~ I had finally reached the island last week for that much awaited beach holiday ! I had stayed on my own for a full week from May 7-14th !

 Boracay had been my favorite island destination for summer eversince. White sandy beaches, incredible sunsets , magnificent views 😍😍😍. 

Only downside now was too much crowds, too many resorts all over the island, too many vendors and shops wherever you turn. 

No matter where you are people will follow you to sell something ! good thing is, they were not very pushy if you politely say no and they would simply move on somewhere else to try their luck with some tourists.

Sometimes these people are young kids trying to earn a bit for their families or their school money too. Its a pitiful situation so I somehow try to support them . A few pesos away frommy pocket wouldn't hurt me much but would surely mean a lot of help for these poor families somehow. So for this trip, I bought some souvenirs to give to love ones back home. 

 I Got myself some simple shell necklaces ...

Key Chains ...

Ash Trays ...

Even A Fan to beat the heat ...😂 

I still remember the very 1st time I had ever visited and set my foot on the island way back in 1988. It was a virgin island full of forests and coconut trees. Very few bancas coming to the island to bring freshly caught fish in the morning. No electricity yet so no hot water , no lights but gas lamps which are off by 8pm every night. 
OK ,Let's play in the dark inside mosquito nets... 😂😂😂

I know , all these experiences had happened eons ago but the beauty of the island as a whole back then was 2nd to none...I am extremely happy now I could say that I had been here in Boracay before the island was ruined by modern times. I was super lucky to experience its natural beauty before. Now I just rely to the beautiful sunset and white sand beach to soothe my soul.

My vacation means wearing my beaded jewelries of course aside from some I had bought from the beach vendors as souvenirs. 

Aside from laying and sun bathing by the beach leisurely during the day, I also tried different restaurants to have a taste of different drinks, food and what else is going on at night in Boracay when the sun is out. Lots of walking , lots of cafe hopping and lots of selfies too. So I made sure I got good flip flops to walk around with ... Ha ha ha 😜😝😂

I found my favorite Beef Carpaccio at 
GIUSEPPE Pizzeria  & Sicilian Roast Boracay near my hotel .... Yummy !

Enjoying a refreshing Iced Lemon Tea at :

Refreshing Fruit Juices from  :

A Cool glass of Virgin Colada at Nigi Nigi Bar  after lunch ... why not ! 

Then my Nachos dinner at OM Boracay ...

OM is the place to be to party in Boracay. 
Live band and spaceous place to dance the night away !

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this beautiful restaurant 
It's located on a second floor facing the beach  ... 
ah ok, I found it ! It's called : 

I really like this place for its cozy ambience and nice bamboo & rattan settings !
Nicely decorated with natural handcrafted materials. 
Big kudos to the interior decorator !!!


Oh well maybe I would need to go back there again next year to enjoy the place even more . 
But For now, I would need to save again for this holiday. 
Haaiizzztttt !