Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is it Home Sweet Home ?

Aug. 22, 2013 ~  Almost 2 weeks now since I came back to Singapore and I'm still adjusting to the fast paced way of life I used to be so familiar with exactly 3 years ago.

Perth life I had just left is far more quiet,

Far more simple , pristine and way more relaxing than here in The "Lion City" .

Here in Singapore , so many things comes from different directions and you have to be always on guard not to get lost in the middle of the rushing crowds !

... haayyyzzzzzzzz !

Our stuffs shipped via 60ft container managed by Crown Relocations left our Perth home on the 2nd week of Aug. The shipment would be arriving this week and I'm looking forward to having my crafts, beads, tools ,canvasses and all our personal belongings back to us as soon as possible.

Eventhough I can't do much crafts these days due to my aching back which by the way was never healed in Perth by 4 different Physiotherapists , I still try to do things to keep boredom at bay. I have all my paints with me and I have a few canvasses too. So I tried to paint now & then. But everytime I hold my brush, here comes the creeping pain of my back again. Oh noooooo ....

#2 Blue Peacok FeathersAcrylic Painting

#1 Purple Peacok FeathersAcrylic Painting

Even, my prescribed Osteo Panadol painkillers don't relieve the  back pain I suffer from every single day. I'm starting to be more depressed not because of the move back to Singapore but because of the situation my health is in. Constant back pain affecting my right arm is something of a nightmare I have to bear day & night. It stops me from doing things properly with the use of my right arm / hand coz I'm right handed, the effect is quite devastating. It makes me feel sad and hopeless .... and it puts me in a worrying situation all the time.

Simple house chores even triggers the stabbing pain on my back. Even to type on a keyboard. It's a big struggle to finish something I had started doing with my hands. It's worrying me like hell and it makes me think at the end of the day what else can I do without moving my right arm much ? Absolutely annoying ...

I can't even wear a bangle or rings on my right hand and arm anymore... nor put a bag on my right shoulder... such a shame coz I have some real nice accessories I would wanna bring & wear . So , not for now ! Agggghhhhhhhh

Best thing I could do for the time being while awaiting for our stuffs is rest and keep my arm still as much as I could. Then find a good doctor this coming days who can finally tell me if this back needs any operation or what. I trust Singapore health facilities here to be more high tech and more advance as compared to Perth. Maybe it's one good reason as well why we were moved back here, so I can finaly find a cure for my troublesome back.

So, in the end should I say that our move back to Singapore after 3 years of living in Perth is supposed to be home sweet home ?

You be the judge ....

Our new home in Singapore ...