Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's been a while at least 3 weeks I think but i'm not so sure since I touched my pliers / tools and created something out of impulse ... I'd been so , so busy really with travelling lately and when at home , I'm pre-occuppied by my building of other websites and blogs and getting more news & updates in between from other Beading & Jewellery sites.

Truth is, I just realized tonight that I had neglected creating my own jewelries for sometime. So tonight I went to check my boxes and drawers of beads and found my untouched box of Austin Hamilton Lampwork Beads I had imported from Canada more than a year ago! I took out all my armaments ( Pliers and Bead Materials ) and started opening vials & compartments of Sterling Silver Findings for a change coz I always use plated metals. Since these Lampwork Beads are special ones, I prefer to use even much better quality materials to give it more life and importance. Here are the 2 pair of lampwork Earrings I had made ...


These are Original Austin Hamilton Glass Lampwork Beads which are bold in color and truly attractive to the eyes . I had used 925 Sterling Silver for all the Headpins, Bead Spacers & Bali Sterling Silver Flower Designed Hooks to keep it safely in place.


This 2nd pair of Earrings also had the Austin Hamilton Lampwork Beads as the Focal Drops accented with 925 Sterling Silver Bead caps, Silver Spacers, Swarovski Crystals & Crystal Rondell Beads in Very Light Pink Color.

#GBN054+E=GOLDEN WHEELS ( Fuchsia ) N+E Set SGD$50

This is a long Lampwork Beads Accented Necklace measuring at least 26-30" in lenght with Czech Glass Fucshia Color Beads & Gold Plated Designer Metal Chain . I had created this sometime ago but I took a photo of it only this afternoon which came out ok.


I think I had missed my Pearls that I had mixed some into this design together with some Cathedral Beads & Foil Glass Puff Coin Beads in a lovely Gold & Turquoise Blue Combination. All Metals used are Gold Plated.


Ok, it's been a while since I made any Charm Bracelet too coz whenever I plan to make one, I get distracted when called by friends to lunch meetings , for coffee or tea or even night out to go dancing ( which I prefer the most ! ) somewhere in the city. For this kind of design I always make sure I have at least 3 hrs straight for me to sit and have the item finished . This Bracelet took me at least 2 Hrs at least but it's worth it ... see ?

#GLCH30 = I'll REMEMBER YOU Bracelet SGD$60

So far , this is the chunkiest charm Bracelet I had ever made. Quite heavy coz it's full of Glass Beads although I'm not really accustomed to very chunky ones I like the way this Bracelet feels on the wrist. Heavy so I have to raise my hand and bend my elbow to balance my arm and to release any stress from my wrist and arm. Good Exercise tool though ha-ha !

#SPN0129+E = Aventurine n Lady Bug N+E Set SGD$20

This is a set I had given as a birthday present to my daughter's classmate in Grp 8 from the Hollandse School. It was a cute set with Glass Lady Bugs with Aventurine Round Beads. The Chain is Rhodium so it has a nice shiny finish.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Now I had the TOP 100 BEADER'S HUB ONLINE Ranking Site going well with all the necessay accessories to make it look convincing and attractive to look at .

Then now is the time to figure out what to do with ISLAND-OF BEADS.COM site for the moment. I'd been revising the layout and pages and it's been taking ages ... I'm not even half way yet ! Tripod is quite slow sometimes but I'm patient enough to deal with it. Maybe because I'm already used to the way they are after 5 years with them .. lol. I'd been trying some logos every now & then and came up with some quite simple looking ones with a tagline compared to the previous colorful logo I had published before . Here they are :

What do you think about it ? as compared to the older one below :

Which one should I choose ?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Above was the original photo I used for the banner or ISLAND-OF-BEADS.COM . I created this website last December out of I don't know what & why then neglected it just before the Christmas Holidays. Then few days ago, while working on my new laptop, I found the website again and decided to work on it to revise a lot of things .Plus, I had finally decided to put a logo to give it some face . I'm Just not so sure yet what description I could come out to that would nicely fit into this one as compared to MY-SECRET-CORNER.COM. which I'd been using for my beaded jewelries all these years. I guess , this site would be a great home for my tons of beads I have at home ! Only problem I encounter is, I still don't have any description for it . Although the tagline ... " There's a Reason for it " ... sounds ok to me ... for the meantime, still I'm not 100% convinced !


The site now looks much , much better than yesterday even if there's still alot of empty pages all over the site LOL !. I had uploaded some beads in it and had started re-arranging the categories but had not been on the item's prices yet. Need a bit of manipulation with Paypal buttons / Shopping cart to get the business starting on this one. Probably a week work ? OMG that would be very fast I must say ! Oh well... I had no sleep for almost 48 hrs now and my eyes are starting to twinkle in broad daylight ... too much work in the internet ... I better go drink more coffee before I take my son to his Judo class , hoping I don't fall asleep and snore there ! I'm soooooo tireeeeeeedddddddddddd!!!! Sigh !!!!