Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goodbye January 2016 ...

January 31, 2016 ~  With a heavy heart, I now say goodbye to my birthday month of January . Embedded in my heart and mind were some real happy moments day in .. day out .

 It started with a week of parties . O dear , imagine me dressing up in animal theme and painting my face as a pussycat or tiger or lion... I dunno, you tell me . I guess I did a good job with the animal make up because even
my husband had a smile on his face when I was going out with a face like that in broad daylight ... I'm full of guts .. lmao!

 I look back to the past events over the last 4 weeks and I can happily say that being among friends and loved ones near and far are  my most treasured moments. Some days are mild... some are wild ... some were wacky but  it was pure fun ! We eat n eat n eat n gossip... then laugh at each other's misfits ! and lots of  picture taking ... awwwwwwww ... don't use flash please LOL!

 My friends... their presence and thoughts had given me priceless pleasures.
Thank you my beautiful loving buddies !

Although I have a request ladies, please slow down a bit as I have a hard time scheduling myself to the busy potlucks and parties LOL!  I'm not a young girl anymore who can easily drag myself in high heels here n there you know ... especially when I have no escort .... ssshhhhhhhhh  .... but I love parties and ladies nights... it's my weakness so I hardly say no to invites ...  tsk tsk ! I feel hopeless to say no when I hear the word PARTY ! Can you blame me for being so submissive to parties ?  Uh oh ....


I'm a party animal  driving with my makeup on and gasoling station attendant staring and  asking me if I have a party to go to that he needs to quickly fill up the car tank . Ha ha ha !!!

Also, I would like to thank all of you who had shared the time to celebrate my birthday with me.
Your presence is well appreciated and thanks to all of you for all the wonderful momentos and gifts too. Wooaahhhhhh I love them all .... Thank you.. thank you... THANK YOU!

I do hope all of you who had attended my bday party at home had received my token of appreciation which I  had individually handmade for you during the event.

The beautiful focal pendants made of Mother of Pearl ( MOP ) of this seed bead necklace were ordered in Cebu , Philippines and personally delivered to me by my dear friend Ms. Mentin Oreel a few years back. All the focals were individually wrapped in plastic and kept in my drawer for several years until I finally found them again while I was thinking of making necklaces to make for my party give aways. They're a perfect souvenir item after I had made the necessary chains in a variety of glass seed beads.
The different colors of the chains had easily matched their sarong outfits and color preferrences !

Once again, the party is not complete without a quick trip to my beadroom by my jewelry sassy friends. Curious as always of what I had been creating in there and excited to grab whatever they could find. Some of them had bought a few pieces and some had ordered certain designs in their desired colors and shapes. Whewwww... lucky I can always alter to satisfy their taste although sometimes it costs me more sleepless nights trying to attend to all the details to fit their  styles. In the end, it's always satisfaction for them and for me once the items were done , delivered, accepted and worn to their respective occasions. Mission accomplished always give me a sense of satisfaction and relief.
A happy customer is always my top most priority !

These are some of the items that had gone to happy buyers for January so far and I got more pending orders to accomplish in the next few days ... I will be as busy as ever ... and for me , that's great !

Many thanks again for all the people who patronage and continously support my handmade crafts. 

Cheers !!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome 2016 !!!

January 11, 2016 ~ Hello Everyone ... I have something good to offer you this time. Long time followers, new visitors and friends are all welcome to come and join the lucky draw I had created for this month of January 2016. It's my way of sharing and starting something new for 2016.

I know I have people from all over the planet visiting my site when they feel like it and if I have a new creation flashing on my FB wall they would come and tell me their various comments. This time, I will be flashing a creation to give away to 1 lucky viewer and commenter. Yes... it's my way of saying thank you for having the time to come and read my posts, admire my designs and even chat , comment or message me whenever you can.
Thanks for being there for me dear people.
 I appreciate it a lot.

Below is my latest post on my FB page. Please take the time to "LIKE" my page if you haven't done so. Leave your name and a simple hi or hello or whatsoever on the comment space below the article and voila... you maybe the lucky winner of this MOP Seed Beaded Necklace measuring about 18" inches in lenght. I will post it anywhere in the world for free !!!

Please don't forget to share my post to your friends and loved ones as well.

Good Luck !!!!

Below here is a copy of  my latest FB Page posts.
 Go directly by clicking on to this link to go to the main page .

It's not the first time I will be sending 1 of my creations to a lucky person out there. It's been years since the last time I gave away something. I guess about time to share my creation to my fans , followers and new found friends again.
All you need to do is "LIKE" my FB page , write your name with a simple comment about this site below to enter the draw. Entries close 30/01/2016 at 11pm Singapore time. I will announce the lucky winner on my FB wall and will notify the lucky winner via FB private messa...
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January 9,2016 ... 1:23am Seriously ? I just finished this bracelet for Hannah. She said she likes Emerald Green with lighter shades combined with Gold. So... here's what I came up with after several hours of crafting. I hope she would like it!
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