Sunday, December 30, 2012

Better Late .. Than Never !

December 2012 ~ Dec. holiday travels, before and after Christmas events , up- coming New Year's celebrations ... busy, busy, busy....OMG ! So many events had passed and I was never able to write anything about any of them... awwwww. I was even supposed to write a blog about the outcome of the X-mas tree my daughter and I had set up for the 1st time here in Perth. We had been living here since Aug . 2010 and never did I ever put any Christmas tree  or trimmings anywhere in the house for Christmas. So Dec. 2012 was somehow a bit different than the previous years.

It's because of the existence of a Christmas Tree ! Wow ...

 A promise is a promise a continuation of my previous blog,  here are some pics of the Christmas decors and the Christmas Tree itself :

Color theme was Red & Gold
Brand New X-mas Tree was out of the box for assembly ... Tacha was excited to help me set it up .


Almost there ... good job Tacha !

The tree in its spot ...

with a bit of trimmings ..
hmmmm this tree needs more decor in it ...doesn't it ?

Now it's looking much much better !

Looking much much better after all the nice things hanging in it ...

but still, this tree is missing on something ... can u guess what ?
Of course, how can we miss the life of it ... the lights what else ?

Yeheeeyyyy... now the Christmas Tree is finally complete.

Kids & I were happy to see it well lighted especially at night. It actually gave more life in our boring looking dining room.
But I was not able to maximise the aura of it coz I left for Philippines on 22nd Dec. Few ays before Christmas. But anyways, kids and hubby were home to keep the Christmas tree some noisy company ...
I'm sure they enjoyed Christmas with a Christmas tree lighted up in a spot that used to be a dimly lit bare corner.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their families & friends . I had .... and I even got 2 lovely gifts from my cute 2 year old grandson and a nice Diary from my daughter Tacha. Ohhhh.. my son Tristan got me a nice bag for Christmas gift too.

 Thank You !