Thursday, June 28, 2012

June ... I'm On Holidays !

June 2012~ Travelling from Perth To Singapore then to Manila on June 18th 2012 was almost a full day of travel starting from 5am in the morning on board hubby's car to Perth Airport with sleepy kids. They accomppanied me for my send off. Kind of sad departure coz I was travelling alone that morning to Singapore while later in the afternoon , kids will also fly to Singapore as un- accomppanied minors enroute to Belgium. Not the 1st time they would be travelling without me but daughter was crying and very sentimental when we parted as I went into immigration holding my hand carried luggage full of extra clothes and guess what ? no beads at all ! OMG ... 1st time I move away without any single bead in my stuffs. This must be a real holiday !


Singapore Airlines Business class cabin was comfortable being seated beside the window so I can see the view of Singapore as we land. Food seemed good but I was way too tired to eat so I didn't touch any of it and tried to get some much needed sleep instead. Almost 6 hrs flight to Singapore was quite long so I tried to get some rest.The stop over in Singapore was just quick so I  had a short stay at the lounge to grab something to eat to fill up my empty stomach. I didn't eat any breakfast in the plane from Perth to Singapore. I was so hungry I gulped on some hot soup with noodles in a flash. Then off to the next flight which was Singapore to Manila. I wasn't carrying not much hand carry but my bag was enough to give strain on my already achin back. I was feelin very sick the whole time I was in the plane from Singpore that I asked the flight attendants to give me some paracetamol for my bombarding headache. I was very dizzy I was not able to eat my lunch. I felt so sick i wanted to pyuk. Agghhhhhhhhhh!

I was given 2 pieces of DHAMOL and the attendant reclined my seat so i can lay down . She gave me more pillows to lay my head on. She told me to lay down and have a rest. I thought I'm brewing a fever coz my headache was getting worst that I couldn't sleep. The noise of the plane was echoing in my ears ... it was deafening. It was so painful for my head I felt like passing out.

Arrival in NAIA in Manila was a total disaster. My first destination out of the plane was a quick dash to the nearest toilet and threw up. I was very very dizzy that the lady cleaner wanted to help me walk all the way to immigration to help me after i washed my face with cold water. I told her I can still manage and I searched my bag for the box of PANADOL extra strenght paracetamol I had bought in Changi Airport , Singapore .

 Dhamol given by the flight crew of Singapore Airlines didn't help me at all ! Shame ....

The queues for immigration counters were all over the place. There are several flights that arrived all at the same time that all counters were working double time to accommodate all incoming passengers. Shocking moment for foreign travellers to be greeted by long waiting time and no clue where to line up. I'm so tensed coz i need to get away fast and be out of the terminal for the final trip of the day...  my province that would take another 2-3 hours of travel by car . I was able to get out of airport at 6:30 pm and my brother with my neighbor were there to pick me up . I was relieved i can already travel to my home immediately.

 Laguna ... here I come at last !

And what a big surprise to see new additions to my home when I finally arrived around 10pm ... My adopted dog Yula have 2 puppies of 2 weeks old !
They're so cute !

Presently , i  had already been here a week , staying in my place here in Laguna,Philippines , but, I had seen the local way of life i used to have immediately after the 1st few days . Kids on streets ... playing with whatever .. stones.. leaves,,, papers or just anything they can pick up to use as toys... even pieces of  crap like broken plastic pipes or sticks of wood !

No matter how poor life is ... kids are happy to play with very little things they could find on the street or within their environment. There's no limit in their imaginations . Other people's crap can be other people's treasures indeed !
This is a very awesome way to spend my holidays ... get inspirations from very simple things in life ... drawn from the very young children that surrounds me day by day.

What makes them happy & to see them happy .. is what makes me feel so happy as well and be thankful to be here for my vacation.
 I'm glad I'm here to watch them ... and being here to share the nice moments with them .

This is absolutely one of the best vacation i would ever have ...