Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 !

Happy Halloween !


Oct 31,2014 ~The evening and night of the 31st October every year is the event called 
Halloween it's a magical time celebrated by people of all faiths today.I had attended a Halloween event tonite and I was excited dressed up in my black dress and balck leather boots as a naughty devil equipped with a devil's horn and blood red glittering claws
With the way my horns looked, 2 guys went straight up to me just to tell me that I looked so fierced and my horns were scary ... ohh yeaaahhhh ...LOL !

Skull Charmed Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

A pair of skull earrings with Swarovski Crystals

The night was filled with fun and excitement meeting different types of people from all walks of life and socializing,, having drinks as well as dancing with them. The event was hosted by InterNations @ The Chameleon Club located in Dempsey.The music in this club wasn't that loud and they have a nice alfresco area outside the dancefloor where people can sit and chat surrounded by lush greenery and a good well open space for smokers too. I salute the bar staff for their fast and friendly service and for being such nice cooperative and considerate people to take some of our wacky pictures.

My friend Saisuree and I were planning just to stay for a couple of hours there before going to Clark Quay but we decided to just stay at the Chameleon Club to avoid the heaps of wild crowd we would surely be meeting in Clark Quay due to the on going Halloween events tonite. So we just spent our time getting cozy on the lounge chairs and danced to the beat of good music while we were there.

All in all, it was a nice halloween party and I was glad I had decided to attend.
Thanks to InterNations for organizing such gathering.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct 28, 2014 ~ Today I was excited to join an exclusive Swarovski workshop upon the personal invitation of Calvin, the kind owner of Koi Ming Enteprise , my favorite crystal beadshop here in Singapore.

 The event was held at the Hilton Hotel, Panorama 3 function room from 2pm till 6pm. It was the Swarovski Fall / Winter 2015/16 launch and workshop with selected representatives from various platforms and trade. 

They had even provided free coffees and teas with some finger foods and canapes during the brief talk break. The food selection was truely deliciously awesome !

I was grateful to be given a goodie bag filled with their latest "SALT" magazine published for the Autum/ Winter 2014, an exclusive Swarovski Notebook/Pad, Swarovski Pre -Season launch Fall/ Winter 2015/16 Brochure, Swarovski Inspirations Fall/ Winter 2015/16 Compilation Book and a very nice Exclusive Swarovski Key Chain and Swarovski Crystals Filled Pen. 

Oh Wow... I was jumping in joy being there and enjoying the event , absorbing more knowledge about Swarovski and appreciating their give-aways. Thanks so much Koi Ming / Swarovski for all of these.

I was also given the chance to view the pre-launched beads and new product samples , and be able to use their tools to make my own crystal bracelet on the spot.

 Now, that activity was really indeed super cool !
I'm not so sure , but I guess all beads shown in the brochure were physically there for all audience to see, feel and touch.

 What a great opportunity to see the real items ! 
They are absolutely stunning ...really extraordinary !

All their product samples were intricately combined with various types of textiles, leather, threads and were greatly presented in a way that would capture everyone's eyes . Everyone would end up and gasp for breath to say  ...WOW!
Just what an amazing presentation ... so many wonderful fabrics where beads were glued, sewn and attached ... imagine the unbelievable.

From crystal studded belts, to hotfixed crystal shoes, glued on crystal evening bags to hand embellished Havaianas slippers. Swarovski had shown endless possibilities ! So impressive ... even their magazine pages were so jaw dropping ... blame it on the designs like this one the moment you turn the cover of their "SALT" magazine. Oh My God ! I was speechless ... this head piece adornement was so artistically done . 
What a magnificent piece ! Don't you agree ?

During the exhibition visit, I was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with one of the major speakers who flew into Singapore for the event. 

Benedicta who is half Italian and half dutch was very accommodating and she spent a great portion of her time talking and sharing about Swarovski beads and their new products as she praises my Swarovski inspired creations I was wearing during the event as well . Thank you for the compliments Benedicta.

Thanks to Ms. Lim ( my favorite beadshop staff who'd been always there to assist me ) for having a photo with me and to  Calvin for taking the time posing for a wacky photo shoot with me too. 

It added even more fun to the lovely time I had spent there with everyone....
Truth is, I could never stop talking about what I saw in this workshop. It was my very 1st experience to see a Swarovski event. I enjoyed being there today. The sight of their own line of Crystal jewelries were also very inspiring. The way they had combined the simple materials with their sparkling crystals gave me so much ideas in my now spinning head LOL! here are some of their ready made pieces I was lucky to have set my eyes on today ...

Absolutely beautiful, versatile, innovative and inspiring pieces. 
What else can I say ?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct.24,2014 ~ I would like to first greet my pretty daughter Tacha a very happy birthday today.


She's now 17 years old and had grown to a really pretty young lady much taller than me when I was this age a long time ago .

Oooppsss.. I can absolutely describe that I'm starting to look like a midget beside her and her 15 years old younger brother pictured below with me ... see what I mean ?  LOL!

Time flies and kids had outgrown me bigtime ... but it's ok as long as they bow down and lower their heads  so I can manage to  reach them when I try to kiss them on their cheeks nowadays ... ha ha !

What's the birthday wish of my dear 17 years old ?
 I only knew that she loves to go shopping and got eyes for heels ( in fact we went to few shoe shops along Orchard Road yesterday looking for a pair of black high heels to wear on her birthday dinner and luckily we found her shoe size available finally at  Steve Madden. We ended up getting her 2 pairs of shoes so she can avail of 30% Off the regular price so not so bad at all ... ) , nice clothes and other girlie stuffs... eerrrmmmmm just like mom LOL!  Tell me , are there any girls out there who hate shopping ? He he ... I thought so !

So again, to my Dear pretty Tacha, a very happy happy birthday and hope you had enjoyed your special day .