Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday My Dear Tacha ...

Oct.24,2014 ~ I would like to first greet my pretty daughter Tacha a very happy birthday today.


She's now 17 years old and had grown to a really pretty young lady much taller than me when I was this age a long time ago .

Oooppsss.. I can absolutely describe that I'm starting to look like a midget beside her and her 15 years old younger brother pictured below with me ... see what I mean ?  LOL!

Time flies and kids had outgrown me bigtime ... but it's ok as long as they bow down and lower their heads  so I can manage to  reach them when I try to kiss them on their cheeks nowadays ... ha ha !

What's the birthday wish of my dear 17 years old ?
 I only knew that she loves to go shopping and got eyes for heels ( in fact we went to few shoe shops along Orchard Road yesterday looking for a pair of black high heels to wear on her birthday dinner and luckily we found her shoe size available finally at  Steve Madden. We ended up getting her 2 pairs of shoes so she can avail of 30% Off the regular price so not so bad at all ... ) , nice clothes and other girlie stuffs... eerrrmmmmm just like mom LOL!  Tell me , are there any girls out there who hate shopping ? He he ... I thought so !

So again, to my Dear pretty Tacha, a very happy happy birthday and hope you had enjoyed your special day .