Friday, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016 ~  How many of you are living overseas and still majority of your siblings and or family members are in your home country ? I do have a lot of siblings and since I live overseas away from them, I hardly see them unless I go home to the Philippines on holidays for  at least twice in a year. I kind of miss my family of course and speaking about sisters ,  I got a lot to miss ! I have 7 sisters all in all. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Did I ? LOL!

Fortunately, out of the blue, one of them, Wendy came to visit Singapore with her husband Joseph for a 2 nights stay. It was kind of short but at least I was able to accompany them and show some places famous here in Singapore. Wendy wanted to see the Universal Studios in Sentosa Island so I took them there after meeting them at Marriot Hotel in Orchard Rd. 

Lucky we were able to take some photos courtesy of our designated photographer ... her husband Joseph who is kind of camera conscious . Yep... he didn't want to have any pics of him  taken so he took ours instead , hmmmm... . I won't elaborate why, ha ha .... At least Wendy and I got some much needed pictures together although most of the shots are more focused on the background not on us. 

Wasn't it so obvious ?  Wa ha ha ha.... Do you see me and my sister ? I blended with the flowers and I looked like a leaf ! This was a funny shot for us!

Anyways, we walked a bit here and there till we ended up by the beach side where we ran for cover due to the sudden strong downpour of rain. Yes.. we were like wet chickens looking for cover and ended up in the Bikini Bar for some well needed Virgin Colada for me and softdrinks for them. We were the non alcoholic type obviously. 

We waited till the rain stopped and we headed to Gardens By The Bay  beside the Marina Bay Sands. We arrived at the Flower Dome and viewed the Tulipmania Floral Display .

Oh wow wow WOW !!!

The Tulips were all so lovely to look at . Magnificent array of colors !
We couldn't easily leave the sight of it but we need to move on to the next place to visit.  We got to see the Super Tree Grove and OCBC Skyway  just nearby !!!

Super Tree Grove
OCBC Skyway

Just a bit of walk in this humid weather and up we went to the Skyway via the lift provided of course . No stairs for an old lady like me please ! Up there, we started taking funny pics here and there while our designated photographer was busy talking on his phone.

Aren't they so sweet ? LOL!

The Marina Bay Sands

Oh well... sightseeing was done. Time to head back home and for them back to check in to their 2nd booked hotel . I tried to convince them to go on a ladies night with me but they declined saying they were now both very tired and need to do a few things regarding work once they're back in their room. Oh well, ok. but that didn't stop me from going out and meeting my friends for a ladies' night afterwards . I was also very tired of driving, walking, and being tour guide all day but I need to go party , heyyyy ...No stopping me. I'am a true party animal ... is that bad ? It's my way of relieving my stress ... really .

Thanks Wendy for my sexy outfit you had given me as a gift  ! 

Isn't this bracelet matching with my outfit ? Ohhh yeeaahhhhh ... Perfect !

 It's a pity you both didn't go out with me... you could have had a great night partying with me and my lady friends .

See what we do ? we were crazy but it was fun ... this is life here in Singapore. Live each day as if it is your last ... you only live once !

Anyways, till next time then and hope both you and Joseph enjoyed the day. Hoping you liked what I had given you too.
Next time you come back here  make sure you bring some heels too !
Love you my dear sister ... see you again soon !