Friday, November 30, 2012

Somewhere Along The Way ....

Nov. 30, 2012 ~ I'd been missing seeing new places. Been a while since I'd been on a holiday.

 Last trip I had was out of Perth to Philippines, to my hometown last July 2012. About almost 6 months ago. I had fun and was very busy keeping my cute 2 yr old grandson some much needed company during my stay there.

 I miss the little guy and I know that he's missing me too. Siggghhhhhh ....

Anyways, I am now again gearin up for the next upcoming holidays . Few weeks from now is Christmas and here in Perth, I can see the festive season approaching real fast. Malls and shops are now filled with glittering x-mas decors , well packaged x-mas goodies , giftwrapped chocolates and other delightful gift items ranging from perfumes, bath items , candles, etc. Oh how i wish i could get some .... it would be nice for sure !

What kept me busy wandering around over Perth over the last 3 weeks is my mission of  scouting for & collecting some decors & x-mas tree items to put in the house. Funny part is, most of the things i had checked in shops are either made in China and guess what ... Philippines ! Well,, I'm proud of my country being able to compete in the international market. Good job fellow filipinos ...

 I never decorated the house for christmas since I arrived here in Perth last Aug 2010. We never had a x-mas tree here in Australia .But , for this year, I'm gonna put up one x-mas tree i had bought in BigW shopping center. Just a cheap plastic tree but hey... it makes a lot of difference once all the trimmings and lights are there. You will see once we had set it up ... I'll show you the outcome  in my next blog comin in the next few days.

183cm Albany Pine Tree (Tree No. 3)
183cm Albany Pine Tree (Tree No. 3)

Just a simple x-mas tree that is a bit taller than me LOL.  It will be filled with red and gold trimmings / ornaments. Some of them I had made myself out of plaster of paris painted with gold  acrylic paints and wirewrapped beaded items like wreaths I accented with ribbons and gold strings.


 I'm sure my kids would be very excited to hang the trimmings and decorate the tree themselves for the very 1st time here in Perth..

My beading had come to a slow pace this time of the year due to my back ache which is until now not being healed by my physiotherapist. So I was not able to make any Christmas themed jewelries much due to my back pain . Nevertheless,  I made sure I had made a few pieces for this year 2012.

 Nothing can just stop me from doing my passion... ... so with or without pain, somewhere along the way I would  still be here with my beads & crafts to cheer you up ...