Sunday, May 25, 2014

Busy in May ...

May 25, 2014 ~ I was about to say that I had never been soooooo busy at home in my life. I was too occuppied not by beading ... opppsssssss !

nor even by painting at all ....

 guess what's keeping me moving constantly at home aside from cleaning nowadays ...

Major sign of a happy contented life ... for a dog ! LOL...

Remember I had 2 adopted mongrels previously that had been all this time quite naughty keeping me company all day. They're not the only 2 furred creatures keeping me going in circles now. I had welcomed with open arms the addition of 1 more + 4 puppies in tow !

Merah and her puppies on the night I got them for the 1st time in my place. Puppies were just 4 days old and Merah had just been trapped and reunited with her pups after a day of stress for being kept apart.

The night she was trapped and sent to my place, Merah was alowed to come out of the cage and given a room for herself and her puppies.

I had recently fostered 1 stray mother dog with 4 puppies. Rescued mother was trapped from the streets while puppies were all bailed out from AVA . Yup... crazy me ! You can say I'm crazy but it's true that I got my own source of ... oh well... how to define this thing .. a stone I can hit my head with LOL! Although I would say that I won't call it a major problem coz taking care of a stray mother dog and her 4 days old puppies up to this day didn't give me so much hardwork anyways.

I decided to name her "Merah" derived fom the place where she came from ~ Bukit Merah

Merah having some "me' time away from her puppies. Geezzz even dogs need to get a break LOL!
Having a power nap Merah ?

For some people, having 7 dogs would be such a big deal but you know, I'm used to doing a lot of things all by myself , multi-tasking I guess it is one of my greatest asset ha ha !.  Mind you.. I now had the dog family for 3 weeks under my care and they were all doing fine and healthy ! I thank all the food and milk donors who are people with such good hearts coz without their help and support, these poor creatures would only have a very slight chance to survive the hunger and poor weather conditions from their previous environment. They were actually found living under a walk bridge.

I am so happy to be with the puppies every day coz I see their growing developments . from the very 1st day I had them until now. They were so light & tiny back then. But now, they are quite chubby except for the brown female that moves around all the time and wiggles her tail everytime she sees me in the morning.

4 days old puppies came to my house for the 1st time in a carton box.
Poor puppy been away from Mommy dog for alost one whole day. Lucky they were always sleeping that time. From this... into this pic below : AAwwwwwww so cute !
Puppy is now about 3 weeks old !

They had grown so well in 3 weeks that they can now jump over the sliding door frame. I even caught 1 of tem already out of the room too ! Lucky my 2 other dogs were not around or else, poor puppy would be pushed and bullied by them. Haaaiizzzzz ....

They can now see me when I come in the room and jump in excitement as soon as they see my shadow coz i normally keep the lights off to protect their eyes.

Soon these puppies  and the mother would be up for adoption.
If you'e interested to adopt or foster a pet or rather would prefer to donate to support their food & medical needs , Please kindly go to this website for further inquiries :

Your donation today can save lives !

Friday, May 02, 2014

May ... Hellloooooooooo !

May 2, 2014 ~  Welcoming the month of May with some fabulous creations designed by yours truly , 

also with events like the one I had attended yesterday in Cafe Le Caire located in 39 Arab Street.
It was hosted by Ms. Veronica Yeo  :

 The world's fastest growing network of sassy professional ladies is now online with our own network! 

It only takes a few minutes to complete your free profile and start connecting with other ladies in your area! It's similar to linked in but fun, feminine and complimented with real life networking events.

We've hit 400 members online since launching our beta program in February, from a range of countries, industries and walks of life.

I was glad that I didn't hesitate to come and join its High Tea event  yesterday because I was able to meet some very interesting bussiness minded ladies in the venue at Cafe Le Caire located at 39 Arab Street.

A Specialty Cup cake by Glamz Gallery.

I had brought some jewelry pieces in the venue as well and displayed them on our designated table during the event. The gathering of various types of working women itself was great that I had collected some of their business cards for future refference. I already even had some added to my FB account.

But anyways, I didn't only end up with these cards, I also even had a goodie bag loaded with free product samples as well as spa / massage vouchers.

Earrings of My-SECRET-Corner Modelled by a friend