Sunday, November 01, 2015

November : Topaz & Citrine

Yellow Topaz with Diamonds 18k Yellow Gold Ring from Singapore

Topaz, November's primary birthstone, has one of the most confusing histories of any popular gem. Though topaz has been known since antiquity, it has suffered from considerable misidentification since ancient times, most often being confused with citrine, the alternative November birthstone . Both topaz and citrine were found on an island in the Mediterranean called Topazios in ancient times. Since the two gems were alike in color, though not in size or form, they were often mixed up. The most common topaz colors are brown, yellow, yellow-gold, and orange, all very similar to the shades of citrine. .

Citine with Garnet 18k White Gold Ring I had bought from Singapore

  Meaning, Significance and Symbolism Of The November Birthstone  :

The topaz is known for its associated qualities of strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience. The thisNovember birthstone is believed to balance emotions and thoughts for a harmonious lifestyle. The gemstone is used to enhance spirituality, promote wisdom and cut through troubles and confusion to bestow clear thought and reasoning prowess on the wearer of the stone. The topaz was often used in the crowns and rings worn by rulers, diplomats, dignitaries and royalty.
The Citrine is a golden hued gemstone that encourages vitality and promotes good health of the wearer. These gemstones range in color from light yellow tones to deep orange hues. The stones have longed been believed to bring hope, strength, vitality and energy to the wearer.


Swarovski Pearls with Citine color Swarovski crystals from :