Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Say Hello to baby Ella !

Sept 16, 2015 ~  Early Last night , I was getting so anxious and uneasy in the hospital while my daughter Lorenine was getting prepared for her ceasarian delivery.

All her required medicines and baby stuffs were settled while awaiting for her turn in the Ceasarian delivery room of   Luisiana District Hospital province of Laguna.

There were 3 other pregnant women ahead of her and by the time she was already waiting inside for her turn, the doctor and nurses who had been operating since noontime all came out of the operating area and decided to take a break to have dinner right infront of her inside the waiting area. OMG ! What a torture for Lorenine who has not eaten anything since this morning ... and I was thinkin to myself if ... is it hygienic to lay their food near the delivery area ? Not surprising ... in the Philippines anything just goes ... I know , I 'm a Filipino !

Took them about 30 to 45mins for that dinner break and then back to work again.  I saw a staff wheeling my daughter into the operating area at last. I was a bit worried coz my daughter is not having a normal ceasarian delivery at all. She has complications due to Placenta  Previa that is an obstetric complication in which the placenta is inserted partially or wholly in the lower uterine segment. Aside from that, the doctor has to do ligation on her to avoid further complicated pregnancies in the future. So no more babies ... what a sigh of relief !

All the other pregnant women ahead of her took 45 mins to 1 hr maximum in the operating room. All had gone to their ward beds. No recovery room in this hospital ... no kidding ! But my daughter took almost 2 hrs in the operating room. She was in at around 7:00pm and the baby came out of the delivery room by exactly 7:45pm. I was the 1st next of kin to hold the baby... wow...

 I was so proud and delighted to see how cute she was. Rheign Adriella ( Ella in short ) born on Sept 15, 2015 at around 7:30ish weighing 3.1kg  was so pinkish and beautiful ! She looked like an Angel !

She's so Cute !!!!

She looked like a small Cherubin inside her pink blanket. She looked so peaceful and quiet. I had the best opportunity among others to hold her until  my daughter comes out and be taken to her ward bed. She shared the room with 2 other women  so try to imagine how much space was left for us to move around in there. Not much at all. Even the babies had to share the single size bed with their mom the moment the mom comes out of the operating room. See what I mean from the photo below ? I have no place to sleep for myself at all except to sit on a plastic chair all night , That's it !

As soon as my daughter was able to turn sides, I moved baby Ella to her side as well. I hardly slept at night . I watched the mother and baby all the time. Just to be sure both get attended to anytime. I didn't mind being awake all night... I was always awake anyways. There was no tv no radio in the room. All I did to entertain myself was watch everyone around me.

The regular ward room is very basic ... only 1 single ceiling fan ventillated the room . Lucky that Lorenine's bed is just beside the only window where we get a bit of breeze. Being on the side, we were able to move the bed beside the window and against the wall so the baby won't fall out on the other side.The toilet is just beside the bed too so easy access anytime. Lucky me coz I often go to the loo during the night.

Anyways, the stay in the hospital I would say was not a very pleasant experience The noise from the nurse station just outside our ward was bombarding to my ears day and night. Geeezzz... these staffs better learn to lower their pitches too. They talk as if nobody or patient was trying to rest in the wards. They just talk like in a wet market anytime they please. They need to have training so badly on how to talk while on duty. Hellooo... it's a hospital and not a wet market for patient's sake !

Even the 2 babies beside us in the room were screaming at night alternately while our baby Ella was forever like a sleeping beauty not bothered by anything except when she's hungry. But despite of that, she'll just make a very small squeak and immediately I know she needed her milk. Ella was such a very quiet baby. I hope it doesn't change till she grows up. For the 2 other  forever screaming babies ... goodluck with the 1st time mother located right in the middle bed who won't even hold her child for comfort. She just asked the hired nanny to dance the baby to sleep while she take a snooze herself ! OMG no wonder the poor baby was forever screaming !

Anyways, there's nothing more comfortable than being at home. Lorenine was released from hospital after few days but baby Ella visited the hospital 2x a day for antibiotic injection to cure her blood infection .

My daughter got sick when she was 6 months pregnant with Ella. She had UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection ) and unfortunately, Ella got the infection as well. Lucky they had screened the baby blood after birth to check for defects and that's how they were anle to  diagnose that Ella got the infection in her blood.. Ella was immedately given her medication after the result of her screen test. UTI is one very serious problem evryone has to know about. Here is a good read about it and some helpful remedies to consider when battling this type of problem. Please refer to this link below provided by Jen Reviews :

Urinary Tract Infection: What You Should and Should Not Eat

Our trips back n forth to the hospital every 6am and 6pm weren't too bad. The Hospital was just about 5 mins. walk from their house. It was always nice to walk with her in my arms and while we sat to wait for her injection. We had a great Grandma / Grandaughter bonding ! Sometimes people think she's my baby ... LOL!

Ella got  her 1st bath in the house with me as soon as her IV needle where the antibiotics passed through was removed. It was fun to bathe a baby again after so many years.
She was so funny being put in a small basin half filled with lukewarm water. Sorry Ella, your house got no bathtub for you. Nevertheless,  She enjoyed it and never cried at all.

Good Girl .. Ella !

Now that I finally had a grand daughter, I can now make even more small girlie jewelries and she can model them for me just like what these kids did for me in my charity event last year !

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10, 2015 ~   I am getting nervous and excited today. Why nervous ? I dunno if hubby had already booked my flights for Manila as I had requested. He's very busy travelling in asia these days getting company contracts signed . I told him that I need to be by my daughter's side once it's  time to deliver her baby... it's a baby girl by the way . So I hope he didn't forget about my little request at all .  I am really very worried for my eldest daughter back in the Philippines who is scheduled to have a ceasarian delivery on the 15th of September  for her 3rd and final child.

Yes, I am making it loud and clear ... Final child as I'm financing her ligation ... that's it... 3 running and screaming kids would be good enought o keep everyone nuts for now. LOL!

Is it so obvious that I'm a happy grandma ? LOL!

 I'm an upcoming grandma again and I would really like to be there to support my daughter Lorenine before and after her delivery  in the hospital. The joys of seeing a new grandchild must be awesome. I was too late for my 2 grandsons before but this time... I will make sure I'm the 1st one to hold the baby out of the delivery room ... LOL!

Raprap ( Raphael ) with his just woke up look !
Rhendolf in their School Parade

I know it's not going to be easy with 2 young boys at home ( youngest Raphael will be turning 2 on the 22nd of Sept and Rhendolf who now goes to a local school nearby the house is 5 yrs old ) her hubby would have a hard time for sure managing and tagging them along to and from hospital / home . Raprap less than 2 y/o is still a baby looking for his mom every single moment. I'm very positive that my presence and assistance would mean a lot for them in this time of need. In fact, I'm so excited to go home too and play with my grand kids I hardly see. I really do miss them a lot !

Soon, I won't be dealing with 2 boys anymore . The 3rd  one coming would be my 1st grand daughter so that would  even be more special. At least I can see some pink cute dresses besides the normal boy's shirts and shorts ! Plus, I can now have a girl model for my pink jewelries too ..

 huurraaayyyyy !!!!

September birthstone is Sapphire . This stone  Sapphire,  has been popular since the Middle Ages and, according to folklore, will protect your loved ones from envy and harm. Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolize heaven, while commoners thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings.

On the other hand, not to forget is the September Birth flower ~ Aster !

 Aster means Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor

Sign of the Zodiac and Dates:

Virgo - August 24 - September 23

September Birthstone: The Sapphire

Characteristics of Virgo :

Orderly, Modest, Diligent, Analytical & Self-sufficient

Aster Tongolensis, Michelmas Daisy, Mauve, Flower