Monday, June 18, 2018

June 2018 ~ Our Legazpi tour on 10th of June didn't just end at Daraga Church. We still went driving around the area till we saw more local sights and stuffs.  The colorful part was seeing lots of local transport on the road Philippines was famous for .. The Jeepney

Well, we didn't ride in any of these jeepneys this time coz we had our own rented car . But for sure we would ride one soon. We drove arond the area of  Brgy. Buraguis in search for one of the the seaside  places in Legazpi ... Puro Beach by Legazpi Boulevard.

We had a quick look around Puro Beach along Legazpi Boulevard and ventured into the sea to let the children touch the water and play a bit as we, the adults enjoyed the sea views around us. Very nice place surrounded by seaviews and far away mountains. Simply amazing sights... oh wow !

We were even greeted by local way of life around this area. A poor man's day spent carrying stuffs and travelling by foot. For how long would he be walking ? Most probably for several kilometers ... to an undisclosed destination . 

 The views so attractive that my brother couldn't resist himself from taking a selfie with the sea views as background. Go go go brother ... don't be shy. Lol ...

Legazpi rocks ! Hurrayyyyy ...

The highlights of this place is not only the awesome scenic views. We also happened to see a military training happening in the vicinity. It was like we were caught in the middle of persian gulf war. Tanks below and military helicopters circling above us and military personnels all over the place. I was like... what's going on here ?

Military people were willing enough to be in our pictures too. They even said hello to us ... woohoooo ! The kids were so excited to see the tanks and helicopters too. Was it so obvious we enjoyed the photoshoots with them ? 😁☺😄

Niece enjoying the ride ... lol

When we headed for our village after the Legazpi tour, we had to stop by the side of the road to check on these seafoods for sale. I was drooling upon seeing these fresh seafoods. Oh wowowow !!! Yummy ... I bought the crabs uncle vendor was holding .  Even some prawns too !  I was a happy shopper for sure .

Uncle please give me a discount ok ? .. I will buy them all I promise !

Nothing can beat the fresh seafood in abundance in almost all parts of the Philippines. Bicol region is so blessed with natural resources. From now on,  I would be eating most of these seafoods in the next few days too coz my mother's hometown we were heading to was by the seaside as well. Fish... sea shells, etc....

 Can't wait to be there  ... 😍😘😗

To be continued ...

Friday, June 15, 2018

June, 2018 ~ I started my journey on the 9th of June . All my bags were packed , I was ready to go. Standing by Changi immigration and very excited to be home again to my home country - Philippines in few hrs.  A quick stop at the lounge before boarding to use the internet and say bye bye to my sg friends on Facebook. Lol ..
Happy to be able to have a bit of break from my daily Singapore routine but also sad thinking I was leaving my beloved son and doggies behind . Hoping they would be able to manage without me around for 2 weeks... yaiiikkkssss. Sorry guys, mommy needed some quality days off  from all of you . But surely you and your mischievous antics will be greatly missed !

The trip of 3.5 hrs was well spent watching a movie in the PAL plane. Although I got few complains about the service at their Business Class during the handling and serving of meals .  Supposed to be good coz it was in the business class but unfortunately, their service sucks.  Sad to say ... but no choice. Wake up PAL staffs .

 Service was real lousy. Plates were not even removed before they serve the next meal. So obvious I had to carry my dessert plate coz no place by my table anymore to put it down. Never asked me if I want coffee or tea coz they just kept passing me by. So I just took 2-1/2 glasses of red wine to get rid of my  discomfort with them☹. The steward just kept pouring without even asking me if I still want more until I said stop on his 3rd attempt to fill up my glass again. I Got a bit tipsy afterwards ... ooopppssss. Lol 🤣

Good part was the arrival in the international terminal was smooth but the weather was dark and rainy in Manila . Lucky I didnt get stucked into the busting traffic on my way to the hotel where I would stay for 1 night before I get into my domestic flight to Legazpi the following early morning. I am already a busy traveller on my 1st days of holidays huh ...... 
Met my son Meier for dinner. 

He seemed very hungry after his bus trip from Laguna .... tsk tsk !

Happy to bond with him all night. Then I gave part of my luggage contents to take back to Laguna with him the next day coz I only got 30kg allowance for my next flight and I had 40kg when I arrived in Manila. Too much to carry on my next trip. My dear son Meier to my baggage rescue ... 💋💖.

June 10th, after arriving in Legazpi, I was supposed to be picked up by my family at Legazpi airport. But, noone was there when I arrived . After several attempts to call, I found out they would be late by 1.5 hrs. Imagine my dissappointment and the sight of me being alone waiting for them when arrival got desserted by incoming passengers after 30 mins. I felt so neglected ... after all the efforts of hiring a car to pick me up on time , they were still late to show up before my arrival. Agghhhhhh ... dilemna ! 😠

Anyways, the pick up team finally arrived with grand children in tow. So my mood suddenly lightened up immediately upon seeing the little munckins who seemed to just woke up in the morning !  

Nevertheless ... I was happy at last ...🙋

I didn't waste any more time so I immediately started directing my driver  who is my youngest brother Edwin to take us to our first stop after the airport . 1st destination of our tour today was the Cagsawa RuinsPopular site featuring the tower of a 16th-century Franciscan church & views of the Mayon Volcano. 

Bonding time with my grand kiddos ...

Mt. Mayon wasn't so visible  today ...
Chilli ice cream ... worth a try ! 

Fruits galore ... yummy mangoes for a shake !
Only major way to keep everyone in 1 place is to keep them busy with food. Filipinos were famous to be happy and contented once their bellies were full. So, Breakfast time and everyone was hungry and I was starving as well after arriving in Legazpi airport at 6:45 am. I badly needed my coffee too !

So what 's for breakfast ?

Never ending rice meals !
This area was soothing to the eyes because of the greenery around us during our breakfast. The grass and rice fields surrounding us were fresh and the morning sun starting to brighten up the day was a fabulous sight to start our soon busy day.

The food was ok and priced reasonably. I was happy to see this place for the 1st time . My family and I truly enjoyed the views around and what this place could offer. After our breakfast and a little bit of exploring around here, we headed for another place nearby about 15 mins drive in Daraga, Albay. Our next stop was ... the iconic Daraga Church - Built in 1772, this Catholic church with a relief-filled facade sits in front of the Mayon Volcano.

Just the majestic sight of this old historic church of Daraga situated atop a hill with the view of Mt. Mayon right on its side was enough to take my breath away. I never imagined I would find such a scenery here in my mother's province. I grew up in the city of Manila not knowing whatsoever thatvthere was a great place like this in this part of the Philippines. Lucky enough to see it this time during my tour here in Legazpi.  I was so grateful I was able to make it here and see the place for real. So memorable ... my grand children were super lucky to see it at this point of time in their lives. 

 My story about this 1st day of my summer holiday in the Bicol region is just halfway . Oh well, sad to say I will now take a break  to recall the rest of my stories .

 To be continued ....