Thursday, January 28, 2021

In The Mood For Blue ....

January 28, 2021 ~ Month of January is nearly ending but my jewelry orders are somehow still piling up. Especially the most intricate designs purchased before are now on great demand to be duplicated. I am so grateful that despite of the pandemic struggles I could still find ways to earn a bit somehow. 🙏🙏🙏

Above was the purchased piece a week ago given to a lucky birthday celebrant in the British Club. 
Take a quick peek on my instagram for the :
 It fitted perfectly around the wrist and she was not willing to give it back . LOL !

Since another lady friend had seen the bracelet during the occassion, she also requested to have a  somewhat similar piece in her measurement. Her wrist is bigger so I am now creating a size 8" bracelet for her instead of 7.5" and with a different clasp closure. 

The main oval stones are Blue Goldstone surrounded by Toho glass seed beads.
Blue Goldstone connects you with the divine and gives you wisdom , energy and courage
Blue Goldstone, with its chakra healing powers, will have you feeling a rush of tranquility and clarity, for it is incredibly soothing 😍😍😍

I would always be grateful to all my supporters for giving me the chance to satisfy their requests and come up to their expectations. 

Always a Happy Beader !



Monday, January 11, 2021

January 11, 2021 ~ Another busy day  spent in my beadroom overlooking the sunset right outside my window . So beautiful is what I could whisper to myself as I look at the wonderful view. lucky to have seen such magnificent moment that would be gone so quickly. 

Again , hours and hours of beading was rewarded by such moment before the night falls. Nowadays I had been catchin up on orders of Swarovski Spiral Style Bracelets and necklaces. A friend had ordered over 25pcs of such beaded spirals in different colors for gift giving to her rotary members. No exact colors is allowed to make sure each person receives a unique color as compared to the others. Wow, meaning everyone will be unique then.
I admire my friend for such generosity to her rotary members...  
She has a good heart ...💓💖💓

Each bracelet is created with 4mm Swarovski Pearls & 4mm Bicone Crystal elements with 11/0 Toho Seed Beads. Each piece is polished and carefully placed in respective cushioned boxes with see -thru covers. Of course I always have to consider a nice packaging and proper presentation as always . It's a great way of promoting my jewelries and keep my buyers happy aside from my offered product warranty. 


I also had started doing some orders before the final phasing out of Copper Colored Pearls  by Swarovski. 3 of my favorite Pearls ( Dark Purple, Copper and Light Green Pearls ) are all going to be discontinued soon so I am not happy aboutt it. Why ?  These 3 pearls had been widely used in my designs. 

Swarovski Elements is the brand name for the loose Swarovski crystals used by the fashion, jewelry, and accessories industries. Genuine Swarovski crystals are used in products designed and made by other manufacturers and they carry a “Made with Swarovski Elements” label already makes me sad that some of the good colored pearls would be gone but now I am getting even more devastated after reading the newsletter regarding Swarovski. . 😖😓😭

Oh well, what to do ? I better cheer myself up and move on to beading ...  I m sure there would be options and answers to the upcoming dooming supply of Swarovski beads.

My last few strands of Copper pearls would be finished soon after fulfilling  these orders so no more of these bracelets & necklaces would be available for creation in these pearl color ever again. That sucks ...

Lucky I have other color options and can use them for variety with the same beading style / design.

There are so many types of Swarovski beads and elements introduced to the market .Although sometimes  I guess I need to catch up on new trends by using those new parts I still also prefer to stay using the previous ones and other substitutes. oh well, different tastes and preferrences always affect my designs anyways so I will just go with the flow ... 😝😚

Beading is my Passion ... old or new materials , Swarovski or not , I will surely find a way to design many things anyways.