Monday, April 22, 2013

Surprises In April ....

April 22, 2013 ~Weather wasn't so sunny during the month of April here in Perth this year. Partly cloudy with some drizzles and  cold wind. Kids are starting to complain that it's too cold and they miss the sunny hot days. Oh well... winter is coming soon so what to expect ? Lucky we are not that near the beach anymore or else .. it would be much colder and windy!

Anyways, I'm not so bothered of the weather outside our home coz I tend to be pretty busy myself with a new found activity that's keeping me much more pre occuppied than beading. Yep ... you heard me right. Someting had beaten my beading passion these days. You know what it is ?

It's my Acrylic painting activity morphing into some kind of addiction! Once I had started putting something on a stretched canvas , I just couldn't leave the canvas unless the image is finished !

My very 1st big canvas acrylic painting. It was my 1st commissioned painting as well of a farm Shed in Tasmania.
Painted on a 24 x 30" stretched canvas.

 My very 1st water reflection challenge in acrylic painting. Mind you, I'm just starting to paint and this is my 2nd biggest canvas measuring 24 x 30 " and thi is already my 2nd commission as well.
I had spent several sleepless nights trying to get the best matching colors as shown in the picture provided for me to copy on a canvas. Not only the colors but the image as well is a big challenge to paint due to the straight lines and the texture of the dead tree which was done with moulding paste.
I'm happy with the outcome that i even wondered myself how I did it.
Did I really do that ?
Now I have to make a pic with my work beside me before I give it to my buyer. Not easy to part with what i had created but I know the next owner would be more than happy with it.
My commissioned paintings had earned me more Jo Sonja's acrylic paints, more brushes, varnishes and even a brand new Mont Marte Easel ! Geeezzz I'm so happy and thankful !
I had finished my 8 sessions of Acrylic painting at Claremont School Of Art here in Perth about 2 weeks ago and my Acrylic Folk art Painting of 5 sessions had also ended last Sunday. My mentors are great artists in their own field. Ms Peta Miller is a very good Contemporary / Abstract artist teaching at Claremont Shool Of Art.
 I took the 8 weeks course of " Create Exciting Semi- representational Contemporary Painting in Mixed Media & Acrylics " in her class and this is one of the mixed media paintings I had created during my sessions with her.
Mixed media acrylic painting titled " Bushfire" was created directly from the images in my mind.
It was my very 1st venture with mixed media and my 1st painting that got sold.
 Peta Miller is Teaching :
- Term 1 Claremont School of Art 8 weeks
- Contemporary Realism Thursdays 9.30am-12.30pm
- Beginners Acrylic Thursdays 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Thanks a lot to Peta Miller for her time and efforts teaching me how to paint for the 1st time.
 while on the oter hand, my other mentor is Ms. Orna Shachar who's a Western Australian folk artist with 19 yrs experience in folk art and decorative painting.  She's  the sole leading artist of the famous Country At Best where I had ordered a painted door sign for my Beadroom as shown below.
It's just by pure luck I discovered her thru her husband . Her husband informed me that she is conducting painting lessonsin her workshop  when I happened to pick up my door sign from their shop in Coventry Square in Morley . During that day I was in their awesome shop, I was also looking for acrylic paints and brushes  for my upcoming 1st painting lessons with Peta Miller of  Claremont School Of Art  that time And I randomly asked her husband managing the shop if he knows a good place to buy acrylic paints since their products for sale uses acrylic paints. He immeddiately directed me to Orna in her workshop to get the paints for a better price and I was able to inquire about Orna's painting sessions. Immediately i signed in for her class. They're such a wonderful helpful couple and I'm happy to have found them. I had finished painting a metal teapot at Orna's class last Sunday and I was so proud of it.


Orna during the workshop as she demonstrates the varnish application on our finished painted teapots. My 5 painting sessions with her had been great and fun together with all the other ladies learning folk art painting with me. How I love the strawberries designed on the teapots !

Thanks to the guidance of Orna. She had shown me so many different hints / techniques regarding painting and the use of brushes as well as the mixing of colors. She's absolutely a great teacher !

By the way, Orna teaches only on every 2nd Sunday ( 2 Sundays in a month ) between 2pm to 4:30pm. So be fast to grab a seat in her class coz it would get filled fast !
 This is my unfinished painting that I would have to do these coming days. It wasn't even finished yet but it was already sold to an Australian couple living in Mundaring, WA. Now, that gave a smile on my face knowing it's already expecting a new home that fast. Geeezzzzzzzz

Now that I got more paints, more tools and more ideas ... next step is to paint , paint ... paint !!!! So expect that more painting surprises would gonna come out soon ....
Thanks For Reading This Blog !