Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello everyone, 

I'm sneaking out of my beadoom a bit  just to give you a hint that my Ebay Store is now ready for your Christmas shopping with Free Shipping Promo  for all jewelry purchase from now till 15th Of December.

Free Shipping Now Till Dec 15, 2013 !

It's gonna be busy on online buying soon so I make sure, you get your presents / gifts on time for Christmas.

Although I'm apologetic for having an early cut off due to the fact that I'm off to see my new born grandson in the Philippines on the 3rd week of December .( My flights to Philippines had already been confirmed .. yehheeyyyyy ! )  Therefore , I should have all my ebay things be sorted and well organized and all orders be shipped before I leave Singapore for my well deserved holidays with my other family out there. My 1st grandson had already been asking continously how come its taking me so long to come home. He just couldn't understand why I'm so far away and couldn't come see him and bring him some chocolates right away. Oh well, lucky there's skype chat these days so I can talk and see him on video and he can see and hear me too.  I am also so excited to come home soon only if I could to cuddle and pinch my now chubby 2nd grandson  Adrienne !

What a sleepin Angel Adrienne is ...

OMG! Isn't he so chubby ? I really wanna pinch him ! Tee hee ...

Anyways, I'm now just counting the days and I hope I can bring some things to put under our Christmas tree  for the kids too. Maybe some chocolates ? Hmmmm maybe not coz the ants would attack them 1st for sure .... hmmmm... I wonder what then ...

We Will See !


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Latest Youtube Video ...


Latest Youtube Video 
Nov. 2013 ( Singapore )

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October , What have I done ?

October  31,2013 ~ Last day of the month and I'm rushing here thinkin of what to write in my blog ... ooopppssss. My brains had been wandering for quite a while in Singapore these days and I'm just too lazy to bother typing anything in my poor blog.  Awwwwww !

Nevertheless, I had created a few nice pieces from September till October. What a great feelin to see them all finished and done. These pieces are by far my most intricate work with seed beads.

I just love the outcome of these projects. The seedbeads had required a lot of patience and time while doing needlework . Taking into account the times my fingers got poked too ... Oooouuccchhhhh !

By the way, my darling daughter had just turned 16 .. yep ... so sweet 16 that she told me not to come down during her party at home last week .. uh oh ! I almost laughed when she told me herself LOL!  She specifically asked for parents not to be around sneaking or snooping in her teens' party. Oh well, her wish was surely granted ! I officially stayed indoors in my beading room all night  and let them do their stuffs ! There were lots of giggling and a few loud voices as well as music heard during the night but neighbors never complained ... what a relief ! They are still kids playing games in and out of the house ... they had fun I could tell !

I kept myself busy mingling with my beads and things all night trying to finish this medal necklace until I hear no more noise from her party downstairs. They were all behaved anyways that the beers my hubby bought for them ( yes, he did bought them beers ) were still beers in the cooler box the following morning. Daughter said she didn't even look at it LOL! Not all the boys drank beer . So Good girls & boys !

Anyways, I had been very occuppied by beading these days. Lucky my neck wasn't hurting anymore and my right arm had stopped from getting numbed !  Although one thing bothering me was my eye sight. Yep... my eyes couldn't see well even if my 1.5 reading glasses were on. So I went out to Chinatown last week and check for a cheap reading glasses ( as usual )  with a higher grade. From 1.5 grade, my glasses now had jumped to 2.00. No wonder I get dizzy from time to time when I do my artwork. My old glasses were not good for my eyes anymore ! Siggghhhhhhh ..... I'm getting old ! Sign of the times ... can't help it !

With my new glasses on, I had been beading  well again even with the size15 seedbeads without a problem anymore. Everything is so clear ... yeehhheeyyyyyy !!!

I have to create new pieces so I can sell to my friends before Christmas and list some to ebay Singapore. I will surely need some extra money when I go to Philippines for the holidays. Some of my Singapore based friends had already been asking me  when I'm going to have an open house for my jewelries . I said .. very soon ... just wait and see ...

Last week of November is a date to watch out for ...

I'm hoping to see you all soon !

Sunday, September 01, 2013

3 years Ago, I left Singapore for Perth with dim hopes of a new beginning, and a new life .... taking into consideration the fulfillment of things "as promised by husband of course". why on earth do I always rely on promises  ? Stupid me ...

 During that time I was leaving Singapore , I was so burdened by personal problems affecting me mentally, emotionally and I had even just recovered from some physical problems as well. Equipped with  nothing except for hopes in my mind fighting and trying to overcome the burdens pulling my heart apart, I went to Perth to move on. The 1st 3 months I was adjusting to a new environment and way of life there, I managed to deal with the in house problems slowly eventhough seriously, they never left me  at all. My problems unfortunatetely came to stay further, challenging me even more as months passed by . Another major fall came to light in the beginning of year 2011 when I found out that hubby had gone to his old vice of womanizing... again !

As a saying goes, A cheetah never looses his dots no matter when / what , does he ? Tsk -tsk...

It was the final blow that drove me sleeping somewhere else outside the masterbedroom. 3 months on the living room sofa until I finally had a bed of my own when we moved to a second house giving us more rooms & space . But more area for me to clean on my own.

Living in Perth with my family for 3 years with no physical help had taken its toll  on my physical health so badly. I had been in and out of clinics when I was  in Perth. From being anemic to being depressed to being mentally and emotionally affected, I just wonder why until now I'm here... alive and able to write my story which still runs clearly in my head despite that it has  happened from sometime ago. Out of my depression and grievances  I tried to focus myself on doing other things I loved to do the most. Activities that gave me some sort of  satisfaction and happiness I had never achieved  from my normal house day life. I would stay late at night when everyone else were asleep so I can concentrate on either beading for some jewelries I could sell to earn extra money for myself  :

 or painting from random ideas in my head, pictures I see  , given to me as a challenge piece or pictures taken by myself.

When I was in Perth before, I had been from 1 physiotherapist to another trying to find a cure for my upper right back pain which started in the mid months of 2011.

Perth Wellness Centre

 The consistent pain made me suffer till the early days of January 2012 that I came  to consult a physiotherapist from Perth Wellness Center in Perth to ease out the knots ' tight muscles found on my left and right upper back. She was able to heal my left side after several 30 mins physiotherapy massage visits in her clinic. She told me I need to watch the right side as she feels something is not good about it as well. I have a very slight pain from my right upper back during those times so I just try to ignore the pain and continue the daily chores I normally do. But 6 months after, somewhere in August 2012, I couldn't bear the back pain anymore. I came back to the same clinic but she was gone.
I was really so dissappointed to find her gone .

I took another lady who replaced her but the pain never left my back no matter what she does. So I went to my GP and she adviced just to continue having physiotherapy. This time I went to my 3rd physiotherapist. He wasn't good as well so in a span of few months I had seen 4 different Physiotherapist. From 1 x a week visit, I started having 2 x a week sessions. But, sadly, my back was never relieved of pain at all. even the acupuncture performed by the 4th sports physiotherapist  never helped me but even aggravated my conditon to the point I had numbness in 3 of my  fingers all the way up to my right arm. I started getting really depreseed due to the fact that, I have to work everyday at home with pain and tingling sensation and sore back blades on my right side. I . Drove kids on and off from school and do errands in between. Not easy when nothing / nobody is helping me with the pain I'd been going thru it every single day . So hard be on my own dealing with all of this all the time.

I'm glad i found several nice friends in Perth from different nationalities who tried to get my attention away from all my woes.

They were there to witness what I'd been going thru. They were there beside me when I needed a helping hand in the hospitals in times of emergencies. Shoulders to cry one when I had enough in a day.

In Hollywood Hospital in Nov 2012  after an allergic reaction to a painkiller called " MOBIC"  I took to relieve my back pain ...

In a clinic Dec. 2012 after a Bopsy test to my neck  to check for cancer cells .whena cyst was revealed by a Cervical spine MRI

In end of Jan. 2013 in Hollywood hospital after a thyroidectomy operation was perforned to remove my swelling right Thyroid gland.

I won't forget the time, kindness and concern they had given me. They are indeed precious people... they are my angel friends. Just like my real true friends here in Singapore. They had heard my cries, my complains and my stories . They had been with me following my episodes over the years. They cry and they laugh with me. They support me ... and I'm so thankful I have people like them surrounding me always.

At the bottom of my heart I truly love them all....

 Id been thru a lot of hurt aches and sorrows... I had been thru some of the most painful events  that were nerve wrecking and here I stand, still moving on.. still surviving them all. .

I wonder why these bad happenings just keep streaming my way again. This time, I need to go under the knife once more to find a solution to my problematic back. Neurosurgeons  and 2 of the best ones in Singapore ( Dr. Prem Pillay / Dr James tan Siah heng ) came out with the same findings and solutions. An Anterior Cervical Microsurgery.... is probably the only option to cure my physical pain for now.  Mental and emotional pain? I put them to the side for the moment  coz I would need to wisely  take care of things one at a time.

All I know, I'm here ready to take all the risks and pain ... I just don't care anymore if badluck... in whatever form it may be comes knocking again ...

I need to be firm and brave for my children who need me ...

I shall never give up on anything ... no matter what ...

It's not in my character to be giving up on something ... It's simply not me !

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is it Home Sweet Home ?

Aug. 22, 2013 ~  Almost 2 weeks now since I came back to Singapore and I'm still adjusting to the fast paced way of life I used to be so familiar with exactly 3 years ago.

Perth life I had just left is far more quiet,

Far more simple , pristine and way more relaxing than here in The "Lion City" .

Here in Singapore , so many things comes from different directions and you have to be always on guard not to get lost in the middle of the rushing crowds !

... haayyyzzzzzzzz !

Our stuffs shipped via 60ft container managed by Crown Relocations left our Perth home on the 2nd week of Aug. The shipment would be arriving this week and I'm looking forward to having my crafts, beads, tools ,canvasses and all our personal belongings back to us as soon as possible.

Eventhough I can't do much crafts these days due to my aching back which by the way was never healed in Perth by 4 different Physiotherapists , I still try to do things to keep boredom at bay. I have all my paints with me and I have a few canvasses too. So I tried to paint now & then. But everytime I hold my brush, here comes the creeping pain of my back again. Oh noooooo ....

#2 Blue Peacok FeathersAcrylic Painting

#1 Purple Peacok FeathersAcrylic Painting

Even, my prescribed Osteo Panadol painkillers don't relieve the  back pain I suffer from every single day. I'm starting to be more depressed not because of the move back to Singapore but because of the situation my health is in. Constant back pain affecting my right arm is something of a nightmare I have to bear day & night. It stops me from doing things properly with the use of my right arm / hand coz I'm right handed, the effect is quite devastating. It makes me feel sad and hopeless .... and it puts me in a worrying situation all the time.

Simple house chores even triggers the stabbing pain on my back. Even to type on a keyboard. It's a big struggle to finish something I had started doing with my hands. It's worrying me like hell and it makes me think at the end of the day what else can I do without moving my right arm much ? Absolutely annoying ...

I can't even wear a bangle or rings on my right hand and arm anymore... nor put a bag on my right shoulder... such a shame coz I have some real nice accessories I would wanna bring & wear . So , not for now ! Agggghhhhhhhh

Best thing I could do for the time being while awaiting for our stuffs is rest and keep my arm still as much as I could. Then find a good doctor this coming days who can finally tell me if this back needs any operation or what. I trust Singapore health facilities here to be more high tech and more advance as compared to Perth. Maybe it's one good reason as well why we were moved back here, so I can finaly find a cure for my troublesome back.

So, in the end should I say that our move back to Singapore after 3 years of living in Perth is supposed to be home sweet home ?

You be the judge ....

Our new home in Singapore ...