Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bad Hair Day ?

April 30,2020 ~ No matter how bad the situation is nowadays due to the worldwide spreading of Covid 19, I am peaceful and quiet at home doing my own sruffs.  I don't go out partying, no meetings with friends and no going to my hairdresser too. My greys had grown so long now that my head had turned multi colored in Brown, Grey and Mahogany during daylight. Highlights galore !

 Geezzz... looked aweful ha ha !😂😄😅
I just told myself over and over that I am not the only one suffering from lack of spoiling from a hair salon. For me  it wasn't such a big deal coz I can always stay in my room all day and noone would ever see me anyways . LOL !

Wirewrapped Tiger Eye Beads Earrings

I just normally make a retreat into my beadroom and create more jewelries inorder not to be bothered much of my poor looking hair. Although I would say I was even starting to like the way my hair looked these days. Kind of  cool... lol. 

Anyways, I  had been doing a lot of wire wrapping so I can use my non tarnish artistic beading wires hidden in my drawers . My fingers hurt when I twisted the wires due to my arthritis
Getting old  sucks sometimes ... the more we age, the more ptoblems arise here and there,
oh well. 


Wirewrapped Red Aventurine Earrings


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Be Safe Everyone !

April 14, 2020 ~ Kind of depressing that most of us were stucked indoors during this hard time of Covid 19 spreading all over the world. immediate lockdowns were enforced and we cannot go out normally without fear unlike before. Some with children at home were struggling to cope while some were separated from loved ones due to travel restrictions. It was chaos for the poor people with no means to sustain their daily lives  when no work no pay was their way of living everyday.

 Lucky are those with white collar jobs who were blessed enough to work from home with their loved one with them at home.  At least they could still keep their jobs, salaries and benefits compared to those who lost their jobs. They can also enjoy the feeling of being safe at home enjoying the views and bonding with their pets too ( I do , 😍😍😍 )

I am a homemaker and I only go out if I need to buy provisions. But being forever at home during this lockdown also affected my way of life. lucky I got arts to do at home once I get tired of doing house chores.  I had learned to create things to kill time as it passes by since I was a child. So coping with being at home is not that hard for me since I was used to it anyways.

I had the means to entertain myself even without the help of media tools. Beading & painting or sewing / crocheting  , bonding with son & pets were good means of keeping my sanity these days. I hope some people out there could find some hobbies as well to distract them from sadness, boredom and insanity caused by the pandemic. 

I wish everyone to be safe from the sickness.
Please stay home and be safe !



Public Service Announcement
Help stop coronavirus
STAYhome as much as you can
KEEPa safe distance
WASHhands often
COVERyour cough
SICK?Call ahead

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Stay Home... Get Organized !

April 1, 2020 ~ It's now been 2 weeks since the quarantine took effect and I became busier than ever having everyone at home. Cooking day and night and all house chores had doubled without any single help from everyone. Only consolation I had was when I could retreat into my beadroom for some much needed unwinding and rest... at last !

My  beadroom urgently required a much needed overhaul. My beads and findings had now mixed in their respective drawers and boxes so I needed to sort them all out . 
Not an easy task but it was about time for me to start organizing them all  into their respective containers and boxes.

My beads needed to be arranged accdg to color, size and type. 

Same system for my metal findings too.  

My eyes were stressed out coz I needed to separate all sizes of stones & seed beads scattered in my drawers & beading trays too. What a mess !

 Can you imagine separating the size 15/0 seedbeads  which were super tiny from the others?  Haizzzzz a lot of work indeed.

Beads were categorized  from semi-precious , glass, crystals and metals. All my pearl beads were neatly packed in new ziploc bags  finally too. I was happy with the outcome after about a week of sorting them all out during the night when  everyone was fast asleep except for me. I was like a vampire awake at night sorting out my stuffs. 

But I would say all the sleepless nights of sorting out had paid off. I found so many missing beads  that got underneath the stacks and discovered the unopened new packs. I also now could finally see all my drawers filled up by my organized beads and findings.
I am again a Happy Beader soon !