Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Stay Home... Get Organized !

April 1, 2020 ~ It's now been 2 weeks since the quarantine took effect and I became busier than ever having everyone at home. Cooking day and night and all house chores had doubled without any single help from everyone. Only consolation I had was when I could retreat into my beadroom for some much needed unwinding and rest... at last !

My  beadroom urgently required a much needed overhaul. My beads and findings had now mixed in their respective drawers and boxes so I needed to sort them all out . 
Not an easy task but it was about time for me to start organizing them all  into their respective containers and boxes.

My beads needed to be arranged accdg to color, size and type. 

Same system for my metal findings too.  

My eyes were stressed out coz I needed to separate all sizes of stones & seed beads scattered in my drawers & beading trays too. What a mess !

 Can you imagine separating the size 15/0 seedbeads  which were super tiny from the others?  Haizzzzz a lot of work indeed.

Beads were categorized  from semi-precious , glass, crystals and metals. All my pearl beads were neatly packed in new ziploc bags  finally too. I was happy with the outcome after about a week of sorting them all out during the night when  everyone was fast asleep except for me. I was like a vampire awake at night sorting out my stuffs. 

But I would say all the sleepless nights of sorting out had paid off. I found so many missing beads  that got underneath the stacks and discovered the unopened new packs. I also now could finally see all my drawers filled up by my organized beads and findings.
I am again a Happy Beader soon !