Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January,22, 2014 ~ Hello , hello , helloooooo everyone. I'd been into hibernation somewhere over the last month or 2 and I had been quiet and out of sight for a while except for my personal FB page which has been catching up with my friends from all over the world. Yep, I had been quite occuppied updating some things with new found friends as well as of those I came to meet again after several years of no contact at all.

I had finally seen my long lost friend Jocelyn whom I had lost contact with for almost 4 years ...maybe 5 years ? Hmmmmm. Thanks to Jay for bringing her along during my Birthday lunch recently . I was so happy to see Jocelyn again .
It's been great to have had a chat with them and updated ourselves of the happenings we'd done you know .....

2014 Birthday Lunch at Din Tai Fung

2014 Birthday Lunch at Din Tai Fung with my Singapore based friends.

Out of the blue lunch at Pina's home ... I loved those food but I can't eat that much... sarap pa naman !

I was back in Singapore since August last year for another few more years of residence in here again .  Our move back to SG wasn't that complicated and our stuffs immediately found a new home. My 2 kids had quickly settled into their new schools and had gained attention from their ex-friends and new friends easily. I was happy for them and even more cheering for myself for the fact that the kids are now back to school with the school bus . Yehheeyyyyy, less driving means more convenience, more time for myself & less stress on my poor achin back . That's one great news .

Talking about my back pain, I was supposed to undergo an operation to replace 2 discs in my spine. Since I had been advised by my neurosurgeons here in Singapore ( Dr. Prem Pillay / Dr James Tan Siah Heng ) not to carry anything heavier than 2 kg., to avoid triggering more damage to my main nerve, I had avoided lifting or carrying the heavy stuffs. It's been working well coz my back pains had gradually decreased. I'm happy my stiff neck had also almost dissappeared although some minor housework triggers the stiffness and numbness on my whole right arm sometimes. Oh well, I had learned to do things at home in moderation now. Vacumming of the floor was lesssened to like once a week, mopping of the floor I had someone servicing it for me coz I can't do it anymore knowing I have a 4 storey house to clean. No way Jose ... I'll kill myself with a floor mop LOL!

My beading and my painting had suffered though. Sadly, I don't get into my beading room much these days. How I miss fooling around with my beads ...

Here comes the Lazy moments of my life I guess LOL! or maybe I'm not too inspired to bead or paint at this moment yet. My right hand still gets numb from time to time and since I'm right handed, all my house chores were done with my poor right hand. At the end of the day, my poor right arm is way too tired to move even with not too heavy house work. I dunno but I get so,so  tired sometimes ... even just by going up and down the stairs during the day . Siggghhhhh... I'm getting old I guess !

Anyways, I'm taking my time slowly before I create something unique again. I just hope I'll be in the mood soon to start beading or Painting again ...  I'm not used to just sitting around doing nothing ... my hands needs some work to do.. not just house chores !

Know what handiwork I mean ?
This kind ...