Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I Had Created In Belgium

There is no way to stop me from beading ...

Being on Holiday doesn't mean I'm staying away from my beads for a while ! Of Course not. I brought with me a box of my beading armaments so I can do something and bead when I'm stucked in the house during bad weather days. True enough there are some bad days preventing me to go outside but advantageous for my sneaky hands and mind.

I was able to finish my Mother in law's Lariat Necklace in 2 days after my arrival in Belgium. It was a belated Happy Birthday present for her and She was very happy with it . She wore it proudly when we went to a Fine Dining Restaurant in Morsel for lunch one day. That famous lunch started at 1pm and ended up at 5pm. It was surely the longest lunch I had ever had in my entire life ! I had even seen the staff changing into the night shift.

Below is what I got for my main course too ... hellooo ... This isn't happening, You must be joking , Is that all ? I think I need a magnifying glass to enlarge the size of my fish compared to the size of my hot plate ... No wonder I don't like fine dining sometimes. Quantity is so small ... That's all and that's it ... period !!! GRRRRRR I'm still Hungry !

Anyway, Somewhere on the second week of my stay in Belgium I also had created a new necklace with Seed Beads using Combinations of Peyote Stitch & Twisted herringbone stitch for the 1st time.

The Necklace really came out so beautiful !

Even without the use of any metal embellishments or metal clasps at all . I had mixed the Toho seed beads with Swarovski Crystals & Fresh water pearls .

Although I came home to Singapore with the un-finished matching bracelet for it, then I must say that I've got something to do again & finish now that I'm back in my well missed My-SECRET-Corner Bead Room ...

So Sweet White Rose Flower Decoration on our dining table during our lunch in Morsel.

Back To Singapore ... At Last !

A super big yupppeee !

I'm now back In Singapore ! I arrived with my family on board Lufthansa Airlines yesterday afternoon with luggages much heavier than what we had when we left Singapore almost 4 weeks ago . I really wondered why and how come they're so full when I didn't do much shopping in Belgium despite of citywide sales of up to 70% off. Only 2 things I got for myself are : a small huggable stuff toy from Intertoys for Euro 6.99 instead of Euro 17.99 which I named " Toochie Patootsie " and a party tight fitting dress with tiger prints on it for just Euro 13.00 instead of Euro 79.oo ... what a great bargain !

See how cute Toochie is ? She was very soft to the touch and very useful in the plane giving support to my neck while I sleep in the plane yesterday ...

Holiday in Belgium was 50 / 50. Meaning half good and half bad. Just couldn't get all positive things without the mess... Oh well, at least this time, weather wasn't so bad.

The Church Tower in Grote Markt near the City hall of Aalst on one very sunny afternoon Nice blue sky with Cotton candy like super white clouds which is not a common sight when you're in Belgium .

I was able to have few good real hot sunny days to dry my laundry even I hanged the clothes inside the house ( you never know when the rain comes ) , clean away the spiderwebs in /out & around the house and visit some nice places too like the Theme Park called " WALLIBI " where I saw one of the most terrifying ride called " SAWBUZZ " which flips when you reah the top of the round. Actually I hate the rides coz I feel sick afterwards so You can bet that I didn't dare get into it ... what a chicken am I ..ha-ha ! But at least I took a good picture while Tacha & Hubby were in it ! See ? OMG !!!

And oh ... I've got real nice pictures of flowers in most of the places I'd been. Kids are complaining I had more pics of flowers than them ... oeps ! Sorry guys, mommy needs some entertaining too you know. It makes me happy to see and photograph the nice flowers I find so I have the camera most of the time to take shots.

Photo of a flower bud being checked by a curious fly in the flower garden of Mr. Albert De Raedt . He was the uncle of Koen ( my brother in law ) who has at least 1000 species of flower bearing plants in his wonderful back yard. Some of which he had planted about 28 years ago when he bought the land for his home and garden.

Flowers by the side street while walking around in Oud -Hevelee looking for a good & decent restaurant to eat dinner.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

* * * SUMMER HOLIDAY * * *
Belgium Here We Come !

Ok, just a few more things to put in the last suitcase which happens to be that of my hubby ... Since he had lost 30 kilos lately ( no joke ! ) I'm not so sure which clothes to put in there. Flight to Belgium is at midnight so I still got enough time to wait for him to come from work and sort his things out himself . Then , I'll put them neatly and nicely in his luggage just to make sure they would all fit in that suitcase .

Sad to say bye-bye for the moment but I will try to post some blogs if I get lucky once I'm in Belgium. So don't be so dissapointed when you don't see any new posts in the next couple of weeks. I'll try my best to catch up ... Cheers !

Belgium ... here I come !

Please note that all online shops will be closed while I'm gone .

1st Of July ...
Is there Anything Special For Today ?

Wow, it seems like the month of June had just came to a halt and here comes the beginning of a new month !

July would be a great month ( I hope ! ) for Eauropean summer like in Belgium in particular. Kids are off from school now here in Singapore and that kickstarts the summer holiday. normally, we spend the summer holiday in Belgium. So tonight, we'll be dragging our bags to the airport probably with masks on to avoid the swine flu. Off we would go to visit Grandma & Grandpa, Hubby's friends and see what's the state of our "yellow House" out there.

See why it's called the " Yellow House " ?

But before I leave My-SECRET-Corner Beadroom with a heavy heart like as usual , I would have to close all my auctions on eBay & ioffer first , put vacation response on all my email accounts and put a sign on my online store that I'm temporarily close due to this " Summer Holiday " These are things I have to tackle yearly when I go away for " Summer Holiday". Complains , complains ... truthfully, these are the things I've got to do before I leave .. got no choice !

BTW, I also have to inform some special people that I'm not going to be in town until end of July. Most important is my Mom back in the Philippines. Not forgetting to greet her as well coz today is not just an ordinary day in her life. 1st of July is her special day coz it's her Birthday !

" A very Happy Birthday Mom ! "

I had been thinking about her last night after I had finished making 2 pairs of wired earrings. Suddenly, I came up with this idea of doing a necklace to match her name " EDEN ". Sounds like a good idea ! I had this urge to create something to remember her during her Birthday. So I grabbed some colored Pearls , seed Beads, Wires and Glass Beads and started creating what came out to be this piece of long necklace with wirewrapped pendant in it and I named it after her :