Thursday, July 30, 2009

What I Had Created In Belgium

There is no way to stop me from beading ...

Being on Holiday doesn't mean I'm staying away from my beads for a while ! Of Course not. I brought with me a box of my beading armaments so I can do something and bead when I'm stucked in the house during bad weather days. True enough there are some bad days preventing me to go outside but advantageous for my sneaky hands and mind.

I was able to finish my Mother in law's Lariat Necklace in 2 days after my arrival in Belgium. It was a belated Happy Birthday present for her and She was very happy with it . She wore it proudly when we went to a Fine Dining Restaurant in Morsel for lunch one day. That famous lunch started at 1pm and ended up at 5pm. It was surely the longest lunch I had ever had in my entire life ! I had even seen the staff changing into the night shift.

Below is what I got for my main course too ... hellooo ... This isn't happening, You must be joking , Is that all ? I think I need a magnifying glass to enlarge the size of my fish compared to the size of my hot plate ... No wonder I don't like fine dining sometimes. Quantity is so small ... That's all and that's it ... period !!! GRRRRRR I'm still Hungry !

Anyway, Somewhere on the second week of my stay in Belgium I also had created a new necklace with Seed Beads using Combinations of Peyote Stitch & Twisted herringbone stitch for the 1st time.

The Necklace really came out so beautiful !

Even without the use of any metal embellishments or metal clasps at all . I had mixed the Toho seed beads with Swarovski Crystals & Fresh water pearls .

Although I came home to Singapore with the un-finished matching bracelet for it, then I must say that I've got something to do again & finish now that I'm back in my well missed My-SECRET-Corner Bead Room ...

So Sweet White Rose Flower Decoration on our dining table during our lunch in Morsel.