Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Created Simply Out Of The Blue !

For almost a month now, I'd been hardly on my beading table creating anything. Revision of Websites had taken most of my time. But no regrets everytime I see my pages and my viewers coming from all over the place. Gee ! I'm getting known in the world although I'm just sitting here at home Lol !

Well Anyway, My Lariat Necklace ( see the poor thing ? ) is not even halfway , wonder when will I ever finish it. But, I had added at least 3 inches to its lenght this morning somehow in between my packing ( filling up 4 suitcases at least ) . What an accomplishment huh !

Then suddenly, something blinked on the side of my mind ( oh no ... I'll be taken away from finishing the Lariat again ... ) . I remembered suddenly the pair of earrings ( magazine indicated it's from a Shop called Ola ! ) I had seen on CLEO magazine last Sunday in the restaurant. My memory is quite sharp ( even I didn't have any good sleep the last few nights ! ) that I can clearly picture those earrings and the way they were wired. Absolutely simple but yet , stunning pieces of ornament. I make jewelries but when I see other people's creative stuffs, I get so fascinated ! Quite a pity I was not able to know who made those earrings to give some credits to the talented crafter ! Also too bad for me for not not being able to buy that issue of CLEO Magazine for referrence , so I just kept the image in my mind ! How I would love to create earrings like that for myself or as a gift to friends.

But with great liking to the earrings & with such inspiration, I took out some Seed beads in 3 different colors and sizes , 2 Glass beads, 2 Briolettes & A roll of Gauge 22 Non Tarnish Silver Artistic Beading wire . I'm up for a big challenge !

I started laying all the materials on my craft mat. For me its a challenge to make things out of what I can visualize in my head. Photographic memory I guess is working well on my advantage ! I'm not an expert in terms of wiring and never had any formal lessons about wiring stuffs ( but love to see the magnificent works of David Plumlee , Armored Hearts just to name a few ) . But for me, one doesn't need to be expert to create something, when there's a will , there's a way! So that pushed me a lot to start this project ...

A bit of turning wires here and a bit of twisting wires there using my bare hands to shape the earrings ( using pliers might break the seed beads so I stayed away from pliers for a while until I reached the part whenI have to cut the loose wires and put the Earring Hooks ). process took me at least 25 mins the most. Happy and contented here's what I had finished :

" #GBER150= Always In My Mind "
Wired Square Earrings

Materials Used :

2 Pcs. 15mm Briolette Beads , Size 6/0 & 8/0 Seed Beads
2 pcs 10mm Lampwork Beads
2.5 Ft. Artistic Wires
1 Pair Earring Hooks

( Excellent For Beginners & Intermediate )

BTW, I'm still in the mood to make another pair but in a different shape and color. So, Here's the 2nd Pair I made for about 45 mins soon after I finished the 1st pair ...


Wired Earrings

Materials Used :

2 Pcs. 18mm Flat Blue Chalcedony Teardrop Beads , Size 8/0 &11/0 Seed Beads
2 pcs 12mm Lampwork Beads
2.5 Ft. Artistic Wires
1 Pair Earring Hooks

( Project Suitable For Beginners with basic Wiring Knowledge & Intermediate )

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farewell My Friend ... We'll Miss You in Singapore !

Living an expat life has its toll sometimes . What I mean is that after settling yourself and gaining friends in a foreign country , time comes when you have to leave again for good.

For 91/2 years now, I had known Dolores and her husband Peter ( Dutch ). They have 2 daughters , Nathalie ( my son's classmate ) and Nicole who both grew up with my kids here in Singapore.

Dolores and I were not close during the first few years even if we meet each other on friend's parties and get togethers. We had met in numerous parties : Birthdays of our kids, Birthdays of our friends, Pot Luck parties, etc.,

Photo of our kids during Tristan's Birthday in March 2004

Lately , during the last 2-3 years, we became closer knowing we were the only families who'd been staying for a long time in Singapore due to our husband's jobs. Both our husbands work for dredging companies .

Dolores & I had started meeting more for lunch, Bithday parties of friends and even with Yoga classes lately. For ladies night out, I would ask Peter if she can come with me. Oh, he's such a very sweet and gentle guy who always says yes to me when I want to out with her. Perhaps because I would watch over her the whole night ha-ha ! Mind you, I did all the time when we went out a couple of times ...

Photo with Laima During Matet's Halloween Theme Birthday Party ( Nov. 2008 ) Held in " 1 Rochester Park "

We had so much fun going out to dance in oue favorite dancing place in Chijmes. Infact, we went there in " INSOMNIA Bar " for the last time last night and met one of our friends from Yoga Class, Yvonne who was there with her American Husband Michael and 2 other American associates. Nice people !

Yvonne ( she's half my age, can you tell ? ) & I while waiting for Dolores in Chijmes last night ( June 27, 2009 )

Anyway, sad to say, our dancing days together in Chijmes is over now. Dolores would be leaving this week with her family to settle in Manila for good. It's sad but I wish her and her family all the best of health & luck in their new home back there in the Philippines.

Pair of Earrings I was wearing last night during the Farewell party in Chijmes . Made with Glass Briolette Beads, Lovely Venetian Beads with 925 Bali Sterling Silver Hooks.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blogger Blog Thumbnail

- My BLOG's Thumbnail -

Okay , I had been revising websites left and right until I just realized that my own Blogger Blog has no thumbnail image. How could that have happened ? Well, I'd been so engrossed with my ranking site & Twitter lately. Most of my time had been spent there and my poor Blog got missed on the side somehow.

Lucky I was checking my URLs when I noticed that only my Blogsite has no specific thubnail. But now no worries, I made one as fast as I can. Took me maybe 3 mins to do it. Wow, I made another accomplishment for my site. Now I'm happy I can already upload a thumbnail of my own Blog in my other online sites !
Another Job well Done !

Picture of a Flower taken in my Mom's Garden in Laguna , Philippines.

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's been 2 long days and very late nights that I had been revising the ranking site ( of course in-between my tweets in Twitter / personal errands & other distractions from friends wanting to go for a ladies only night out ) . I'm satisfied with a big smile for the way the site looks now after some few lost falling hairs ( I'd been scratching my head and from time to time grabbed my hair when I discover that I made incorrect HTML codes ... Oh no ! Not again ! )

Perhaps .. My Poor Hair would never regain it's glorious days anymore ... oh my !

I had uploaded the scrolling image which I really thought was cool ! Showcasing the Registered Site Member's Special creations in an eye-grabbing way ... that's what I think so, don't you ? I just love this scrolling image thing ! Mind you, it took me quite a while to put all the data needed in their respective places . Browsing endlessly for photos from the Member's websites / blogs . So much beautiful creations I had discovered ... Wow my eyes were rolling all over the place . necklaces, earrings, bracelets ... millions of them. Need to have my reading glasses on or else I'll end up cross eyed!

After selecting real nice photos ( lucky there's a limit allowed of only 10 photos or else i'll be uploading forever ! ) , I uploaded & organized them in an album ... and then resized each of them , got the particular item's URL code from the said album, uploaded them one by one into the scrolling thing and finally ... voila !

Ranking site looks far much better than before ... What else can I say ? Yahooooo !!!

Check it Out Here :

TOP100 Beader's Hub Online

Monday, June 22, 2009



Yesterday was Father's day here in Singapore. Just not quite sure if same event was celebrated at the same time in US territories and in European countries. But anyway just didn't matter 'coz I already had wished every father in the world the very best on their special day.

In our household , " Father's Day " started with hubby missing in the house when kids & I woke up. Oh well, it's Sunday and it's a normal scenario . He had ridden his new bike ( Triumph 2300cc ) to Malaysia again with his biker buddies. He'd been riding his bikes ( of course 1 Harley at a time ) almost every Sunday morning eating Prata for breakfast in Malaysia . So just need to explain to the kids yesterday that Daddy is having fun for his Father's Day which falls on every " Sunday " of any week and they looked at me like they were confused ... huh ?

For his Father's Day present, Tacha & I rushed to the shop while he's gone and after dropping Tristan off to a Birthday party in the Dutch Club . Quickly bought a Backpack which he can use for all his stuffs when he rides the bike. We got it and wheww ! What a relief coz he was already back in Singapore that very moment , looking for us at home and calling my handphone . While on the other hand I was paying for the bag and rushing the cashier to make it fast. Oh dear !

Lesson learned ? Better get the present days in advance so I can relax and just wait for hubby to come and give him his present with a smile. Next time I would surely will !

Photo of Bougainvillea Flowers from our Living Room Terrace taken during Father's Day ...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creative Talent ...


My 21 y/o son, Meier has the talent in drawing animated objects & scenes.

I discovered his artistic creations when he was about 9 years old drawing transformer robots in his school notebooks. He's a very quiet guy keeping to himself all the time compared to her older sister Barbie who enjoys life outside our house.

Nowadays, he draws more about anime using colored pencils but still loves the robot styles like those of Gundam ( He has a collection of those DIY robotic figures ) At his age now, I tease him how come he still plays with all those things . He just smiles at me !

Friday, June 19, 2009

Swarovski Beaded Tiara

Hand Beaded Tiara created from a finished Swarovski studded Necklace .
। had the necklace converted into a crown by wiring it to an old metal crown which had been sitting in Tacha's closet for few years now. I had added some Swarovski Baroque & Teardrop Beads on the top for more sparkles। The Wiring process Took me at least 1 hr to have the crown finished। I also had a pair of Beaded earrings with Polymer Clay Beads & Capiz Shells matched to her outfit.

Tacha looked great with the Crystal Tiara and Beaded Earrings during the parade!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

I had just created these 2 new websites a few days ago. Check them out !

DesperateExpatHousewives.Com is a global site for multinational expat wives living in all parts of the world.

FilipinoExpatWives.Com is the global site I had created for all Filipino Expat Wives ( just like me ) living in a home away from home ( Philippines ) .