Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blogger Blog Thumbnail

- My BLOG's Thumbnail -

Okay , I had been revising websites left and right until I just realized that my own Blogger Blog has no thumbnail image. How could that have happened ? Well, I'd been so engrossed with my ranking site & Twitter lately. Most of my time had been spent there and my poor Blog got missed on the side somehow.

Lucky I was checking my URLs when I noticed that only my Blogsite has no specific thubnail. But now no worries, I made one as fast as I can. Took me maybe 3 mins to do it. Wow, I made another accomplishment for my site. Now I'm happy I can already upload a thumbnail of my own Blog in my other online sites !
Another Job well Done !

Picture of a Flower taken in my Mom's Garden in Laguna , Philippines.