Friday, June 26, 2009

TOP100 Beader's Hub Online = REVISED !!!


It's been 2 long days and very late nights that I had been revising the ranking site ( of course in-between my tweets in Twitter / personal errands & other distractions from friends wanting to go for a ladies only night out ) . I'm satisfied with a big smile for the way the site looks now after some few lost falling hairs ( I'd been scratching my head and from time to time grabbed my hair when I discover that I made incorrect HTML codes ... Oh no ! Not again ! )

Perhaps .. My Poor Hair would never regain it's glorious days anymore ... oh my !

I had uploaded the scrolling image which I really thought was cool ! Showcasing the Registered Site Member's Special creations in an eye-grabbing way ... that's what I think so, don't you ? I just love this scrolling image thing ! Mind you, it took me quite a while to put all the data needed in their respective places . Browsing endlessly for photos from the Member's websites / blogs . So much beautiful creations I had discovered ... Wow my eyes were rolling all over the place . necklaces, earrings, bracelets ... millions of them. Need to have my reading glasses on or else I'll end up cross eyed!

After selecting real nice photos ( lucky there's a limit allowed of only 10 photos or else i'll be uploading forever ! ) , I uploaded & organized them in an album ... and then resized each of them , got the particular item's URL code from the said album, uploaded them one by one into the scrolling thing and finally ... voila !

Ranking site looks far much better than before ... What else can I say ? Yahooooo !!!

Check it Out Here :

TOP100 Beader's Hub Online