Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farewell My Friend ... We'll Miss You in Singapore !

Living an expat life has its toll sometimes . What I mean is that after settling yourself and gaining friends in a foreign country , time comes when you have to leave again for good.

For 91/2 years now, I had known Dolores and her husband Peter ( Dutch ). They have 2 daughters , Nathalie ( my son's classmate ) and Nicole who both grew up with my kids here in Singapore.

Dolores and I were not close during the first few years even if we meet each other on friend's parties and get togethers. We had met in numerous parties : Birthdays of our kids, Birthdays of our friends, Pot Luck parties, etc.,

Photo of our kids during Tristan's Birthday in March 2004

Lately , during the last 2-3 years, we became closer knowing we were the only families who'd been staying for a long time in Singapore due to our husband's jobs. Both our husbands work for dredging companies .

Dolores & I had started meeting more for lunch, Bithday parties of friends and even with Yoga classes lately. For ladies night out, I would ask Peter if she can come with me. Oh, he's such a very sweet and gentle guy who always says yes to me when I want to out with her. Perhaps because I would watch over her the whole night ha-ha ! Mind you, I did all the time when we went out a couple of times ...

Photo with Laima During Matet's Halloween Theme Birthday Party ( Nov. 2008 ) Held in " 1 Rochester Park "

We had so much fun going out to dance in oue favorite dancing place in Chijmes. Infact, we went there in " INSOMNIA Bar " for the last time last night and met one of our friends from Yoga Class, Yvonne who was there with her American Husband Michael and 2 other American associates. Nice people !

Yvonne ( she's half my age, can you tell ? ) & I while waiting for Dolores in Chijmes last night ( June 27, 2009 )

Anyway, sad to say, our dancing days together in Chijmes is over now. Dolores would be leaving this week with her family to settle in Manila for good. It's sad but I wish her and her family all the best of health & luck in their new home back there in the Philippines.

Pair of Earrings I was wearing last night during the Farewell party in Chijmes . Made with Glass Briolette Beads, Lovely Venetian Beads with 925 Bali Sterling Silver Hooks.