Monday, June 22, 2009



Yesterday was Father's day here in Singapore. Just not quite sure if same event was celebrated at the same time in US territories and in European countries. But anyway just didn't matter 'coz I already had wished every father in the world the very best on their special day.

In our household , " Father's Day " started with hubby missing in the house when kids & I woke up. Oh well, it's Sunday and it's a normal scenario . He had ridden his new bike ( Triumph 2300cc ) to Malaysia again with his biker buddies. He'd been riding his bikes ( of course 1 Harley at a time ) almost every Sunday morning eating Prata for breakfast in Malaysia . So just need to explain to the kids yesterday that Daddy is having fun for his Father's Day which falls on every " Sunday " of any week and they looked at me like they were confused ... huh ?

For his Father's Day present, Tacha & I rushed to the shop while he's gone and after dropping Tristan off to a Birthday party in the Dutch Club . Quickly bought a Backpack which he can use for all his stuffs when he rides the bike. We got it and wheww ! What a relief coz he was already back in Singapore that very moment , looking for us at home and calling my handphone . While on the other hand I was paying for the bag and rushing the cashier to make it fast. Oh dear !

Lesson learned ? Better get the present days in advance so I can relax and just wait for hubby to come and give him his present with a smile. Next time I would surely will !

Photo of Bougainvillea Flowers from our Living Room Terrace taken during Father's Day ...