Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Creation Got Featured !

I was updating the item listings of my etsy shop today, 27th January when I came across my conversation page and found out that one of my works got featured by a previous etsy member "check2box " in a blog found in

Garnet : by admin on January 3, 2010

1. galit ($33.00)
2. artisanfield ($45.00)
3. AspiringtoGrace ($12.00)
4. stonesofhealing ($25.00)
5. MySECRETCorner ($18.50)
6. maryellendoran ($39.50)
7. hypho ($65.00)
8. SimonandRuby ($32.00)
9. citydetails ($48.00)
10. fussjewelry ($158.00)
11. artjewelryonline ($360.00)
12. MarcusBerknerJewelry ($135.00)
13. hadas1951 ($68.00)
14. onegarnetgirl ($126.00)
15. BriarandtheRose ($40.00)

Thanks so much for the special attention given to my item and looking forward to having more communication with all of you out there !

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 2010 ...

I'd been away from my blog for quite a while and I must say I can blame it on the past holidays ha-ha ! Christmas was long way gone ( thanks a lot ! ) new Year was spent with the kids and hubby in the mountainous area of Chiang-Mai in the northern part of Thailand. We had seen several  waterfalls, hot springs, tribal villages where the famous Kayan ( Long Neck Women ) live, Tiger Kingdom , Elephant camps and the spectacular scenes surrounding this part of Thailand.

Visiting a small village near Pai ...

A young Kayan girl weaving a shawl

A Brass Ring from One of the Kayan Vendors

One of the numerous Breathtaking waterfalls ...

Hot springs in the middle of nowhere !

Although the Central city of Chiang- Mai where we were staying was loaded with tourists like me and traffic was so congested during the new Year celebrations, my family was happy to have seen a different world out there compared to the busy city life of Singapore. We were so happy to see the other basic side of life ...
The early weeks of January when we came back to Singapore were spent catching up with friends , of course ... party here and there plus the most special event of the month ... my birthday bash ! Oh gosh ... one more year was added to my ever piling age ! But worry free me spent time with all female friends having dinner with them at an Italian Restaurant in Roberston Quay and then some real dancing  until 4am in the morning at " Pump Room " located in Clarke Quay. Of course I came home sober coz I don't drink alcohol while dear hubby and  kids were fast asleep like babies at home.

But wait, let me extend my sicerest thanks to all my friends who celebrated my special day with me. hey ladies of " FEWS " Thanks so much  for being such a great company. A million thanks for your gifts too. You were all so thoughtful !

Ok, what else do I need to tell you ... oh yeah, new topic ... something new at home had came up lately. I finally had the chance to remove the old toys of my kids from their toy room and had the room converted into a Beading class room. Pity I was not able to take a photo of the toy room before I trnsformed it. It was such a big make over ! The Beading class room was designed to cater to my friends and their friends who had been asking me to teach them how to do jewelries thru beading. I had 2 tables with 6 chairs from the storage ( God knows how long they had been kept in there for years ! ) put up and a nice Teak Wood bookshelf moved into the room filled with beading books and magazines . I had decorated the room area with some finished jewelries, some beading paraphernalia and see what I've got :

It was such a cozy, quiet place . Well lighted and fully airconditioned . Excellent for beading & other art crafts.  An ideal venue for total relaxation . Since I will only use it during the daytime and mostly in the morning,  room can be used by my kids as a study room during the afternoon till  night.

To enhance the look & feel ,  I had added a few fixtures today ( 16th January 2010 )
 like the following :

standing half body mannequin so I can hang my finished necklaces neatly and nicely ,

a standing mirror which is always a must to see how we look like from time to time,

a rotating wire mesh rack to keep my beads / findings hanged & well organized in one corner

last but not the least, ( that I always hope lol ! ) was a copper brass table top Necklace & earrings holder.

How I really love the way this beading Class room was morphing so far. I already had a student last week for the 1st time to use this room and more friends who are eager to learn would be coming in the next few days .

2010 is giving me such a great start !