Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What's On This March ...

Today is the 1st Day of March ...

Photo courtesy of  Ideas n Gifts.com

How do you like the angel photo above ? I just found it while searching for Aquamarine images on google. It immediately caught my eye while browsing several images on the net. But this certain photo just got me so instantly and I don't really know why . I had such a strange feeling while I was gazing at it ! Maybe because I'd been dealing with angel figures and getting connected somehow with angel stories lately. I know I may sound weird but how do i explain the fact that the "Angels"do exist in my life somehow ? Some people may believe and some may just call it crap to believe on these " Angels" . But hey , count me here as a believer , OK ? Even Truth is, my only grandson " Sealtiel " was named after an angel too ! If you need to see more angels like the photo above, they're for sale as well at this website : Ideas n Gifts.com

This is my own version of a gemstone angel which I had created last year. This charm was actually hanging from my magnifying lamp infront of my computer !
 Oh Well, ... a brand new month had just started today . I wonder what's waiting for me in the next coming days and weeks . Only thing I could hope for is to be able to see the sunny blue skies each and everyday.

As blue as the sea  where I often go for solitude here in Perth and as blue as the Aquamarine birthstone for the month of March.

A pair of Sterling Silver Earrings with gemstone which i had bought for myself  last Dec. 2010 from a small shop called " Magnolia" while I was navigating the Galleria Mall in Morley here in Western Australia. I still have not worn it yet ... but I'm sure it will be soon !

 AQUAMARINE ~ The aqua-blue gemstone Aquamarine (a variety of the mineral beryl) is the Birthstone for March & also the Zodiac stone for the constellation of Scorpio, the gemstone for the 16th and 19th Anniversaries, and is mentioned in the Bible (as beryl). This stone  has a relatively consistent color, although some stones are deeper in color than others. The natural stone is found as perfect crystals (faceted by nature) and also in rather unusual, odd shapes.

#CRN164+E= BLUE FLOWERS Crystal Necklace & Earrings Set

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The hardness and durability of aquamarine make it a fine gemstone, and its light blue or aqua color makes it a fine choice when the harsher colors of some other gemstones would overwhelm or distract from an outfit. Its typical delicate color allows it to be used in a larger stone where its beauty can be impressive.

What is March Birth Flower ?

The daffodil is the March birth flower. Daffodils have the flower meaning of rebirth, respect, regard and unrequited love. The daffodil is one of the first flowers of spring, therefore it is a symbol of rebirth. The March birth flower, daffodil, is the common English name for all narcissus plants.

{Photo: Courtesy of Trombly's Greenhouse)