Saturday, August 21, 2010

AUGUST Updates ...

I'll Be Missing My Friends, The good Food, The Nightlife and My Beads !!!

All my websties and online stores are now temporarily closed until mid of October . All my beading stuffs that used to fill up all corners of my Beadroom are now getting boxed and ready for Allied Pickfords to settle in their respective boxes / containers for proper inventory.

Photo of my Beadroom Before the move to Perth ...

August photos during the move ....

Photos of my Beading table before the move ...

Photo of my Beading table during the move ...

All my tutorials had come to a final halt and my students are all dismayed, I know it's a big miss for them as well as for me ! 

 I'm also trying to sort out the Pearls and Shells ( raw materials / finished items ) that I need to declare when they enter Perth, Australia for whatever purposes. Geeee !

Our sudden and rush move to Perth is kicking hard this August. I don't really want to go and leave my paradise here in Singapore but things had gone really far even for family matters. Getting resolved with iron hand though and looking forward to more solutions to all the grievances I have had the last few months . Just by being far, far away from everything would give me more space to move around at my own space and time . As far away from everything that could lead me even more serious undertakings ! Not easy to mend a broken marriage but I just stick to the fact that life has to go on for the sake of my kids.

Boxes of my beads are all getting full from top to bottom and sad to see all my full drawers now getting emptied as well as my cabinets.

Below is a photo of one of my cabinets when all things are still inside before the move.
How I keep them tidy and things arranged by category, color and shapes.

It took me and my helper more time to spend boxing these enormous amount of beads ( never ending I tell you ! )  and sorting out before getting the vials filled with tiny seed beads than sorting out which personal stuffs to take for the whole family. Lots of work for so many little bead stuffs ... oh dear !

Moving out after 11 years of stay here in Singapore was such one big mess ... but I'm looking forward to a brighter life ahead of me . New place , new beginning , new goal !

Perth, Australia ~ Here I come !