Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Month Of Love ...

Did I dissappear for quite a while again ? Lol, I was kept busy nowadays by my jewelries and the addition of not 1 but 2 puppies at home.Yaaayyyyyyyy.

But then, I had recently attended some ladies parties meeting my friends . See how pretty they are and the prettier thay get upon wearing my creations too .Wink wink LOL!

I had also gone to a recent school carnival last weekend where I had sold some pieces of my work. Yep... my earrings and necklaces didn't fail to sell like as usual and that would always make me a proud crafter indeed.

Many thanks to the Canadian School for allowing me to be part of the event this year. It was my very 1st time to join their event so I didn't know what to expect there. It was fine and I had made new friends from the other stalls beside me.

My small table filled with my stuffs at the Carnival held at The Canadian International School in Singapore last Feb. 15,2014

 Not only my jewelries were hot these days. Know what ? I got commisioned to even make a painting to be taken to Austria too !

Painting a Peacock as requested !

Peacock Painting lovingly created for Grace.

Grace temporarily hanged it on her wall before they take it to Austria when they move out of Singapore soon.
Grace is also the proud owner of a pair of handmade Beaded Peacock themed earrings, a heart dangling Crystal earrings as as well as charm bracelets made by yours truly when I came back here in Singapore a few months ago.

February is a busy month so far. This month of love never passes without some red hearts bouncing all over the place of course and some flowers here and there too. Unfortunately, I didn't get any hearts nor flowers at all ... poor me.... sigh ! . So my solution to my loneliness  are some jewelries with red theme I had created especially for this Valentine ocassion. They made me so happy anyways.
Here they are :

Red Hot Goddess _ Pearls and Crystals Earrings SD$35
Earrings modeled by my friend Ms Ana Hardiment

Last but not the least are these lovely carved hearts.
 Aren't they just simply beautiful ?

Life has some downfalls and not easy to be alone on special ocassions sometimes...
but being alone shouldn't be a reason to be sad.. there are lots of things to do to entertain yourself. That's what I do ... and would always will. 

Problem solved !

Belated Happy Valentines everyone !