Saturday, June 28, 2014

Feeling Of Emptiness ...

Month of June is the month I had all of Mommy Merah's puppies as well as my own adopted dog Luna who had recovered from her sterilization  finally adopted to good homes .

I was so sad to see the emptiness of our home after they were gone. It was a deafening silence not to hear the growling and squeaking of the puppies. No  more small fur balls running on the grass patch day and night. No more little paws jumping on me as I open the back door to the laundry area where they used to hang around. It was totally so different not having them around. I feel so empty in a way ...  makes me extremely sad !

Even the absence of Luna who used to be lazying on the living room sofa is a big  loss for me too coz I always used to smile seeing her on weird sleeping positions everytime I come down the stairs. I missed that scene too ... big time. haayyzzzzzzzz

My biggest loss of all is not having Mommy Merah to talk to anymore. Now that she had gone to a shelter after her sterilization, I miss giving her the milk she loves to drink day and night .I miss calling her name when it's feeding time. She's one very special dog I will never forget. Her survival on a cruel  environment before reminded me of things I'd been through in my life too. I see myself in her,  the courage and her strong eagerness to live no matter what. Her story is a great inspiration not only for the homeless but also for the rich ones who are lost in their everyday life. A life on the street makes someone tough not only in defending themselves but in their struggles to survive as well. For me being human experiencing all these harshness, I can think and I can find help ...I can ask help from other people or simply just by pushing to help myself by doing something .

 But for a poor dog like Mommy Merah who had been on the street all her life with no humans tending to her needs before, She cannot talk nor come to anyone to ask for help or food. She just tends to herself and her pups when they were found in Bukit Merah ( I had given her a name derived from where she was found and caught ).  I can imagine how tough and how hard the life she had been through every single day especially with her pups who were just 4 days old when I fostered them. I was so broken hearted the first time I saw their pics on Facebook. The feeders were asking for help about them.

The day her pups were caught by AVA and she was trying her best to get to them. A heartless scene I would say ... until today, I cry when I see these photos.

How can people be so heartless to these poor animals ? The only fault they did was to loiter around the neighborhood scavenging for food. But they didn't harm any humans at all. They are just trying to survive... just like us .

Is it really this cruel in our human world that poor living things like them are given a hard time by people like us?
Please think about it, they don't only deserve a chance but they also have the right to live their lives happily too .
So please, be nice to these poor animals !

I would like to thank all the kind hearted people who helped me support the puppies and Mommy Merah during the time they were living with me until today .

Sweety Chestnut!
Adorable Euro !

Cute and smart Kiwi !
Handsome Meroh !

To all the adopters, A big thank you ! 

To those who still keep generously helping Mommy Merah and Papa Dog now living temporarily in a shelter, may you all be blessed more with abundance in your life.

Mommy Merah with Papa Dog

Now I have to go back to beading again to entertain myself when I'm not with Gabby ( the only dog left under my care for the moment ) I better keep my mind away from loneliness and focus on something to fill up the emptiness in me !

Beads here ...

Beads there ...

Final Outcome ~ Beaded Necklace and Cuff Bracelet !