Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft Fairs in Perth WA ...

It's been exactly a week since I had attended for the very 1st time one of the biggest known Craft Fair here in Perth, Western Australia.. The Subiaco Craft and Community Fair, the Biggest Outdoor Craft and Community Event in Western Australia was held last week , 23rd October 2011 at the Oak lawn of the University of Western Australia.

I considered myself lucky being able to secure a stall for my jewelries and I am really thankful to the organizers for accepting my application to be one of the stallholders there during that day. I was a bit nervous coz I didn't have any experience being in any Craft Fair yet here in Perth so this event is gonna be totally new to me I don't have any idea what to expect. I just told myself that it would be a trigger that would open a whole new door of opportunities and an eye opener for me.

I consider myself as a Jack of all trades, doing a one man show .  Why ?

I was all alone during that day multi-tasking on my own. That's why. From the organizing of what things to take for display until 4am of the day of the event ( geee... I need some sleep don't I ? ) , to the packing and loading into my car on an early morning of Sunday ( I had even over slept coz I went to sleep only at around 4am after I had boxed everything I'm gonna take to the fair . I was thankful to my dear 12 y/o son who woke me up at 7am in the morning of Sunday , he  was asking me " Mommy, isn't your fair for your jewelries today ? " I immediately flew out of bed hearing him ! whew I was running late . Was supposed to be at the unloading place by 7am ... arrrgghhhh ! ) , hurriedly ( without even thinkin og breakfast at all ) , I  drove my poor car for the delivery of my stuffs to the venue ( thanks a lot to the volunteers who wheel barrowed my boxes to my table while I go park my car... good job guys , Thanks so much ! ) , to the setting up , to the never ending sales talk under the heat of the burning sun all day long ( I got no gazebo at all so I just hid under my neighbor's shade LOL ! ) and again to the packing up at the end of the day. Indeed i was very tired ... very, very tired !  So tired that i didn't have any energy left to cook dinner. I just dozed off on my bed even before dinner was served ! Hubby took care of my kids food that night ... yupppeeee ! I was snoring like an angel ha-ha !

But i had a great smile despite of the fatigue and backaches after all the work coz I did great with my sales and a friend with her family came to visit and support me too. Hey Dolores, many thanks for lending me your umbrella ... but I can't hold it all the time coz I need to talk and fit the jewelries to my buyers . So holding an umbrella is not that easy ha-ha. I guess, i will have to invest for a Gazebo next time ... good idea !
I am so glad I had met a lot of awesome people who really liked my jewelries that day too . To all my buyers and jewelry admirers, many thanks for being there for me. I will surely be coming to the next fairs especially just for you guys ... muaaahhhhhh!

My most admired items and sold fast were my hand weaved crystal bracelets and beaded rings .
Here are some of the sold items :

Note down on your calendar :

My next big Fair would be on the 3rd of December , 2011

 Craft Thyme - Perth's most unique gift & craft extravaganza

Gift - Craft  Home Fair
Saturday December 3rd
South Perth Community Centre
Cnr Sandgate St & South Tce
Come & Visit
 Stall There ... 
Admission: $4 adult’s - kids FREE 

Hope to see you all there ...

October Birth Flower
The October Birth Flower is the Calendula (Marigold), as shown in the above picture
Meaning of the October Birth Flower:
The meaning of the October Birth Flower, the Calendula (Marigold) is sorrow or sympathy

Flower photo excerpt from :

Friday, October 21, 2011

Down The Road ... to Bunbury !

Friday, 21st October 2011 ~ 8:00am ... at last I was finally driving beside the front lawn of 20 Bourke St. The place of  " "  in Bunbury , WA. I had first way passed it and ended up in Target Shopping center. But most of the shops are still closed along that strip coz it's way too early still so I have no chance to stroll around knowing for sure I won't be seeing anything anyways. Sigghhhhhh. So I took the round about back to other side of the main road looking for Rose st. somewhere to my right side connecting to Bourke St. where the beadshop was situated. Lucky , I easily found Bourke St just being a street behind the main road .
 The beadshop was still closed though coz it's only open for business at 8:30am. Hmmmm ... oh dear me ... got to wait a bit more ... arrgghhhhhh. I even wondered where I would park the car since infront of the shop was a green lawn ... hmmmmm. Ok I still got few minutes so i drove around the neighborhood for a bit of navigation and some sight-seeing. Sandridge Rd is the main road that resembles Scarborough Beach Rd in Perth with all the big business establishments ( Harvey Norman, Bunnings, The Good Guys, Target, BigW .. etc. ) being side by side and all these motor sales shops. Even the famous Harley Davidson shop is there ... geeeeeee

 My kids are in camp for 5 days and only back today late in the afternoon while my hubby was in Melbourne for business trip. Our house was big enough to keep me real busy but still, housechores bored me to death and I'm tired of seeing the things to clean lol. I am all alone so I need to be out somehow and see something new around me to entertain myself. So I decided to drive to Bunbury for 2 hrs straight to check the Beadshop I had been longing to visit since last year.

 My butt was hurting from 2 hours of sitting in the car driving straight there and another 2 hours driving back to Perth  hoping I have enough time to pick up the kids from school after thir camp drop off at 4:30pm ... OMG! What even made me nervous was I just stole my hubby's car which is newly polished and cleaned uh-oh really naughty me. It was full tank too ha-ha. Well, my car cannot drive so far coz aside from an empty tank, the threads of the front wheels are already sticking out like porcupine lol!

I guess today is really my luckiest day, I made it back to Perth early enough despite of my single journey with the car & my smart phone taking pictures here there n everywhere ... what an accomplishment lol!
Anyways, back to my beads mission, WishWare Beads is a bead shop I saw in Australian beading magazines many times before. I also checked its website where I happen to even saw a special pendant made of resin with Eiffel Tower in it as the theme. I got my eye for that piece ... and hoping I could get hold of it and also find an angel charm or bead or anything with an angel in it for souvenir from their shop.

Unfortunately, The Eiffel Resin pendant was not in the shop despite of Louise ( the young owner ) was personally assisting me with her mom.

I just found a pair of Eiffel themed resin Earrings in antique gold tone hanging in an eiffel tower wire stand on top of a glass cabinet . The earrings looked so fantastic and uniquely mounted on a wodden scrabble tile . It made me so happy as a puppy ha-ha. I prefer to have these unique creations and go home with it rather than be there in the shop and come out with nothing .

 I also found a nice oval resin pendant with an angel in it ( pictured above with their business card ) . The Angel pendant was only 1 piece in the glass cabinet and it's a sure absolute WOW!

Overall, my trip the down road to Bunbury produced a wonderful memory all in all.
Nice view, friendly people and excellent souvenir to cherish .

Many thanks to Louise of  for being helpful & accommodating , my regards to your lovely mom & dad for assisting me too and also to your lovely adorable fluffy cat  .

Flowers in a garden in Bunbury ...

Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Latest Beadroom !

Ohhh My !
A New Beginning ... Again ... ???

So here I am today creating a blog for my poor beadroom which had been neglected for almost a year after moving here in Perth last year 2010. I still have beads sealed in boxes ! Aaaarrgghhhhhh ....
You know what ? I have not even unpacked all of my beads in boxes from the sudden overseas move from Singapore to Perth in August 2010 last year . Then here I go again with another move to a new place. Luckily, it was just a local move within Perth.

Ohhh,,,Thank God ! 

The Beadroom in 2005 (Singapore )

The Beadroom Guarded by my Sharpei Dog "ZUMA" in 2005-2006
The Beadroom in 2007

The Beadroom in 2008

The Beadroom in 2009

The Beadroom from 2009-2010 ( Singapore )

My beadroom had morphed from a big space in Singapore last year to a tiny dimly lit room here in Perth when we arrived here last year . The room was so small n dark that most of my stuffs were kept sealed in the boxes. I hardly even go in there too ... it was too gloomy in there !

The Beadroom with it's tiny space in 2010 ( Wayeela Place, Perth )

In Wayeela Place in Perth, there's no place to put all of my boxes of beads into the small room ! The room is just 1/3 the original size of the beadroom in Singapore before ... Grrrrrrr

Now with our second move to the new house again here in Perth , my beadroom is again in the process of morphing in a bright 2nd floor room. I feel real glad this time coz the room is of good size eventhough no built in cabinets or drawers except for a clothes hanging cabinet . There's lots of light coming on both corners of the room and it is morning sunlight that greets me immediately when I walk in there in the morning !

No cabinets or drawers for my stuffs ? No problem, Like as usual I used my creative mind to accommodate my things on the wall like installing the mess wires on the hanging bars. See this :

Great idea indeed !
 I'm contented thus  being able to organize the room about 80% immediately after 3 days of unpacking the boxes !

The New Beadroom in Perth WA . Photo Taken in Sept 2011

My new book / magazine rack from IKEA .

Beadroom at night when the blinds are closed .... I just love my plastic stackable drawers. They make such a great storage ... they're absolutely so neat & tidy !

Lights were installed under the table so I can see what's in the drawers down the floor ...

Whew... forget about the other boxes in the other rooms coz my beadroom is the only place in this house with thousands of stuffs to clear ha-ha . I'm happy each n everyday being able to mingle with my beads & craft stuffs. They help shift my mind into something more creative & productive rather than drowning myself  deep into my personal problems brewing in & out of home.

Home Sweet Home ... Is it ?

Flowers by the front door garden of my new home in Nedlands, Perth WA