Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Latest Beadroom !

Ohhh My !
A New Beginning ... Again ... ???

So here I am today creating a blog for my poor beadroom which had been neglected for almost a year after moving here in Perth last year 2010. I still have beads sealed in boxes ! Aaaarrgghhhhhh ....
You know what ? I have not even unpacked all of my beads in boxes from the sudden overseas move from Singapore to Perth in August 2010 last year . Then here I go again with another move to a new place. Luckily, it was just a local move within Perth.

Ohhh,,,Thank God ! 

The Beadroom in 2005 (Singapore )

The Beadroom Guarded by my Sharpei Dog "ZUMA" in 2005-2006
The Beadroom in 2007

The Beadroom in 2008

The Beadroom in 2009

The Beadroom from 2009-2010 ( Singapore )

My beadroom had morphed from a big space in Singapore last year to a tiny dimly lit room here in Perth when we arrived here last year . The room was so small n dark that most of my stuffs were kept sealed in the boxes. I hardly even go in there too ... it was too gloomy in there !

The Beadroom with it's tiny space in 2010 ( Wayeela Place, Perth )

In Wayeela Place in Perth, there's no place to put all of my boxes of beads into the small room ! The room is just 1/3 the original size of the beadroom in Singapore before ... Grrrrrrr

Now with our second move to the new house again here in Perth , my beadroom is again in the process of morphing in a bright 2nd floor room. I feel real glad this time coz the room is of good size eventhough no built in cabinets or drawers except for a clothes hanging cabinet . There's lots of light coming on both corners of the room and it is morning sunlight that greets me immediately when I walk in there in the morning !

No cabinets or drawers for my stuffs ? No problem, Like as usual I used my creative mind to accommodate my things on the wall like installing the mess wires on the hanging bars. See this :

Great idea indeed !
 I'm contented thus  being able to organize the room about 80% immediately after 3 days of unpacking the boxes !

The New Beadroom in Perth WA . Photo Taken in Sept 2011

My new book / magazine rack from IKEA .

Beadroom at night when the blinds are closed .... I just love my plastic stackable drawers. They make such a great storage ... they're absolutely so neat & tidy !

Lights were installed under the table so I can see what's in the drawers down the floor ...

Whew... forget about the other boxes in the other rooms coz my beadroom is the only place in this house with thousands of stuffs to clear ha-ha . I'm happy each n everyday being able to mingle with my beads & craft stuffs. They help shift my mind into something more creative & productive rather than drowning myself  deep into my personal problems brewing in & out of home.

Home Sweet Home ... Is it ?

Flowers by the front door garden of my new home in Nedlands, Perth WA