Friday, October 21, 2011

Down The Road ... to Bunbury !

Friday, 21st October 2011 ~ 8:00am ... at last I was finally driving beside the front lawn of 20 Bourke St. The place of  " "  in Bunbury , WA. I had first way passed it and ended up in Target Shopping center. But most of the shops are still closed along that strip coz it's way too early still so I have no chance to stroll around knowing for sure I won't be seeing anything anyways. Sigghhhhhh. So I took the round about back to other side of the main road looking for Rose st. somewhere to my right side connecting to Bourke St. where the beadshop was situated. Lucky , I easily found Bourke St just being a street behind the main road .
 The beadshop was still closed though coz it's only open for business at 8:30am. Hmmmm ... oh dear me ... got to wait a bit more ... arrgghhhhhh. I even wondered where I would park the car since infront of the shop was a green lawn ... hmmmmm. Ok I still got few minutes so i drove around the neighborhood for a bit of navigation and some sight-seeing. Sandridge Rd is the main road that resembles Scarborough Beach Rd in Perth with all the big business establishments ( Harvey Norman, Bunnings, The Good Guys, Target, BigW .. etc. ) being side by side and all these motor sales shops. Even the famous Harley Davidson shop is there ... geeeeeee

 My kids are in camp for 5 days and only back today late in the afternoon while my hubby was in Melbourne for business trip. Our house was big enough to keep me real busy but still, housechores bored me to death and I'm tired of seeing the things to clean lol. I am all alone so I need to be out somehow and see something new around me to entertain myself. So I decided to drive to Bunbury for 2 hrs straight to check the Beadshop I had been longing to visit since last year.

 My butt was hurting from 2 hours of sitting in the car driving straight there and another 2 hours driving back to Perth  hoping I have enough time to pick up the kids from school after thir camp drop off at 4:30pm ... OMG! What even made me nervous was I just stole my hubby's car which is newly polished and cleaned uh-oh really naughty me. It was full tank too ha-ha. Well, my car cannot drive so far coz aside from an empty tank, the threads of the front wheels are already sticking out like porcupine lol!

I guess today is really my luckiest day, I made it back to Perth early enough despite of my single journey with the car & my smart phone taking pictures here there n everywhere ... what an accomplishment lol!
Anyways, back to my beads mission, WishWare Beads is a bead shop I saw in Australian beading magazines many times before. I also checked its website where I happen to even saw a special pendant made of resin with Eiffel Tower in it as the theme. I got my eye for that piece ... and hoping I could get hold of it and also find an angel charm or bead or anything with an angel in it for souvenir from their shop.

Unfortunately, The Eiffel Resin pendant was not in the shop despite of Louise ( the young owner ) was personally assisting me with her mom.

I just found a pair of Eiffel themed resin Earrings in antique gold tone hanging in an eiffel tower wire stand on top of a glass cabinet . The earrings looked so fantastic and uniquely mounted on a wodden scrabble tile . It made me so happy as a puppy ha-ha. I prefer to have these unique creations and go home with it rather than be there in the shop and come out with nothing .

 I also found a nice oval resin pendant with an angel in it ( pictured above with their business card ) . The Angel pendant was only 1 piece in the glass cabinet and it's a sure absolute WOW!

Overall, my trip the down road to Bunbury produced a wonderful memory all in all.
Nice view, friendly people and excellent souvenir to cherish .

Many thanks to Louise of  for being helpful & accommodating , my regards to your lovely mom & dad for assisting me too and also to your lovely adorable fluffy cat  .

Flowers in a garden in Bunbury ...