Friday, March 27, 2009

New Ranking Site ... Will you join ?
I just had a great time building a ranking site in "" A bit confusing on how to build the templates & links at first but after about 15 hrs of editing / deleting and uploading, I finally came up with my own ranking site where other Beaders like me can show their stuff and even more info of who they are and what they do . It's a good way of driving traffic to our sites as well as good source of Beader's Tips & their favorite hubs on the net.

Please come and visit the TOP 100 BEADER'S HUB ONLINE ranking site here :
Who knows ? maybe you can join me in there as well . ..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reaching Out ...
posted: 39 minutes ago by My SECRET Corner

It's the time I start looking beyond my expectations. Jewelries and other forms of creative crafts are sprawling all over the internet. Competition amongst artist of different styles & designs were truely tough. Each & Everyone is trying to be part of something and undoubtedly, so am I. Eventhough I don't dream of being famous in any kind, but if my works will do it for me, why not ? I'm a very simple crafter but with lots of ideas once my buttons are pushed to the max. In time of recession, people suffer from all sorts of stress and depression. If I can avoid these by keeping my chin up and tell the world, I'm safe with what I do, I create without anything to worry about... here ... try me and take your chance with my works of art!
The truth is, we all need to find ways to show what we can do. Then share our creative output to those who have the eye for it. I would be more than happy if my beaded crafts goes to a happy contented owner somewhere out there. I would be very grateful to let my works go off my hands to be appreciated even more. In Doing so, I'm taking the challenge of putting my works on more online shops to see what I can offer there and what these online sites can offer me too. Therefore, Let's all get the ball rolling from here ... wish me luck !
“Follow your dreams and transform your life“~ Paulo Coelho
I'm checking these sites : 1000MARKETS / Etsy / etc.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LOH = swop, sell & drink FAIR
our way of dealing with the economy crisis

Host: LOH - Ladies of Harley
Date: Saturday, March 2, 2009 Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: 12 Mas Kuning Terrace

Description :

With the economy in recession and everyone in a belt tightening situation lets have a bit of FUN... I am planning a swop, sell & drink fair at my house.

Bring with you stuff you want sell, swop like clothes, bags, wallets, belts, plates, table runners , toys, HUSBANDS/BOYFRIENDS( ha ha !!) or whatever!!! yes even HARLEY stuff !!Saturday 28 March 2009 10 am till late afternoon 4/5pm- 12 Mas Kuning Terrace
So time to go and raid your wardrobes, cupboards and bring out your selection for display.
Name your stall, name your price, bargain with each other, take off try on , chit chat, have a drink, dance barefoot on the grass and pass out from the heat on the lawn what you want to do.
Lets just have a bit of fun in this bad economy crisis ....Bring a bottle & I will settle the food. Lychee Martinis will be served as well

Let me know if you can make it by 25 March 2009 so I can save a spot for you ...parking available.....Cheers !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never did I expect that after a few years of doing restaurant business on my own , I will end up doing handicrafts , specially beaded Jewelries. I had experienced working for a Master Beader for 6 months here in Singapore but frankly speaking, I didn't enjoy it much. I know it's part of my job that I need to count beads endlessly in the supply room but I'm more happy to bead than to count . I'm an artist and I want to create rather than sit and just count and look at beads so in the end I decided to quit. I prefer to do more action in beading creating unique designs rather than just counting beads you know. But anyway, I'm presently happy & contented I'm doing what I am passionate about . Beading at my own space and time , no pressure from someone telling me what to do and I am my own boss . That's the good part of it coz I'm free to do anything I desire to do. I can bead, I can count and I can create whenever I want. Oh well, I'm happy to be a Free Beader and be my own boss again !