Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reaching Out ...
posted: 39 minutes ago by My SECRET Corner

It's the time I start looking beyond my expectations. Jewelries and other forms of creative crafts are sprawling all over the internet. Competition amongst artist of different styles & designs were truely tough. Each & Everyone is trying to be part of something and undoubtedly, so am I. Eventhough I don't dream of being famous in any kind, but if my works will do it for me, why not ? I'm a very simple crafter but with lots of ideas once my buttons are pushed to the max. In time of recession, people suffer from all sorts of stress and depression. If I can avoid these by keeping my chin up and tell the world, I'm safe with what I do, I create without anything to worry about... here ... try me and take your chance with my works of art!
The truth is, we all need to find ways to show what we can do. Then share our creative output to those who have the eye for it. I would be more than happy if my beaded crafts goes to a happy contented owner somewhere out there. I would be very grateful to let my works go off my hands to be appreciated even more. In Doing so, I'm taking the challenge of putting my works on more online shops to see what I can offer there and what these online sites can offer me too. Therefore, Let's all get the ball rolling from here ... wish me luck !
“Follow your dreams and transform your life“~ Paulo Coelho
I'm checking these sites : 1000MARKETS / Etsy / etc.