Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never did I expect that after a few years of doing restaurant business on my own , I will end up doing handicrafts , specially beaded Jewelries. I had experienced working for a Master Beader for 6 months here in Singapore but frankly speaking, I didn't enjoy it much. I know it's part of my job that I need to count beads endlessly in the supply room but I'm more happy to bead than to count . I'm an artist and I want to create rather than sit and just count and look at beads so in the end I decided to quit. I prefer to do more action in beading creating unique designs rather than just counting beads you know. But anyway, I'm presently happy & contented I'm doing what I am passionate about . Beading at my own space and time , no pressure from someone telling me what to do and I am my own boss . That's the good part of it coz I'm free to do anything I desire to do. I can bead, I can count and I can create whenever I want. Oh well, I'm happy to be a Free Beader and be my own boss again !


Rebecca D. Dillon said...

What a great ideas!