Sunday, May 01, 2016

1st Of May ... Labor Day !

May 1st , 2016 ~ Today is Labor Day here in Singapore. It is a public holiday in many countries worldwide. It usually occurs on the 1st of May but the date varies across countries. It is associated the start of spring as well as the celebration of workers. It is the day that commemorates the eight-hour da for workers.  

May Day known as the day of rest. But so far, I hadn't even rested a bit. Laundry , cooking, washing of dishes and now clearing of my beads supply table here in my beading room. 

Outcome is now taking shape after I had neatly organized my beads in plastic ziploc bags and placed in trays to set aside until further use. Hoping they don't get forgotten in the corner where I had placed them. Now I'm ready to clear my mess on top of my beading table where I do my crafts. Previous big table is where I lay my finished jewelries and incoming beads from my orders online. It used to be my teaching table that can accomodate at least 6 people as far as I can remember from few years back. Geeezz... I miss my beading students ... oh.. here I go again. Getting sentimental ... aggghhhh !

Ok, let's go back to labor day. As I was saying, today is supposed to be a holiday. Specifically stated as a day of rest. But it wasn't working for some people just like me. I still got to move around and do my daily chores , well, my choice to do so anyways. So what am I complaining about ? Ha ha ... crazy me .

Actually, I am happy doing things around the house .. in and out. It's already a routine for me to be holding a broom and sweep the floor. Only problem now is my Dog "Koda" always try to sit on my feet everytime I'm with a broom in hand. 

KODA the naughty !
She likes to stop me from cleaning. She wants that I play with her and I stop sweeping  or mopping the floor. 

She's a funny dog in some special ways.

GABBY the bully !
 So is " Gabby " her bully partner in crime in the house. Both of them make me go round and round in the house everyday. They are always up to something ... beware !
They are my constant buddies at home keeping me busy and happy ... and tired of course ! Haiizzzzzz ... I can only have a break once they fall asleep like babies on their respective sofas . 

Then I can either watch tv or bead some more .

The beadroom is where I spend most of my time during the day once the laundry is spinning and the dogs had been fed. 

I only come down if I hear them both barking loudly outside . Warning me that someone is by the gate ... postman maybe ... or garbage collector. That's the only time I go out there and check ... or unless I am hungry and needed something to eat and drink. That's how my life goes in here everyday . Not so bad tho coz I have all the time I need to do things myself... no rush. No one to pressure me to do things here and there.  So life is good for me that way...  

I am most of the time busy beading or surfing the internet for new designs and contest or even  beads on offer online.  I am a busy bee that I hardly answer my phone too especially if I'm by the pool sunbathing with the dogs when I'm not cleaning or beading.

 Ask my friends how many times they have to msg and call me till I finally pick up , they would tell you  that I "NEVER ! " pick up my phone. He he ... sorry guys . That's me alright ... I just hate a phone !

Ok, today I didn't do any beading as a way to give myself a bit of rest. I had just submitted 2 entries to a beading contest after a gruelling 1 day of trying to enter the contest online yesterday. 

My entries kept bouncing back with an error message saying the website can't be reached! Oh dear ...  I was in total panic I got so dizzy and frustrated ! Yesterday was the final day of submission and the website can't be reached ! Oh no .... I tried so many ways to get my entries sent  online. I messaged the online help... emailed them and finally gave up and slept late last night with a broken heart thinkin I cannot enter the contest this year. Sad ....

But today was another day ... I tried to submit again the same entries in the morning and voila ! I almost jumped in joy coz it finally went through easily . Yehhheeeyyyyy !!! 
Now all I have to do is wait for their confirmation email that they had received my entries.

Fingers crossed that they had received it !

Wish me Goodluck too !!!