Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello everyone, 

I'm sneaking out of my beadoom a bit  just to give you a hint that my Ebay Store is now ready for your Christmas shopping with Free Shipping Promo  for all jewelry purchase from now till 15th Of December.

Free Shipping Now Till Dec 15, 2013 !

It's gonna be busy on online buying soon so I make sure, you get your presents / gifts on time for Christmas.

Although I'm apologetic for having an early cut off due to the fact that I'm off to see my new born grandson in the Philippines on the 3rd week of December .( My flights to Philippines had already been confirmed .. yehheeyyyyy ! )  Therefore , I should have all my ebay things be sorted and well organized and all orders be shipped before I leave Singapore for my well deserved holidays with my other family out there. My 1st grandson had already been asking continously how come its taking me so long to come home. He just couldn't understand why I'm so far away and couldn't come see him and bring him some chocolates right away. Oh well, lucky there's skype chat these days so I can talk and see him on video and he can see and hear me too.  I am also so excited to come home soon only if I could to cuddle and pinch my now chubby 2nd grandson  Adrienne !

What a sleepin Angel Adrienne is ...

OMG! Isn't he so chubby ? I really wanna pinch him ! Tee hee ...

Anyways, I'm now just counting the days and I hope I can bring some things to put under our Christmas tree  for the kids too. Maybe some chocolates ? Hmmmm maybe not coz the ants would attack them 1st for sure .... hmmmm... I wonder what then ...

We Will See !


Saturday, November 02, 2013

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